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Merry Christmas MMA fans!  Hope most of you are not in training camps dieting for fights and instead get to spend some quality time with family and friends and a juicy turkey!

Thanks to Never Tap who sent this week’s Gossip Queen pic!  On to the rumours:

  • Josh Machan will make his World Series of Fighting debut as he fights for WSOF Canada on February 21 in Edmonton!   Remember, Josh was scheduled to take on Shawn Albrecht at WSOF 7 but pulled out due to injury.   Also, Owen Carr will be on the card.  No opponents yet. 
  • I am hearing early rumblings that there could be a WSOF show in Hamilton in late March/early April.  Put this rumour at 25% right now though…  If we don’t see Josh Hill on the Edmonton card, take it as a good sign that there will be a Hamilton or Southern Ontario WSOF show coming up in the near future!  Who knows? Maybe Jason Saggo vs Alex Ricci would end up on this card.  It’s not on ECC, as I rumoured last week.
  • After having trouble getting fights, Randa Markos sure seems like she’ll be busy for a girl in 2014. First, she’s set to fight Justine Kish on January 24 on an RFA card, then House in March, and she will try out for the The Ultimate Fighter Strawweight Women’s tourney in March-April. 

  • I love two big boys going at it and I am hearing rumbling that Lenard “LT” Terrance might bang it out with Blake Nash in a rematch of their Ringside bout in 2011 at the March 8th Hybrid Pro debut show in Gatineau, Quebec! Stephane Pelletier is another rumoured name I’m hearing for this card!
  •  ICYMI in our Comment Section: Tim Hague will take on Lee Mein at WSOF.  This will be on the undercard.
  • Ari Taub has joined the cast of CNMMAF.  Taub confirmed that the national championship will be held in Calgary. Ashida Funikoshi, from CNMMAF Manitoba, says champions from provinces without amateur MMA will be selected by committee.  Then the same committee would decide who are the two best in each division in Canada and then they would fight in Calgary.  I would still proceed with caution until this firms up.  Still sounds goofy to me.
  • “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini won his first bout at Glory 13 by high kick KO but was TKO’d in the final.  Head up Joe.  Great performance!
  • Former MMA fighter Steve Skinner (3-2) is sought on an international murder warrant for the death of Stacey Adam in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia in April of 2011. It is believed Skinner may be in Mexico.

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  1. Must have been a few bottles!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Just spoke to some long-time Quebec amateur people who are very against this.

    They are concerned that Alex Gasson is being used to bolster the credibility of this silliness, and I can’t say I disagree.

    Alex is a legitimate, long-term, proven, respected professional who may get damaged by getting involved with theses guys.

    Gonna call him now.

    And yes Ashida I’m very worried about getting fired for being wrong about this lol.

    And, no Ashida, I didn’t mean Steven Williams didn’t know the MMA space (he certainly does), I meant you don’t.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    By the way 70% of all amateur in Canada has been run by FQBM (Quebec amateur) and these guys started by being involved with FQBM then attempted a ‘coup’ of sorts, despite the fact that amateur MMA is illegal in New Brunswick and not active really at all in Ontario.

    Thus popping up out of nowhere and attempting to marginalize the people that have successfully run 3 quarters of all the amateur MMA in Canada.

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  4. The first biggest lie that the CNMMAF is telling people is that they are the official Canadian reps of IMMAF. This is 100% untrue as of Dec 2013. They have only submitted an application to be the representatives over the CAMMAF based in Quebec an dtheir acceptance is by no means guaranteed.

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  5. This thread is creating a worthwhile discussion. Perhaps a separate article addressing the topic of the role that a NSO for MMA can play in Canada is warranted instead of this running conversation in the Rumour Mill.

    FYI Robin, despite the volume of events AMMA is technically illegal in both Ontario and Quebec. The poor legislative framework creates a real problem for certainty and growth of AMMA in Canada.

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  6. LOL says:

    @Robin Black. Maybe someone should talk to Garnet Ace since the Cnmmaf website lists him as team Canada General Manager!

    Like really! Garnet Ace!

    I tend to agree with you Robin, they are most likely using Alex Gasson for his connections in the sport and some validation.

    Garnet Ace! Seriously!

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  7. As of December 2013 the Quebec rep for the CNMMAF was Joey Benoit a known associate of the Hells Angels who was caught in a money laundering scheme with XMMA. See the link below.

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  8. Robin Black says:


    As per a letter from the IMMAF dated late December, despite what they are telling people, the CNMMAF has NOT been formally approved by the IMMAF.

    If this has changed in the last 2 weeks perhaps these guys can show evidence.


    Look, although you might think a witch hunt is entertaining, no one with jobs and families and training and hobbies has time to pop up and cause you guys trouble for the hell of it.

    (And you guys don’t have the time to do all this for the hell of it either, which makes the whole “despite the fact that you’ve never been involved in MMA ever you are dedicating yourself to this suddenly for no gain or profit but only for the good of the sport that you weren’t involved in yesterday” seem incredibly suspect!)

    People are getting involved here and spending time they don’t have doing research on you because, despite that fact that this is all new to you, this is nothing new to the people who have been involved in MMA for 5 or 6 years (newbies like me) or 10 or 12 years like MAD and DD and many others.

    They’ve seen people suddenly pop up with misguided (at least) or dangerous and self-serving (at worst) goals that end up distracting and damaging the landscape when they fail.

    These watchdogs are people who have the best interests of the sport in mind and, from experience, the way you are doing things are raising red flags to them.

    You could fight them or you could look at what their saying and use it for self-examination.


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  9. Robin Black says:


    As a lawyer and a specialist in this area, can you outline the legal challenges that CNMMAF or anyone else would have in accomplishing something like this?

    Thanks for all your expert contributions Erik.

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  10. In fairness Benoit has since resigned apparently.

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  11. @Robin – I won’t get into any specific organization but generally amateur sports are self-governed with a top down framework with international organizations, filtered down to National Sporting Organizations down to Provincial organizations.

    NSO recognition will only be given to one body for any given sport. You can click here for a list of NSO’s in Canada, note there is no NSO for MMA

    At the end of the day it comes down to numbers and money. The organization with the most members on a national basis will be the one to get NSO status. A non olympic sport will not be given NSO status unless it is “established in a minimum of 8 Provinces or Territories” with a minimum membership of 5000 participants who I believe need to be due paying members to the body wishing to be the NSO. A lofty goal.

    The unique situation for MMA is that it is a sport which is illegal in parts of Canada and where it is legal it is government regulated or in some circumstances (such as AMMA in Sask) regulated by a Provincial Sporting Organization selected by the Government.

    If there was conformity across the Provinces with government approved bodies which oversee AMMA I could see an easier road to organizing an NSO. Given the fragmented framework MMA has in Canada it seems like it will be tough going.

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  12. I don’t even think Ashida is a real person.

    Their facebook claims they are in the USA, yet they are the Canadian Technical advisor.

    This smells very fishy. But some of us have a bullshit meter for these things.

    They always come and go throughout the years.

    Maybe it’s somebody who already failed at this, and is trying to be valid with a cool sounding name?

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  13. Robin Black says:

    @Erik, in your opinion, if a group wanting to later become an NSO in MMA does events in illegal regions, would this increase or decrease their chances of later achieving NSO status?

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Also @Erik, how many paid employees and board members might a typical NSO have, and what kind of salaries can NSO heads hope to make?

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  15. Hey Erik,

    I looked at that link and it does not include all sorts of legal federations for Jiu-Jitsu/ grappling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA. That does not make them illegal. It just means they don’t get government funding. You have it all wrong from what I understand. Cause if you were right then all amateur kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu/ grappling AND MMA would be illegal. If it was illegal then how have them sports been able to operate with provincially recognized Federations all these years? The Quebec organisation has lawyers and retired police oficers on its board of directors. How could theypossibly sit on teh board of an illegal organisation and carry out illegal activities for years? How could police officers compete in amateur MMA for years if it was illegal?

    And second, the new Bill S-209 doesn’t seem to factor into anything you have been saying.

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  16. @ Robin – ask a lawyer a conservative question and get a conservative answer!

    From my perspective no good comes from hosting events without the proper framework in place. Perhaps this was tolerated before Bill S-209 but since section 83 of the Criminal Code was amended local authorities can no longer turn a blind eye to AMMA. Provinces need to put the proper laws in place that section 83 requires for events to be legally hosted.

    Failing to do so can lead to a host of problems not limited to criminal prosecutions but also to issues such as void insurance coverage during unlawful events. All things being equal an organization without any blemishes on their record would, in my opinion, have a better chance of obtaining NSO status.

    The road to NSO status in MMA seems to be a tough one but just because something is difficult does not mean it is not worthwhile. I think a public discussion by people like you and other long term stakeholders in the MMA industry does well to address whether there is anything to gain by having an NSO in place for MMA in Canada.

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  17. Erik,

    Further could you explain not only to me but everyone in Ontario how it is legally justifiable for MMA being reduced in Ontario to just creating a space for the UFC and they can hold PRO events but yet gym owners cannot hold small events inside or outside their gyms to develop their athletes, teams, and gyms like has been going on in Quebec for 10 years? How is that justifiable in the law, let alone politically or morally?

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  18. Erik Magraken’s suggestion, I created a new post. Please move your conversations here!

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  19. @Jamie – forgive the self serving links to my website but to answer your questions

    Here is what Bill S-209 does

    Here is why AMMA is not in compliance with S-209 in Quebec

    Here is why AMMA is not in compliance with S-209 in Ontario

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  20. Donald Duck says:

    Robin Black- really? your….

    Okay Ashida, if that is your real name, let’s start out on a good foot so we can both understand each other. If you struggle with the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ we’re going to have a huge amount of trouble finding common ground.

    there’s a guy running an MMA school Western Canada that has contacted us , he has a yellow belt in Karate , and fought 4 times in a local promotion , now his sharing that vast knowledge with people to go fight in a cage , really guys

    Who? Simple question but who is this supposed TMA practitioner.

    To say the direction of MMA has changed is ridiculous , it is and always will be the combination of disciplines to make an all around fighter

    This is where the wheels start to fall off sport. MMA is now a thing unto itself. I’m sure the TMA purists will quickly trot out all of the current MMA fighters who are known as students of one TMA specifically however this completely disregards the time they spend doing ‘MMA’. See that’s the crux of Robin and everyone else’s argument. You can’t just do one discipline anymore and it has been a long long time since someone with a purely ‘one art’ base has been successful in MMA.

    Jui jitsu I am sure you all know is basically groundwork from judo , Rhonda Rousey is a judo player

    A judo player who has picked up with Caesar Gracie and the Diaz brothers.

    Lyoto Machida karate , another traditional martial art.

    And Judo blackbelt, and BJJ Black Belt and full time member of Black House.

    Bas Rutten karate

    Who took up with Coleman and Kerr as fast as humanly possible to round out his skills.

    even George st Pierre is a karate guy

    You really are a troll aren’t you? Sure GSP likes to rock his Kyokoshin (sp?) gi to the ring but to call him a krotty guy is to completely fail to understand the sport. This above all is why TMA guys need to become rounded before they start weighing in on MMA.

    , yet I actually read that a traditional martial artist would know nothing about MMA.

    But you don’t, you know pieces of it but that in and of it self does not make you an expert on the whole.

    The IMMAF is trying to get a global presence together under a unified Federation so Globally its the same in each country which builds the sport internationally , and we are getting slandered by this group for being in support of that?

    This already exists; it’s called the ABC.

    we are non profit

    Well that’s a start…

    , our plans are allot different than what the current state of Amateur MMA is in Canada and that’s the real issue , there’s a huge profit in putting Amateurs on your events who are willing to get knocked out for free under the same rules as a pro

    Yet you again fail to understand the basics.

    Okay, I’m done. I tried to get through the rest of your rambling garbage but aside from the tale of woe and lot of rhetoric you don’t really say anything other than, “trust me I know what I’m doing.” Take some time to review my points and see if you can possibly see why some of us find TMA’ers stamping in our backyard offense.

    For the record I have a very nice collection of TMA belts and certificates that would stack up nicely to just about anyone’s but I would have failed to be successful at MMA had I not abandoned the formalities that I’d learned and returned to the basics to really understand and attempt to learn MMA.


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  21. Donald Duck says:


    You’re basically trying to form a group that will sanction and then license MMA. You’ll also sell memberships and affiliations to clubs so they can garner credibility from your organization. You’ll probably even look to hold seminars through this organization.

    Sorry if I showed the man behind the curtain but I played this game back in the 80s and 90s with TKD and it was as pointless and useless then as it will be now.

    Best of luck though, don’t let me stop you from spending your money.


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  22. Donald Duck says:

    ooooh, Ashida is lurking.


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  23. in response to Keith who said this:

    I also talked to Joey Benoit and Phil Mimeau, who were both Quebec Directors of CNMMAF at one time before both quit.

    Joey Benoit was a Quebec director. This guy has been under police investigation in the past for his involvement in a money lauundering scheme by the Hell Angels and was basically expelled by the FQBM in Quebec and stopped from promoting. He then went onto try to build a rival federation to the FQBM and was immediately shut down by the provincial police. At no time as he ever been involved as a coach or gym owner or formal member of the FQBM though he did make a run at amateur promoting until he was made to stop by the actual owner of the Summum MMA promotion Mark Fraser who threatened to sue him as far as i was told.

    Phil Mimeau is a nice guy, is active alot on facebook but has never been a fighter, coach, gym owner, promoter or member of the FQBM.

    They have a CNMMAF Quebec page on facebook who as it turns out is Steve Williams and is not from Quebec and seemed annoyed that I asked him to identify himself.

    They asked me to be the Quebec rep and I refused and told them to contact the director of the FQBM directly since we already have a federation in place for 10 years now but refused to do that.

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