Victor Valimaki is Focused on Rising to the Top — Again!


MFC Victor Valimaki He's BackMFC PRESS RELEASE

When Victor Valimaki is “on” — when he’s been distraction-free and focused on fighting — boy, has he been dangerous.

Downright scary at times.

The man known to fans as “The Matrix” has won hard-fought decisions and has notched 12 combined stoppage victories — six knockouts and six submissions — since he made his pro debut at Maximum Fighting Championship I in Grande Prairie, Alta., in 2001.

It’s no coincidence that Valimaki went seven for seven — with six stoppages — in 2008 and 2009, the 32-year-old Edmonton product says.

“Anything negative that’s happened in my career has been, for the most part, my own doing,” says Valimaki, who’s slated to fight fellow light-heavyweight Sean O’Connell at MFC 39 in January.

“It’s been me, you know, hanging out with the wrong people, drinking too much, things like this. I’ve kind of sabatoged myself.

“For those seven wins, I didn’t do any of that. I just focused on fighting.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Valimaki says, a lack of focus — among other missing ingredients — has hurt him more than any opponent in the ring.

“Even the last slump I had was my own doing,” Valimaki says, referencing his three straight TKO losses in 2010. “Not training to the extent that I should train, going out nights and things like this.

“That stuff obviously isn’t conducive to a figher’s lifestyle,” he adds. “When I cut those things out of my life, I can be one of the best fighters in the world, I believe.

Victor Valimaki at Aggression MMA 9

Victor Valimaki (photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

“But when you get distracted, that’s when you don’t.”

Valimaki doesn’t make any excuses for his occassional lapse in focus.

“There’s no excuse,” he says. “There are lots of instances of stress and drama in fighters’ lives where they don’t go over the rails, but I just let it affect me too much, I guess.

“I broke up with my fiance and I had a bunch of personal issues that I let affect me too much and then, you know, you start drinking and partying, things like that. Rather than in the gym, you’re hungover — and that’s a killer to a career right there.”

But the days of distraction are gone, Valimaki says, adding that he’s more focused on the task at hand — O’Connell, a winner in seven of eight since 2010 — than with any other past fight.

“It’s not often you get a second chance with something. I feel very fortunate that this happened,” Valimaki says, adding, “I have a second chance to prove that I can be one of the best guys in the world and I intend on taking full advantage of that.

“It’s a second chance,” he adds. “This is my chance to come out and show them that I wasn’t at the top of the game by fluke, you know what I mean? I’m coming back and I hope to impress people.”

Win, lose or draw, Valimaki says he has his sight set on putting on a show on fight night — “I’m going to put on a hell of a show,” he is quick to clairfy. But he has fight plans looking past January.

“I feel better now than I did at 25. Skill-wise, I feel like I’m getting better, my conditioning is coming back and I feel like I have more old-man strength than I used to,” Valimaki says, laughing.

“If I can stay healthy and keep on winning fights,” the man they call “The Matrix” adds. “I’m going until the tank runs out.”

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  2. Tim chemelli says:

    I guess that victor’s “bad diagnosis” must have cleared up…

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  3. Canadian Fight Fan says:

    No offence to Victor but don’t believe this at all he knows how to talk but never backs it up always see his Facebook status saying he’s back and dedicated than out partying again as we saw with the Tim fight but hope he proves people wrong and shows up on weight, in shape and actually makes the fight. I have been a fan of his for a long time but last few years have been just same thing over and over again hope he gets things straight.

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  4. Tempo says:

    Victor give it up bud your golden days are well behind you and your really really really really really pissing off opponents, promoters, & fans of the sport you are disgracing by your verbal commitments and no follow thru.

    You help build the sport now your ruining all ur past efforts and success by your actions;

    Victor is the Rob Ford of MMA minus his personal appearance.

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  5. Rob Mac says:

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  6. Tim chemelli says:

    @ Rob Mac all I’m saying is that maybe if your boy wasn’t going to fight me then he could have been some what professional and not sign a contract saying he would.
    If he was going to walk through me why not take the fight?
    Anyways I’m done talking about this, time to move on to someone that will show up!!!

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  7. Rob ford says:

    I’m a big fan of victor

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  8. Realist says:

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  9. RickRoll says:

    lol is this real life? Valimaki was washed up years ago. Why is he still getting press like he is some kind of big deal? The guy cant make weight, he pulls out of every fight he signs a contract for and then to make it worse, his heart is strongly lacking these days.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    Can you really blame Tim for not wanting to fight the best Kalib Starnes there’s ever been on about a weeks notice! That’s a fight you want an entire training camp for!

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  11. @ RickRoll, I guarantee you after the New Year when Victor starts his MFC training camp you will see him posessed with a new desire and intensity!!

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  12. Slim says:

    He’s going to start his training camp 2 weeks out?

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  13. @Slim, why would vic let a trivia obstacle like training get in the way of New Years partying, celebrations and all other year end festivities, that would be utterly foolish, don’t you think?

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  14. RickRoll says:

    There is fighter bashing and then their is just being a realist. The whole Valimaki thing is getting old.

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  15. beefstorm says:

    Fighting is more than just getting in the cage and scrapping it out. You need to make sacrifices, such as stopping partying, or not being able to enjoy Christmas dinner(take a look at the fighters that fought in the last ufc dec. 28th it is a prime example). Guy’s that don’t take it serious but have athletic/genetic potential can actually win fights to a certain level. Then if they don’t recognize the true’work’ it takes to become better or ‘great’ compared to just ‘good. They LOSE and make ‘excuses’ and blame others.
    Happy New Year to all you
    especially to my man crush Robin Black lol

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