XFFC 3 – Weigh In Results


Xcessive Force Fighting Championship will hold their third event tomorrow night at the Tec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The main event features a Welterweight Title Fight between Jordan Beecroft and Jarod Milko. Tickets will be available at the door but if you can’t make it to the venue the event will be available on Go Fight Live HERE.

Weigh In Results:
170lbs- Jordan Beecroft (169.4) vs. Jared Milko (169.8)
***Welterweight Title Fight

170lbs- Spencer Jebb (170) vs. Corey Atkinson (169.4)
135lbs- Rick Pfeifer (134.8) vs. Zamir Safi (134.8)
170lbs- Cassian Alexy (170) vs. Tyler O’Brien (171)
215lbs- Tanner Boser (213.6) vs. William Carriere (208.4)
165lbs- *Jemark Brady (158.2) vs. David Swanson (164.2)
155lbs- Conrad Krzysztan (154.2) vs. Connor Derry (155.4)
135lbs- Austin Ryan (134.8) vs. Mike Glover (133.4)
145lbs- Robert Nelson (140.8) vs. ^Tony Touch (—)

*Jemark Brady weighed in at 158.2 when he arrived
^Tony Touch no showed weigh ins

11 Responses to “ XFFC 3 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Sweet Dreams says:

    Milk delivery in Grande Prairie

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    -Jemark Brady arrived and weighed in at 158.2 lbs
    -Tony Touch no showed weigh ins and has apparently retired according to Facebook.

    “On the grayhound back to calgary.. Not fighting nomore.. Sorry everybody for letting yall down. Shit happens!! Can’t belive this happen to me. It is wat it is. Hanging up my gloves for good. I’m done chacing a dream! Sittin on the bus and hating myself so much.. I let my kids down,I let my family down,I let everybody down. Tony the cambo Touch is no longer a fighter. Things happen for a reason,and I just have to accept that . Sorry everybody! Please everybody just leave me alone for now.. I just need to think wat I want in life now. This xmas is going to be a sad one.. And Jimmy this was not ur falt. U tryed toget us there safe.shit happens!”

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    More from Tony Touch on Facebook… Hope his friend isn’t too badly hurt!

    “For everybody that supported me for so long.. I didn’t lose the fight,I just didn’t make it that far.. My driver fell asleep on the wheel,and loss control of the car we hit a ditch hard ,so I didn’t make it to my weigh ins,I got scared and was thinking I was never going to see my kids ever again. Its my falt that I pushed my good friend to drive me on a long road trip,when I knew he was tierd,but he was a true BROTHERS KEEPER and he wanted me to make it there on time. And now he is in the hospital,and I walked away with nothing. I’m mad that I couldn’t get back in the cage,but at the sametime I’m mad at myself for being selfish..I should of just got on a bus in the first place,then pushing my friend to drive me.. I wish I can turn the clock back.. Now I have to take care of my Brother for his loss and pray that he can make it through this ordeal.. I let Exccive Force FC down for not showing up,I let myself down,and I didn’t bring home the win and money to make a good xmas for my kids!! So yes!! I will beat myself down till I can find a way back up.. Till then.. I’m done fighting!! But thank you everybody for ur love and support. I just need time to really think wat I want todo with the rest of my life. And fighting is not on my mind rite now”

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  4. Kru says:

    Hopefully all the Grande Prairie fans will get treated to another KO of Jordan Beecroft tonight.

    His disgusting attitude is much easier to handle when he’s sleeping.

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  5. Parkasauraus says:

    “Being there for your brother”
    But on a bus back home
    That’s tight homie leave your bro in the hospital dawg yeah

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  6. Don Wilson says:

    The main event is a great match up but I think Pfeifer vs Safi will steal the show for FOTN.

    @Cody Rempel way to keep the Tony Touch info train rollin, hope his friend is OK

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  7. chapman says:

    Go Pfeifer and Austin Ryan!

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    That’s Austin G Ryan to you!

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  9. sean the rock says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. you’ll have to elaborate on that one sean

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