Georges St-Pierre Relinquishes UFC Title; Stepping Away From MMA


UFC Logo ThumbnailIn a December 13th press conference in Quebec, Georges St-Pierre has confirmed that after 22 fights in UFC, he is going to take time off.  Due to this UFC absence, St-Pierre will relinquish his UFC title.

GSP said, “I need this time off.” At the conference, St-Pierre did not rule out a return to the UFC, but he stated that the pressures of fighting were too much at times. St-Pierre said that this decision was made for personal reasons and was made prior to his UFC 167 title defense against Johny Hendricks.

Although he stated that he believes he will return to the UFC, he does not have a set timetable to return.  He is vacating the belt so that no one will have to wait for his return for a chance at the title.

GSP commented on vacating the belt, “I don’t want to make nobody wait. I want to (return) when I feel like it. It has to be on my terms.”

When and if he returns, St-Pierre stated that he would be willing to fight his way to be champ again or just fight the future Welterweight champion.

At the press conference, Dana White announced that Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will fight for vacant title on March 15th in Dallas, Texas.

Dana White also had high praise for the former champion. “His legacy is he is the greatest welterweight ever,” said White. “GSP is the gold standard in everything. He handles everything like a professional, he really does….If I had 475 guys like Georges St-Pierre my life would be a lot easier.”

Dana White does not think this decision is permanent. “I do believe Georges St-Pierre will fight again,” said the UFC chief. “He needs to button some things up in his personal life and then we will see him again.” White has to be hoping that his top draw returns.


5 Responses to “ Georges St-Pierre Relinquishes UFC Title; Stepping Away From MMA ”

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Best of luck to Georges in whatever he does next. I hate to say it but this seems like the end of a great era. Even if he fights again it will be the start of something new not the continuation of this epic journey.

    You know you’ve had an impact on the sport when CBC carries this story before TMN gets it up! GSP is a great role model for the sport.


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  2. Balrog says:

    I wonder who the next Canadian champ in the UFC will be? I used to think Rory but now i’m not so sure.

    Does anyone also know if Claude Patrick still fights? He has not been active for quite sometime in the UFC.


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  3. Strange to have a welterweight title match coming up without GSP. very weird.

    @Balrog… in the UFC, I would say TJ Grant could be the next Canadian champ. A very dark horse guess, how about Josh Hill at 125?

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  4. gnp says:

    josh hill has talked about 125…

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  5. Making says:

    It won’t come from the welterweight IMO. Not much depth after Macdonald and he just didn’t look good last fight.

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