Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 34 – Calgary – January 17


Hard_Knocks_THUMBDate: January 17, 2014
Venue: Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta
Tickets: Buy Tickets
TV: Internet PPV

Pro Fights:
170lbs- Brandt Dewsbery (10-2-1) vs. Sergej Juskevic (12-7-2)
155lbs- Derek Boyle (10-6) vs. Dia Grant (9-10)
135lbs- Mike O’Neill (3-3) vs. Chad Anheliger (2-3)
185lbs- Zach Manywounds (1-1) vs. Josh Griffin (1-2)
180lbs- Pat Gionette (1-1) vs. Peter Arbeau (0-0)
145lbs- Steve Jellicoe (2-0) vs. Zach Snyder (0-0)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Gurdip Rangi (3-0) vs. Jesse Gregan (3-3)
***Lightweight Title Fight

205lbs- Devon Smith (6-3) vs. Phil Towler (2-0)
***Light Heavyweight Title Fight

185lbs- Kenny Bhullar (0-0) vs. Riley Pequin (0-0)
155lbs- Idriss Animashaun (0-0) vs. Jason Fournier (0-0)
135lbs- Blake Sigvaldason (0-2) vs. Ashmat Bashir (0-0)
185lbs- Jim Haugon (0-0) vs. Nolan Shergold (0-0)

70 Responses to “ Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 34 – Calgary – January 17 ”

  1. Justin says:

    what a shitty card hard!!! knocks should just host amature fights cause the promotion as a pro fight promoter is brutal id be saddened to be pro fighter fighting on that card. definalty stick to amature HK

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  2. IanHardie says:

    ^ **Amateur

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  3. B2J says:

    I don’t think Hard Knocks is trying to be the best MMA promotion in the world or even in Canada. Take them for what they are, they are simply giving up and coming fighters another platform to compete and gain experience.

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  4. Judon't says:

    They have a barn burner signed that they haven’t made public yet. That single fight might change your opinion.

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  5. Donald Duck says:

    They’re also handcuffed to the ridiculously stupid ammy rules in Calgary. Keegan is a perfect example of a fighter who was totally handicapped by the Calgary rules and never developed the full range of skills needed to be a pro.

    Reid doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid regulatory decisions in Alberta.


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  6. Bob Barker says:

    Oliver/Sherbatov is a great fight between potential future stars

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  7. Andrew says:

    Who is sherbatov?

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  8. jets says:

    Shintani taking a big step up. Props too you but Grant is still out of your reach and I see him subbing you in the 1st

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  9. Bob Barker says:

    Yoni is the only fighter on this card that will ever fighter outside of these low level Alberta shows. I’m guessing someone doesn’t realize there is more to mma than UFC

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  10. Forum Fighter says:

    O’Neill vs Anhelinger, winner rematches Ali???

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    @Judon’t… if you’re referring to the main event they had listed on their website, I’ve been told that fight is off the card!

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  12. Don Wilson says:

    Still some intriguing fights on the cards. Oliver vs Sherbatov is a great 125 lbs bout between 2 prospects and let’s not forget ammy LW champ Gurdip Rangi this kid has loads of potential and will a great pro propect.

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  13. Judon't says:

    @Cody, I’m not sure what was on their website, but as of Tuesday, the fighter was still under the impression it was on. You might be more in the know then I am, though.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Probably not… I only know what was posted on their site and now it’s not there! Shoot me an email at crempel@topmmanews.com

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  15. Andy Poulos says:

    Can’t Believe what I just heard Keegan Oliver backed out of his fight with Yoni Sherbatov I’m guessing he realized he was outclassed and afraid!
    fighters are not fighters anymore wow so disappointed in what we all thought was gonna be a future prospect! oh well no Balls!!!!

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  16. Woodrow says:

    Cant wait for this card!!! Thank u HK

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  17. Maestro says:

    @keegan Oliver
    Mma Fighters: pulling out last minute really does work

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  18. winston says:

    Who would of seen keegan pulling out…haha probably didn’t like getting knocked the f**k out his last fight

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  19. Andrew says:

    He probably googled sherbatov. I wouldn’t fight him either he is going to have a tough time finding fights with his resume

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  20. G.O says:

    whats Yoni Sherbatov’s back ground? i saw him in a wrestling match so guessing he’s a good wrestler? I’d like to know more, especially if Oliver is backing out against him

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  21. Sagat says:

    Keegan realized that Yoni has better wrestling credentials then him and realized that he wont be able to take him down with ease. Yoni has pretty nasty Muay Thai as well. So Keegan realized he was going to get KTFO or taken down and put on his back. Then he also realized Yoni trains with beasts from Quebec. Off the card he went lol.

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  22. G.O says:

    shame, i remember keegan being so sure of his skills and came across as arrogant when he beat rick the ginger at HK and when he won the HK amateur title, shame he pulled out. Guess his loss to Olivera dropped him down a few pegs.
    good luck to Yoni getting another fight.
    perhaps Yoni vs Kyle Olivera?

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  23. Slim says:

    Let’s put it this way, Keegan isn’t scared. I’m not sure of his reasons, but I know he wouldn’t back down from a fight.

    The guy’s first fight was an Eddie Bravo purple belt “submission sensation” in Degroot, then his fourth was a catch weight that he didn’t cut for against a bigger, stronger finisher in Rick Pfeifer. Then he fights against Olivera, who is an explosive 1-1 fighter from a very solid camp.

    If I could make one more point. HK did give awards for “cage control” for at least 2 of the events Keegan was on. So it made financial sense to take people down and grind them out. That’s not even a joke…it was an award.

    I’m not sure what was the reason why he pulled out. I would guess he got hurt training or had some issues with HK’s demands.

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Pat Gionette vs. Peter Arbeau

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  25. Alister says:

    I’m sure Keegan isn’t afraid like a little school girl! He definitely doesn’t want to Face Yoni and continue his losing ways! That Sherbatov kid would beat him standing, grappling any way he could think of and as far as explosive wow have you seen any of this guys other fights. Just saying Keegan isn’t afraid hahahaha just playing safe he didn’t want to leave the cage in pieces!!!!

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  26. Donald Duck says:


    “Cage control” is a result of the bullshit rules in Calgary that don’t allow for GNP on the ground at ammy level. I agree Keegan is not scared to fight but it is wise to avoid this level of opponent until he has honed some skills at a pro level.


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  27. War Gi says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  28. alister says:

    well then lets see Keegan step up and call out Yoni sherbatov i mean he is still available and he could always offer it up to another promoter!

    Regardless of money HK also helped build Keegan up! So what you are saying is respect only goes as far as the dollar wow the true meaning of martial arts must have been lost on him!

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  29. winston says:

    Keegan sucks nuff said. Not worth to pay that lay n prayer 200$

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  30. Hommina says:

    HK is a joke organization headed by a guy who’s more interested in being famous than the fights he puts on.


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  31. War Gi says:

    Keegan will fight anyone I know he would fight any 125er out there. Plus yeah he needs some cash after 6 free fights. Money makes the world go round bitches.

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  32. Romantic says:

    War gi, you say you have been training with Keegan for a long time. How long have you been in love with him?

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  33. Alister says:

    Keegan must be the new spokesman for condoms! #playing safe #Trojan man!!!

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  34. cavemanbully says:

    War gi you stated keegan wanted to fight guys 3 weight division above him but then say he’ll fight anyone willing to go on a diet, except Yoni i guess ? so is he willing to fight above his division or is it he’s willing to fight above his division against a select few like say Mike Glover?
    maybe let Keegan do his own talking so you dont make him sound dumb.

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  35. Canadian Fight Fan says:

    I think Keegan is going has his hands full now he is in the pro ranks saying he would fight anyone is just crazy, if he fought Davis he would of got dominated, along with Yoni. His style was well suited in ammy ranks but pro rules will not be as forgiving to his style.

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  36. chubby chaser says:

    I bet Fisette would fight and destroy keegan. If he gets his chubby ass down to 125

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  37. Slim says:

    The story I have gotten is Keegan finally got a manager after the KOTC fight. The manager took full control over match making and already had a better paying deal lined up.

    HK offers local guys super low paying contracts and give them the ability to sell tickets and take a small portion of those ticket sales. Pretty standard for most promotions, but if the pay is already low enough its more hassle trying to round up ticket sales and train at the same time.

    I honestly think Yoni and Keegan will fight eventually, but just not right now.

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  38. War Gi says:

    Well said Slim

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  39. maestro says:

    Hey Slimmy,
    yes this is pay scale is standard in all promotions, I’ve seen Keegan fight, he should be kissing the feet of HK for even giving this no-talent fighter a chance to fight, even for free… he should be paying them and possibly performing felatio like acts to fight. For this monkey to get to chose fights is beyond me.And let’s make something abundantly clear, Yoni and Keegan will never fight, Yoni will move up faster than keegan can pull out of his sister. Yoni will be in UFC, Keegan will be ripping tickets at the events, even getting his ass kicked by Yoni would have been the most famous he would have gotten.

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  40. Slim says:

    Hey maestro!
    Thanks for your ignorant and totally misguided opinion. I’ll be sure to tell Keegan that despite the fact that he was 6-0 as an amateur and took a very dangerous Kyle Olivera to the third round, that he’s a no talent fighter.

    I get the feeling that you have a problem with his style. I have to say I agree with you. Great conditioning and wrestling are boring to watch! Nobody has ever been successful and been boring…except gsp, Cruz, benson Henderson and Mighty Mouse.

    As for Yoni moving up quicker, that may be true. I would suspect to do that he would have to fight though. Plenty of fighters have to fight up a class to start out, why doesn’t yoni?

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  41. Maestro says:

    i’ve seen Keegan’s Fights as previously said, i’ve also seen him box…. need i say more. i’ve got more confidence in my blind retarded little cousin than to beat Yoni, it was a great choice not to fight him and to blame HK, just in future don’t sign checks your ass can’t cash.
    PS: the reason higher competition has not fought Yoni is the same as your friend, you seem to think youre a great manager, find ANYONE at 125lbs to fight him and i guarantee he’ll sign and actually fight….you know…like a fighter.

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  42. Slim says:

    I’m sorry to hear that retardation runs in your family. You and your little cousin’s special needs must be quite the burden on your family. Just remember, they still love you even though you’re different.

    Yoni has been matched up with two 0-1 fighters, they’ve pulled out and his camp cries because nobody will fight him. All the “higher competition” are dodging him. It sounds to me like his management is trying to pad his record. If Yoni wanted to fight, he would have fought by now. Look at Peter Arbeau, the guy is a 155 fighting at 180!

    I’ve said it before, this comes down to money. Keegan hired a manager in November who lined up a fight for him after Keegan (without management) agreed to fight Yoni. The money is substantially more with the new fight. The manager made the call.

    HK 34 is three weeks after Christmas. There is no way Keegan could sell enough tickets at 60$ each to make any fight financially worthwhile.

    I’d also like to point out that I don’t manage Keegan, find him fights or sponsors. It’s hard enough finding that stuff for myself.

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  43. War Gi says:

    Hey Maestro if you are late for an event are you retardy?

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  44. Alister says:

    War Gi,
    Cavemanbully was right you don’t only make Keegan sound dumb but have made the rest of us realize that you must be the sparring buddy they let Keegan beat the crap out of! Hands up buddy one to many punches for sure!


    what weight class are you in? I’m sure we could find you a fight wouldn’t be too hard!

    keep your head up don’t listen to these idiots who have no clue. you are doing the right thing its not your fault most people don’t know even someone on another promo this month not to be named with a 3-0 record and everyone else proposed said no way

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  45. War Gi says:

    I never said anything negative about Yoni I am just standing up for a friend of mine, mainly because the negative criticim is completely unnecessary.

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  46. War Gi says:

    Are you wondering how much I weigh before or after you are on my nuts?

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  47. B2J says:

    The amount of hate Keegan receives on this site is crazy. Sure, I can agree that his style of fighting isn’t for everyone but the kid works hard and fights. He is a young guy that is learning (and trying) to be a professional fighter. He’s not on these forums hating on anyone or even defending himself. He is more focused on improving as a fighter so he is constantly training.
    I don’t believe he is dodging anyone. Yoni, included. From my understanding, he was offered a fight with HK but had not signed the contract. He was then offered another fight from a different promotion (Havoc, I believe) for more money. He informed HK that he was going to take the second fight offer. But then it turned out that the opponent was already booked. After that mess, Keegan decided to get a manager and let him deal with promotions so he can focus strictly on training and fighting.

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  48. Bdc says:

    Keegan backed out of a fight with one of our guys in the past after saying on here how pumped he was to have a fight. Then a few days later he was on a defferent card, not sure if he fought or not. He seems to talk alot.

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  49. B2J says:


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  50. B2J says:

    @Bdc….who was “you’re guy”?

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