Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 3 Results – Milko Delivers Title Winning Performance


Xcessive Force Fighting is in Grand Prairie for their third event. If you in town, pick up some tickets to this event. If you are out of town, no worries, you can watch it live on Internet PPV HERE.

Here are the results from the event:

Quick Results:
Jarod Milko submits Jordan Beecroft by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 4:40
***Milko Wins XFFC Welterweight Title

Spencer Jebb defeats Corey Atkinson by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:09
Rick Pfeifer submits Zamir Safi by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 3:04
Cassian Alexy submits Tyler O’Brien by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:22
Tanner Boser defeats William Carriere by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-27, 29-28)
David Swanson submits Jemark Brady by Triangle choke in Round 1, 4:36
Conrad Krzysztan defeats Connor Derry (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Austin Ryan submits Mike Glover by Armbar in Round 1, 2:29


36 Responses to “ Xcessive Force Fighting Championship 3 Results – Milko Delivers Title Winning Performance ”

  1. david swanson by 1st round triangle!

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  2. Josh Machan says:

    I really hope that’s a typo on the scoring for Tanners fight!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    I confirmed it with someone who was at the fights… he said 30-25 was one of the scores announced! “He dominated bigtime” was what he told me!

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  4. Jordy Correia says:

    Way to go Swanson!

    That is some inconsistent scoring on that Tanner Boser fight. 30-25 to 29-28

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  5. i didnt pay really close attention to the tanner boser fight, but 10-8 wasnt unreasonable for a round or two!

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  6. i think pfiefer won in round 2 not round 1

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  7. jebb looked very solid, impressive performance and excellent restraint at the end!

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks Curtis! I’ve heard both ways, just confirming now!

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  9. chapman says:

    Congrats rick and Austin!!

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  10. milko the champ, great fight, great night of fights, so glad it was on gfl!

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  11. Tater says:

    Milkman with another stellar performance!

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  12. mahon says:

    First round could have been 10-7 tanner easy he got the take down 4 sec in and dominated round 2 much the same witm dome offense from william to go 10 -8 then round 3 was close 10-9 either wsy depends how you judge a fight but I gave
    It to william 10 -9

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  13. Cody Krahn says:

    A lot of back and fourth fights and some of Alberta’s up-and-comers showed a lot of promise! Great card and great performance by all the fighters tonight!

    Oh and everyone made weight, good job guys!

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Cody… what did you score the Boser fight?

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  15. Cody Krahn says:

    10-8 the first 2 rounds to Tanner because how long he dominated with back control and threatened to finish the fight with RNC attempts and punches. 3rd round takedown by Boser, but then Berserker was able to reverse the position and chipped away from guard for a good portion of the round. Tannner eventually reversed and got a takedown again against the fence and moved into mount to finish the round. I scored it 10-9 Boser but I had some people give it 10-9 William.

    William Carriere Also showed a ton of heart trying to go for the knockout when he had a chance on the feet. And he fought through being in a terrible position for so long without quitting. That’s the mark of a true fighter.

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  16. Bjj fan says:

    Great job milko on the win! But I’m still not clear how a guy with full back control hammering down on punches and looking for a choke can be stood up! Especially in a title fight! Pretty shady ref if you ask me! If a guy has a dominate position and has a chance to finish the fight you don’t stand the fight up boring or not! That’s my opinion! Great fight none the less! Both warriors !!!

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  17. G.P fight fan says:

    Machan vs Milko
    April 19th
    Please make it happen :)

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  18. Joe Doerksen says:

    Interesting fight. Would be cool to see that one.

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  19. Ryan Machan says:

    Count me in.
    Id love that fight.

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  20. Tyler Davis says:

    Tanner’s first round could have been a 10-7 very dominate, but man William is tough as they come. Spencer Jebb is a beast! big win for him hammer fist KO of the night. Conrad and Conner’s fight was fight of the night in my opinion very close and both fighters were swinging!!! Some beautiful kicks thrown by Conrad and Conner showed nice hands. Call me biased but I would have voted Rick’s guillotine Submission of the night after escaping a close submission himself. This was a very entertaining fight card. Great main event as well !

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  21. Rolly says:

    Milko and swanson delivered great performances and I was very impressed with the event in as a whole. All the fights were great

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  22. Boxer says:

    10-7 round???
    Please explain what is involved in a 10-7 round.
    Even back to back 10-8 rounds is kind of crazy.
    You can’t give out 8’s and 7’s likes it’s candy.
    I wasn’t there, William must of took a crazy beating in round one for Tyler to say it could of been 10-7.

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  23. I went to Big John’s COMMAND judging course. He says there are very few 10-7 rounds. They are generally rounds where the referee should have stopped the fight. The example he showed was the Cristiane Cyborg vs Jan Finney that was reffed by Kim Winslow. Cyborg just beat Finney up so bad in the first round that the fighter has pretty much given up and it should have been stopped by Winslow.

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  24. Boxer says:

    Thanks Keith

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  25. Donald Duck says:

    Odd I just read Tyler’s post and was going to post what Keith has.

    10-9 is the default and indicates one fighter did more than the other.

    10-8 is a complete and total domination.

    10-7 is a failure of the ref to act.

    I don’t personally like the 10-Point Must System but it is the one we have and sadly commissions around the world (outside of Japan) seem to bend to the will of the ABC on this issue. For all the good the ABC does (data base of suspended fighters first and foremost) this is one thing that needs to be changed.


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  26. Boxer says:

    @ Donnie
    What other scoring do you think MMA should use?
    What did you think of the half point scoring that Edmonton(Pat Reid) abandoned awhile ago?

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  27. John H says:

    Great fight with Milko and Beecroft but my only question is what the heck was Cardinal thinking standing them up with 30 seconds left when a guy has the others back with body lock on and going back and forth from punches to rear naked choke continuously and there was no time either guy were just holding on and not trying to finish the fight. That was the deciding factor in how that fight ended not saying that Milko could not have won or finished him in 3rd but only reason that fight ended in the second is due to that stand up by Cardinal

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  28. ffl says:

    I fully agree with bjj fan and john h. That fight should have never been stood up. One of the worst calls iv seen in mma history!!!! Great job by both fighters …very good fight but feel as tho the fighters and fans were robbed of the rest of that fight. Let’s let the fighters decide the outcome not the fuckin refs!!!

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  29. Donald Duck says:


    The half-point system has the same flaws as the 10-Point Must System with the added confusion of a ½ point with which to struggle with. Unfortunately the system is still based on the boxing fallacy that there can be a clean cut winner of a round which I would argue does not apply to MMA (note: I am aware that boxing can be scored a 10-10 however below you will see I don’t think this happens very often in MMA). To me I’d like to see a system that captures what MMA is and not try and score it like another sport that somehow has shared characteristics. This would be like using baseball scoring to score a cricket match simply because of the shared ‘bat’ and ‘ball’ aspect.

    I think you could preserve the essence of the current rules however add in the flexibility and stress the importance of a 10-10 round (or as I’ve heard others argue a 9-9 round). Thusly:

    Round One very close score = 10-10

    Round Two Fighter A outscored Fighter B = 10-9

    Round Three Fighter B had very strong round = 8-10

    Total Score = 28- 29 for Fighter B

    Under the current system the fight would be judged against who was deemed to be the arbitrary winner of the first round. Score it for Fighter A and you have a draw which negates the last round. For me MMA is a fight at the core (essentially the purest test of Self Defense). Allowing for a draw in the first round better represents this than picking an arbitrary winner based on the structure of the rules.

    To continue this let’s suppose that the above 9-9, 10-9 and 8-10 represent the actual score. We then have a confounding variable (designed to ensure fairness) of the scoring with three independent judges. With the current system the score could look like:

    Judge One 10-9, 10-9 and 8-10

    Judge Two 9-10, 10-9 and 9-10

    Judge Three 10-9, 10-9 and 9-10

    Round One is now scored for Fighter A

    Round Two is now scored for Fighter A

    Round Three is scored for Fighter B

    This gives the fight Two Rounds to One to Fighter A which is not supported by the actual fight however it is justified by the rules and the trend of judges not to score draws. I’ve been involved in many years of this and can probably count on one hand the number of rounds scored as a draw that I’ve seen in MMA.

    So I guess in summary, the scoring criteria as we have could work if we stressed the need for rounds to be scored as draws when they are very close rounds (Hendrix vs GSP for example would have had at least one round scored a draw). Secondly we need to look at the judges we have working in MMA, to be honest a number of the judges I have met are Boxing judges first and foremost who do MMA on the side. Sort of like, my proctologist who is also an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist….. hopefully he washes his hands between appointments.

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    Short Answer:

    10-Point Must can work for MMA if we stress the need for more draws (when warrented) and we make sure the refs are MMA refs.


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  31. Graham Weenk says:

    @Donnie, for sure! Draw rounds are under used in mma… worst thing I think about it is when it happens outside ufc. I’ve been at several fights where round 1 nothing really happens, fighter A takes round 2 fighter B takes 3, both guys on the brink of UFC, one guy is gifted round 1 moves up to the big show other guy gets the L, set back another year.

    I’ve seen the guys getting the L even quitting the business all together, whereas a draw, as it should be scored keeps both guys at the top of the list for the big show

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  32. One thing COMMMAND does NOT stress is more draws. The say “you are an expert judge, pick a winner”.

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    Keith – I’m far from the expert that BJM is but I did argue that with him when I saw him a few years ago. I found it very frustrating that they don’t think a draw exists.

    Graham – I can’t remember the specific fight but it was two guys with traditional Muay Thai roots and they treated the first round as a traditional round and then the fire works happened in rounds 2 and 3. The fact that one person was ‘force scored’ as winning round 1 made for a result that didn’t match the action.


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  34. Bdc says:

    I think the COMMMAND course was made by the best ref there is but it is just that. One mans idea of how mma should be run. I agree more draws are needed in mma when warrented.

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  35. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I’ve completed the COMMAND Judging Course and I’d have to say while it was stressed a 10-10 round could be avoided if the current 4 areas of judging criteria are used effectively. Though my opinion is there is nothing wrong with scoring a 10-10 round if you can intelligently explain why you did. Furthermore, the 10-9 system could work if they (ABC) changed the criteria so that damage was the number one criteria!

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  36. Donald Duck says:

    Damage is (in my opinion) a poor judge of how a fight is going. Look at GSP vs Penn (the last one).

    Penn looked like he’d barely been tapped when the fight ended while GSP looked, as usual, like he’d been to war and back.

    The action however was pure GSP from bell to bell.

    Some guys just don’t show damage and it would be short sighted to say that just because ‘Fighter A is bleeding’ they have lost the fight.

    I’m actually surprised that someone who went through COMMAND would say this.


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