Canadian Rumour Mill – December 16, 2013


Gossip Queen AssSo Georges St-Pierre is now on hiatus.  It is much deserved! Congrats to GSP on his excellent career.    By the way, why hasn’t Dana White taken more flack for that UFC 167 press conference where he said that GSP was beaten and on his way to the hospital. Meanwhile, Georges never left the building and the UFC public relations team was trying to keep Georges out of the press conference.

I would also like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Shane Del Rosario and Joe Camacho, who both passed away following heart attacks.

On to the rumours – some gems in here!

  • Stellar matchup alert! Two of the most aggressive fighters in Canada face off as Ryan Ford will take on Joel Powell at World Series of Fighting  in a Welterweight match up in Edmonton ! This has been much requested fight by many in MMA, and I’m very excited this fight is happening.
  • Joel Powell was going to take on Ryan Dickson in the next Hard Knocks main event, but did not sign due to this opportunity.  Someone needs to step up and fight Dickson who is left stranded for a fight once again!  How about Ryan Machan stepping up to fight Dickson for a battle of two Canadian Welterweights who missed getting on TUF Nations?
  • Another long-awaited matchup! Alex Ricci and Jason Saggo will battle it out at ECC 19 on January 25th in Halifax. The bout will be for the ECC Lightweight Championship. Winner will definitely cement his spot in my Top 5 Hottest Canadian MMA fighters list!
  • MFC 40 will be on May 9th.
  • Sam Stout now holds the UFC record for most decisions in a UFC career at 15 passing Jon Fitch (14). Stout now also has landed the second most significant strikes by a UFC fighter ever with 965, the current record holder is GSP with 1,254.  Wait a minute! With St-Pierre done with the UFC, Stout is now also #1 with most significant strikes by a current UFC fighter.

  • Mark Holst lost to Fernando Martinez via split decision in his MMA bout in Argentina. Simon Marcus picked up a win in his Muay Thai bout. 
  • Shane “Shaolin” Campbell has jumped up his K-1 Final 8 debut and is now fighting on December 28th in Foshan, China and will take on Christopher Mena. 
  • Big Titan/Tristar News! Word out of Tristar is that Titan Fighting has a new owner and could be signing a major TV deal very shortly!  Guess who could be doing colour commentary on the broadcast.  None other than Mr. Tristar – Firas Zahabi !
  • Sounds like the first Titan card will be in February with Tristar’s Mike Ricci taking on Jorge Gurgel in the main event.
  • David Loiseau will be looking to extend his win streak on the February Titan card, as well.
  • Ontario kick boxing star “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini will take on Raymond “The Real Deal” Daniels in the semi finals of GLORY’S 4-man Welterweight World Championship 1 night tourney in Tokyo, Japan on December 21st. Winner will take on the winner of Nieky Holzken vs Karapet Karapetyan for the $100,000 Grand Prize and title!
  • Warning Bells Going Off! – Anyone else keeping up with the Canadian National MMA Federation (CNMMAF)?  They are springing up Facebook groups faster than Elite 1 did when they originated.  That should be no surprise because John and Steve Williams were running Elite 1 MMA back then and they are heading up the CNMMAF group as well.  The CNMMAF wants to name 20 champions from every province by the end of January and then have nationals in April in Calgary to pick a team of 20 to fight in Las Vegas at the IMMAF championships.  Most of the provincial tournaments are in a month’s time.  I would not be sending any application fee to this group, though.  That is a steep task to do in 4-5 months and the CNMMAF President is the same guy who allegedly faked his own MMA fight in Elite 1.  How did John Williams even become President?
  • Having Bill Mahood as the CNMMAF Vice President does give the organization some credibility, however, has anyone heard of these guys:  Ashida Funikoshi – National Technical Director and CNMMAF Manitoba Director, Eddie Williams – Director Youth MMA Canada, Wayne Williams – National Events Coordinator?  I haven’t.  Let me know if you have! Steven J. Wong, who produced The Striking Truth, is a National Technical Advisor.
  • One last CNMMAF note: The current Elite 1 MMA owner – Mike Williams has been doing a great job and ran great shows prior to the MMA ban in Moncton.  It appears he is not involved with CNMMAF.  Joey Benoit, from LAMMQ, is listed on the web site but is not involved either.


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  1. Bob Gilmore says:

    what’s with the smear campaign against Jason Saggo and his team? First rate, honest, hardworking guy that represents the industry with class. Same goes for his team. Insinuating that he is ducking the fight because the other guy signed for $1? Give your head a shake. guys need to stop offering to fight for free as you devalue the market for everyone else. I don’t pretend to know the details of the situation but clearly others are perfectly willing to do just that – pretend to know what they are talking about. Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong just so you can maintain your illusion of relevance in the sport.

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  2. Chad Pearson says:

    Hey Bobby boy – I don’t think anyone dislikes Saggo at all… Its the opposite in fact. The sport needs more people like him.

    What I’m seeing here is that a high percentage of people are not fans of Von Legend.

    We are all fans of Saggo.

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  3. Ridiculous Ricci signing to fight for a dollar, this is why many promoters are disrespectful towards fighters, because they know they can get away with shelling them out peanuts! Whats next Unified head honcho the very honorable Sunny Singh signing fighters to fight for a 50 dollar bar tab and and a plate of natchos!

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  4. Woodrow says:

    Ill fight for $50 bar tab and nachos.

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  5. Chad Pearson says:

    @ BigPoppa- Are you kidding!!!
    There are many reasons for a fighter to take a fight for $1 that are just…
    – incentivizing a fight by doubling the purse for high profile opponent
    – supporting a cause for charity
    – helping a local event get off the ground.

    Ricci has done all 3 – Do you seriously think that’s ridiculous?

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  6. Mr-T says:

    If they’re gonna make rules for managers NUMBER ONE should be that managers can’t be matchmakers or sponsor reps. Conflict of interest IMO when they are paying their own fighters and can snub fighters whose managers they don’t like.

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  7. Darren Owen says:

    Saggo vs Ricci will happen in Spring 2014 on WSOF Canada. Ricci will be getting paid significantly more than $1. I did try using that in negotiations though ;) However ever fighter deserves to be fairly compensated. Both guys are great fighters and people and the fight makes so much sense. Both sides management have been a pleasure to deal with from my perspective. We are looking forward to this awesome fight.

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  8. If Alex Ricci came in overweight for a fight that he was being paid $1, does he get fined 20 cents?

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  9. Chad Pearson says:

    Lol. Touché

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  10. Bob Barker says:

    Markus Von legend is no more a professional manager than Bobby kalmakoff is a professional fighter.

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  11. Mr Jason says:

    Wow. Robin, what is your problem man. I relay a message from Saggo, he confirms it and you go irate and start bashing me? In all honesty why do you think you are gods gift to MMA? We can’t make a comment without the all mighty Robin Black coming down from the mountain to reign fire on us? The best part is you don’t even apologize for it. No disrespect you say? Everything you said was disrespectful. You have my contact information, you have a real problem, call me. I have never once bad mouthed you or put you down, yet you continually slander me and any comment I make. I will say though that I am flattered that you take my comments in such a high regard that you must post endless amounts of garbage against it.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    What is it exactly that you do in MMA?

    Sorry, not being disrespectful (ok that’s dickish of me) but I actually have no idea what it is, if anything, that you do in the MMA biz.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Maybe I’m having fun being an internet heel here or maybe I’m using whatever I can to get a fight for my guy no matter how bad it may temporarily make me look or maybe I really do think I’m a BFD in my whacked out little head.

    Maybe all 3.

    No disrespect, all the best. ;)

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  14. Mr Jason says:

    Your funny Robin. All the best to you.

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  15. Mr Jason says:

    Btw still waiting for that phone call Robin

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  16. Robin Black says:

    And ruin all this fun?

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  17. Mr Jason says:

    Yup. I only need to speak with you, I don’t need to validate myself through a keyboard on the Internet. I’m heading to bed, early training tomorrow , however I will be looking for your call.
    What’s that saying again? Arguing on the Internet is as useful as tits on a bull?

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I dunno man, tits on a bull is better than no tits on a bull.

    Cheers man if I’m playing too far I honestly do apologize.

    I realize not everyone finds the same games funny and not everyone wants to play in the same sandbox.

    You mentioned that I never apologized and you’re right. Sorry for going overboard.

    Truthfully, playing an a$$hole is easy if you just tell yourself “I’m actually a good guy I’m playing an a$$hole and the ends justify the means”.

    But you forget that, to others who aren’t having the same mental dialogue, you’re just a straight up a$$hole and sometimes you are just judged by your actions regardless of your intent.

    I’m glad these guys have the potential to fight now and I honestly apologize for any gamesmanship along the way.

    I’m honestly not a dick. I just play one on TV.

    Cheers chat tomorrow.

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  19. Mr Jason says:

    All good. Going forward all the best, and like I said, I will always take your call. I’m sure we could clarify some things between the two of us.

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  20. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @bigpoppa I think who the manager manages has nothing to do with it or even the money a person makes doing it. It’s a rule to try and get bad people out of the sport. Something like 90% of all certified NFL agents have not 1 client in the NFL. But to be able to be an agent you have to do certain things. I think making all agents be registered then having super basic rules like can’t be a criminal is pretty basic and a start.

    @Mr.T about matchmakers not being able to manage fighters that is a rule in some states in the US but there are very simple ways around it, Monte Cox has mastered the loop hole that’s why he’s a “consultant” for an ungodly amount of promotions. About managers not being able to be sponsorship reps this is happening cause good managers bring in great companies then shit managers get deals with said companies by doing deals for pennies on the dollar ruining this market. So now smart managers are realizing they have to be in charge of that companies budget or bad managers will sell there guys so cheaply they will ruin the market and sponsor. I have a crazy idea why don’t these said managers actually go out and find new companies to bring into the space and stop being lazy. What has made this market go down over and over is bad managers selling there fighters so cheaply.

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  21. crushcanner says:

    I was at Adrenaline when Robin came to spar. I watched him get the crap beat out of him by Stout then Laprise then Horodecki. Laprise dropped him 2 or 3 times and wrecked him bad and Horodecki leg kicked him 30 times. He took it like a champ and did all 3 rounds. You should have seen how much the boys respected him after. They respected him like crazy man for that.
    He’s nowhere to be found on this site for a long time then he pops u and makes a big fuss and we all get laughs and next thing you know his fighter has the big fight he wanted at WSOF haha. Lots to hate about him but good job on this one man.

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  22. Balrog says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  23. Graham Weenk says:

    Sparring rounds can be a wide variety of time limits…just saying, and a wide variety of intensities. Pro fighters often spar with a wide variety of experience and skill levels of sparring partners. If these guys aren’t in the middle of training camp I’m sure they spare with anyone and everyone willing and able to participate in sparring sessions.

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  24. Balrog says:

    Ah. Very good point Graham.

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  25. Robin Black says:


    I don’t know why those intelligent elite professional athletes lowered themselves to punch and kick me when I was willing to accept their invitation to join their pro session but those 3 FIVE minute rounds of getting murdered were an incredible experience for me.

    I learned so many valuable lessons from their charity beating that have helped me in my full time paid job as a professional MMA analyst and my supplementary gig as the best color commentator this country has seen (according to your mom).

    From my limited experience in this game I have found that people who are very in-the-know seem to indicate that they find it incredibly valuable to spar with people better than them for the defensive challenge, equal to them for the test, and beneath them to work new offensive concepts.

    But I fear I’ve got it wrong and I’ve misunderstood the experts- you would know better than us so please share your incredibly valuable insight.

    Thank you so much your knowledge is so incredibly appreciated.

    PS Joe Doerksen mentioned how important you were to the big picture of learning and he sends his very very best and his thanks for your contribution to the sport and of course he sends a special ‘salute’ to yer mom.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    To whoever is thumbing up and thumbing down and reading and debating this thread-

    We all need to get a life. I mean, we all over focus on our passions.

    We all need to chill.


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  27. AMLECF says:

    What if my passion is thumbing up or thumbing down posts?

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  28. crushcanner says:

    The your mom post was epic and Robin we are following this thread and thumbs up or downing because you are a total lunatic so thanks for that. Merry Christmas

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  29. Dyler Tavis says:

    You are an arrogant prick Robin. But yes that post made me lol too.

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  30. Ryan D says:

    Anybody hear about Elvis Mustapic not returning his MFC middleweight belt? Do fighters usually get to keep there belt or is Mark P being a dickhead again?

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  31. Hommina says:

    Fighters keep belts. Pavelich is a complete fuxk up.

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  32. Bdc says:

    Pavelich prob dosent want to spend a few hundred bucks on a new one…what a joke

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