Unified MMA 18 – Edmonton – March 28


unified MMADate: March 28, 2014
Venue: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Buy Tickets or call (780) 695-6656

Fight Card:
205lbs- Tanner Boser (4-0) vs. Nick Campbell (5-4)
170lbs- Neil Doty (4-3) vs. Chris Ade (15-19)
150lbs- Matt Spisak (6-5) vs. Lee Gaudet (2-3)
155lbs- Mike Scarcello (3-3-1) vs. Yanick Pare (2-1)
185lbs- Drayton Angus (3-1) vs. Graham Park (1-1)
155lbs- Craig Shintani (2-1) vs. Anthony Lightning (1-1-1)
155lbs- Nick Hrabec (1-0) vs. Chantha Bun (0-3)
185lbs- Dwayne Mombourquette (2-1) vs. Dell Knebush (0-1)
130lbs- Rachael Swatez (4-4) vs. Kris Pomerleau (0-0)
130lbs- Diana Atkin (0-0) vs. Michelle Howse (0-0)

105 Responses to “ Unified MMA 18 – Edmonton – March 28 ”

  1. cavemanbully says:

    Adam…. your 2-4 and your 2 wins were against a 0-3 guy and a 0-2 guy, lay off MAD. My prediction is Robin beats you and MAD comes out of his retirement to improve his record to a 1-4.

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  2. victory says:

    At least Adam had the balls to fight. Robyn Black said he “would fight anyone as long as Elite 1 gave him a new belt to replace his old one” and then they said Shane Rice, and he backed out.

    Good luck Adam.

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  3. Robin never asked for his elite 1 fight to be for a belt.

    We only ever had one fight offer, and Shane’s name was never offered to us. But I’d straight up turn Shane Rice down for a Robin as that fight never has not ever will make any sense.

    Adam, the fact that I fought in the past has nothing to do with the right to having an opinion. That’s a dumb argument.

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  4. AMLECF says:

    Don’t feed the troll MAD

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Actually MAD- once, late at night, I got an ‘offer’ from Elite 1 to fight Shane Rice “for the belt”.

    Now I’m paraphrasing here but basically I said that, although it’s an honor to still have that belt, I’m not sure I’m currently championship material and I’d gladly vacate it so Shane can fight for it.

    I also mentioned that Shane is a black belt with 10 years experience and I’m, well, me. So that’s a dumb match up that I would likely lose as a TV analyst who works hard but just dips his toe in the base level of professional MMA.

    Well, lol, I know I certainly never said “I would fight anyone”. In fact, I’m old and beat up and I’ve never been above base level. Basically, I’ll fight almost no one. I’ll fight another base level guy then I’ll say thank you to the sport that I love and I’ll leave with a very realistic view of my place. My place as a moderately interesting footnote at the very lowest level.


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