WSOF Canada: Ford vs. Powell – Edmonton – February 21


WSOF CanadaDate: February 21, 2014
Venue: Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: NBC Sports Network/TSN (Tape Delay)
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Card:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (21-4) vs. Joel Powell (7-3)
***Canadian Welterweight Title Fight

265lbs- Smealinho Rama (6-1) vs. Steve Mocco (4-0)
170lbs- Michael Hill (6-2) vs. Ryan Dickson (6-1)
145lbs- Josh Machan (11-4) vs. Adam Lorenz (7-3)
170lbs- Brandt Dewsbery (10-3-1) vs. Mark Drummond (5-1)

Preliminary Card:
145lbs- Lenny Wheeler (6-3) vs. Will Romero (9-4)
200lbs- Matt Baker (9-5) vs. Mike Kent (9-4)
265lbs- Tim Hague (15-8) vs. Lee Mein (6-12)
135lbs- Owen Carr (4-2-1) vs. Maged Hammo (5-3)
145lbs- Behrang Yousefi (5-3) vs. Hakeem Dawodu (0-0)
155lbs- Roger Alves (1-1) vs. Jemark Brady (2-2)
170lbs- Justin Evans (0-0) vs. Stuart Fontaine (0-0)

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  1. Mike kent says:

    Hahha I thought it was a pretty obvious attempt at self deprecating humour.

    Clearly there was nothing fine about any of my fights in 2013 especially the 15-25 seconds with mr. Loiseau. Live and learn


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  2. the season says:

    In the event you haven’t seen The Season:Iowa Hawk eyes go watch it, The Bear (Mocco) gets plenty of camera time

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  3. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I’m no expert in managing…far from it…but I’ve just watched 3 of Mocco’s fights…yes his wrestling skills are good…but his submissions skills and transition skills on the ground aren’t very good…his striking is less than amateur at best…you pump him up to be the best HW prospect…ok…the 3 guys I watched him beat were terrible…I think you got this wrong…Mocco has never faced an opponent as fast and with the striking skills of Rama…and let’s not forget I do believe he has a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu…Mocco has never faced anyone as good as Rama…so I think it be a great fight and believe Rama will be victorious…its just my opinion…that’s all
    Watch the mocco fights yourself…there’s nothing spectacular about them…I truly believe Rama’s got this

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  4. Nimble86 says:

    All the opponents Rama has beaten are just as terrible, if not much worse; part time, undersized, semi pro fighters. This fight will look like Roy Nelson vs Kimbo, side mounted with no place to go, face getting smashed and arms stretched the wrong way. Also, a purple belt doesn’t mean much when it comes to Alberta fighters, judging by results, not to mention whoever gave it to him. Mooco will treat Rama like the puggy little kid he is, just like Hamilton did their entire fight. It is too bad BTP would rather kiss ass than use logic when it comes to predicting fights, just like what happened Rama’s last fight. No one thought he would get ktfo and now everyone will get to see him tap this fight

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  5. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I am using logic…watch the fights…judge for yourself…and if you saw the Hamilton vs Rama fight…Rama won the first rd…made a simple mistake in the second …just like so many pros in the UFC before him…you can hate on Rama and all the Canadian fighters you want…it doesn’t affect them …I still believe Rama has the tools and will win this fight…just because Bigfoot silvas camp brought mocco in to help Silva with his wrestling doesn’t mean squat…its not like Silva was punching and kicking him in the face…the days of specializing in one aspect of MMA are pretty much over…especially as you reach the upper echelon of the sport…it helps…but it doesn’t guarantee victory…either way I’m sure both fighters will be prepared…and it will be a great HW tilt…again I believe with Rama being victorious…

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  6. Ryan D says:

    I agree with BTP i just watched a couple of his fights and his movement on the ground is very slow, transition game on thr ground was not very good at all. I also believe on there feet rama has the advantage. Good work out to be a good fight or a 3 round snoozer with Mocco on top. Rama definetly Mocco biggest test as well.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    What we think is irrelevant.

    For Rama to win this fight he needs to fight with a lot of confidence.

    I hope he can upset this guy. It will be a huge huge huge test and I hope he finds the way to pass it.

    He’s young, talented, fast, and very driven.

    It is a marquis match up at HW for WSOF Canada.

    Yes its a crazy test. Its the type of fight I would never ever book for one of my guys at this stage, especially coming off a loss.

    But the upside is, if he can get this guy out of there, the UFC will take Rama very very seriously. They sign 7-1 guys who knock off top prospects all the time.

    With massive risk comes massive reward.

    I hope he thinks all of us naysayers are dummies and goes in there with confidence.

    All the best to him.

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  8. yokosuko says:

    For all you guys scared of seeing Rama lose this fight…would you rather see another ham and egger again that he would walk on? Those guys are where they are supposed to be (check out the HW pleminary fight).

    The HW depthin Canada is brutal…only way to get better or recognized is to keep bringing these skilled Yanks up.

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  9. MMAFAN69 says:

    Has anyone seen Hague’s muffin top? Jesus Christ, grandfather Lee is going to run around the cage for 14 seconds, let that fat pug faced washed up bum tire out, then send him for a nap quicker then his juiced out boyfriend chad Olmstead can throw in the towel!!!
    Ah well, least well get to see a knockout.

    On a side note, GO FORD GO!!!

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  10. SuperGuy says:

    I hope Rama gets his ass beaten. If you guys haven’t known about Rama. He was a bully & criminal in high school. Also a drug dealer and coke sniffer. U guys don’t know his personal background

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  11. LostForWords says:

    People should not judge other people by their past…. look at ford… what rama did in the past doesnt matter….UNLESS your mark pavelich… hey how is your sons ass doing… was he playing chess when he got shot….

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  12. Terracotta says:

    @Superguy- there was also a post about a year ago about Rama beating up a guys sister in a domestic situation

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  13. frenchfries says:

    MMFAN69…your probably right…then Mein will think he deserves another scrap with Rama. Yawn. I think Mein & Hague should both hang em up after this scrap. Enough already.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    You are delicious with a nice cheeseburger.

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  15. Hague vs Mein should prove to be an entertaining scrap pitting two fine ambasadors and pioneers in the sport of mma against each other, the true winners in this rock em sock em affair will be the spectators.

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  16. mmafan says:

    I can wait to watch this card. Only 8 more days haha

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  17. 270-5-LBS-TOO-MUCH says:

    Mein fights for the love of the sport! Trains guys 24/7 and gets the itch to fight so gets in there for the hell of it. Hague fights cause he’s a broke loser and needs money to support his eating habits! Hell the guy doesn’t even have a room for his kid, so I can see why he needs the cash.

    Anyone who disrespects mien is silly he’s done nothing but positive things for mma in the canada.

    Hague is a washed up joke wasting his friends and fans time/money. Can’t even make weight? Unreal

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