Meet the Cast of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations – Canada vs Australia


TUF NationsMeet the cast of the The Ultimate Fighter: Nations – Canada vs Australia in this video:

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  1. Justin says:

    Lots of Tristar guys… Kinda makes it seem somewhat predetermined cause all the tristar guys know who the boss is of that group.

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  2. Saber Rider says:

    Did anyone tell Sheldon Westcott that if he gets into the UFC he wont be able to handpick cans to crush while fighting in the UFC?

    Did anyone tell him he will have to fight legit, highly skilled, hungry MMA fighers that are young and up and comming?

    I shall wait for the response of Can Yallits (Mr. Westcotts Hype Man/Lackie) to jump to the aid of Mr. Westcott.

    Thank you.

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  3. snyper mcgrath says:

    Did you miss the part where Wescott actually is on the show itself?

    Why the hate?

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  4. You would think by Sheldon Westcott attending the tryouts, making the TUF cast, and having to fight his way into the UFC, people would stop with the can crusher argument.

    It is ridiculous now.

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  5. AMLECF says:

    Unfortunately as soon as some people have a reason to dislike a fighter they hold onto it until they retire, kinda sad

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    Why is there so much fighter bashing lately. It’s pretty sad, we as Canadian mma fans should encourage our own fighters. It seems as if people look for a reason to hate on our fighters. These guys do what the majority of us wouldn’t dream of doing. They put countless hours in the gym, sacrifice time away from their families and often sacrifice financial stability to entertain us and have a shot at glory. Let’s get behind them a bit and give them credit where credit is due.

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  7. I’m all for supporting real Canadian fighters, but there is far too many people in Canada fighting nobodies and turning down legit fighters, just so they can say they are in the top 15, or that they have a good record.

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  8. Cody Krahn says:

    Wow, show hasn’t even aired yet and already the hate. And from yet again someone using a screen name. It’s pretty easy to call someone a pussy when you don’t have to worry about being confronted on your shit.

    TUF has a cast of Canadian up and comers and yet we’d all rather gossip and shit talk these guys rather than be proud for them. What a great local MMA community….

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  9. Saber Rider says:

    Meh. I guess we will see how Westcott does. If he proves me wrong great. I’m simply pointing out a proven fact that there are many other Canadian fighters that have stepped up and fought other top ranked Canadian fighters. Westcott did not. This a proven fact. I’m not trying to hate. Best luck to the guy. If he wins TUF and makes it into the UFC, hell, big props he has proven me (and alot of other MMA fans in Canada) very very wrong

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  10. Cody Krahn says:

    The politics of the Canadian MMA scene shouldn’t matter. All of the Canucks who made it onto the show had to do their best at the auditions to get in.

    And I think all the guys they picked are talented enough that they deserve recognition on an international stage to show the world what they got.

    These are CANADIAN fighters, how about we root for a clean sweep and show the UFC we got plenty of guys good enough to fight in the big leagues? We’ll save the shitty, faceless, gossipy shit talking for another day.

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  11. John says:

    No offence Cody on one hand I support all the Canadian fighters and hope they all put on a great show on the other hand the tryouts for TUF have NOTHING to do with fighting and all about selling yourself with hype or with who and where you train.

    examples are clear as day as you do not see a majority of Canadas top talent on the show (with exception of a couple) but you do see a large portion of Canadas top personality.

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  12. John says:

    and no again you said it but in the complete wrong. As Canadian politics is EXACTLY what dictated 90% of these fighters being chosen

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  13. Saber Rider says:

    @Cody Krahn

    Why do I care if Sheldon is Canadian? I care about the quality of fighters in the UFC. Why? Because the UFC is the top of MMA. I, like you, and many others, dislike very much when people rip on local fighters (even ammy fighters). Most semi-pro fighters that fight on local shows work full time jobs and fight out of passion for the sport and for love of it.

    The game changes when your in the UFC, NFL, NHL ect ect. If I pay $100 bucks to a UFC PPV or $150 to go watch the Oilers play, I really want to see the best athletes in the world competing in that said sport. So when I drop $150 bucks to watch the Oilers and Hall and Eberle play like shit, should I cut them a break because “they are good Canadian boys?” Hell no. They are at the top of their sport.

    And as for “faceless, gossipy shit talk”, I do have a real name. I would post it, but its a very very common name in Canada. Nobody would know me. I’m all about supporting top level canadian fighters that get into the UFC. I’m a huge huge fan of Jordan Mein who fought his way into the UFC by beating the best Canada had to offer. Same goes with Jesse Ronson. So just because Westcott is Canadian I really dont feel the need to root for him.

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  14. Puck says:

    I was just sad the ‘cast’ was so small? I wish team Canada and the ‘Aussies” had to fight there way on like USA/Britain did. I’m very interested to see how Luke Harris stacks up.

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  15. snyper mcgrath says:

    Saber Rider. You contadicted yourself between your first and second post. Sheldon is a local guy who works full time yet you rip him.

    The guy takes his first step inyo the big leagues and you feel the need to dig into him. How about reserving judgement? Also post your name if no one knows you. You ll get more credibilty.


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  16. Saber Rider says:

    @snyper mcgrath

    Sheldon is no longer a local MMA fighter. He is fighting on TUF which is essentialy fighting for the UFC. Many competitors on TUF (even the fighters who have lost) get the opportunity to fight on the TUF Finale.


    (Does that give me more credability)? Kind of like how credible your MMA shows are…..

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  17. mike kent says:

    Sheldon is ALOT better then people give him credit for and he hasn’t only fought easy fights. I think he him and a lot of other Canadians will have a lot of success on the show,
    It does give you a lot of credibility when you post your real name


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  18. Saber Rider says:

    @Mike Kent

    Please name a top 10 Canadian Welterweight that Sheldon has beat then. Please and thanks. I never said Sheldon sucked. He’s a good fighter. I just dont think he has been tested by fighting top 10 Canadian MMA fighters. And no, Tim Shady doesnt count, Tim is a Lightweight and is possibly even going to fight at 145. But hey, I guess Aaron Shymr and Thomas Denny as Top 10 guys. Oops lets not forget 7-7 Jay Jensen.

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  19. Saber Rider says:

    Ooops. Forgot to post my real name, because if I dont, my above post wont have credibility.

    Robert Anderson

    Care for my address, workplace, date of birth, Social insurance number as well?

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  20. mike kent says:

    apology accepted


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  21. Who has Matt Desroches fought? Who has Oli Aubin-Mercier fought? Who did Matt Riddle fight before he was on TUF? Reality is that it doesn’t matter, it is TUF and anything can happen.

    By the way, Westcott has not lost since 2007 debuting against a 3-0 very tough Victor Bachmann.

    Props to Sheldon for stepping up and fighting in the TUF Middleweight division with guys like Harris, Taleb, and Theodorou. That is a handful!

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  22. Saber Rider says:


    I guess time will only tell. Again like i said, I would be more than willing to eat crow if Westcott wins the entire thing. Only time will tell though. Very interested in watching how this all unfolds.

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  23. Thesubzero says:

    Am I missing something? Has Westcott ever claimed to be God’s gift to MMA? I don’t know anything about him, I’ve only seen his fight against Herron-Webb and he looked talented. He has fought some skilled guys. There seems to be so many personal vendettas on this site.

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  24. timmeh says:

    All of this Westcott talk is nonsense the real star of the show is Chad Laprise! I bet he walks through this group

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  25. Cody Saftic says:

    @KeithGrienke What ever happened to Victor Bachman? Always enjoyed watching his fights and he used to come out to those super geeky computer sounds

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  26. AMLECF says:

    Victor retired and I think went back to university

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  27. Gunner says:

    I would have loved to see guys like Mahon and Dickson in for the 170 side as it would have made for a very very tough bracket with those 2 and Kajan and Laprise. The only intrigueing fight to win that division with exception of the aussies which I won’t lie I am not familiar with any of them is Kajan & Laprise and essentially it is a great fight of 2 LW just under the 170 banner.

    It would have been nice to see Sheldon get on the show at 170 also instead of 185 as he would have had far better match ups in the WW bracket

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  28. Cam Yallits says:

    @ Saber Rider- I apologize for supporting my friend and training partner of over 10 years. Sincerely.

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  29. Cam Yallits says:

    And timmeh, yes Chad Laprise is excellent. I was at the Boyle fight and his striking is incredibly smooth, always moving his feet, on rhythm and hits hard. Cant wait to see how he does on the show.

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  30. AMLECF says:

    I’m all for having opinions about fighters etc, but why is every one being an utter douchebag about it. You don’t have to be an asshole every time you comment on here. Keep it classy, like Gunner does

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  31. Fraud Man says:

    @ Robert Anderson
    Can you pass along your address, workplace, date of birth, Social insurance number and a couple of your credit card numbers and pin #’s?

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  32. Ryan D says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  33. Cody Rempel says:

    He also signed his previous post “Peter”… I’m pretty sure he’s just a smart ass!

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  34. Ryan D says:

    To bad I can’t thumbs down my self lol.hahah

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  35. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    LOl at you guys believing his name was “Mike Kent” all this time.

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  36. The Athlete says:

    All this hate on Sheldon is ridiculous. So many people hack on him for the fights he takes, Denny might not have the greatest record but he has fought the best there is out there, a very legitimate opponent. Herron-Webb is no joke either. Bachman (who works at SVPT Fitness and Athletics now. A great gym where he is a very good trainer, for those interested) also was a talented guy to make a debut against for sure. And those fights aside, the guy hasnt lost to anyone and look where it has got him, on TUF, so are those poor fights to take? Dana White has said many times that you arent gonna get into the UFC with a shit record just cause you have fought all tough guys. So, here Sheldon has fought some tough guys, fought some less notable fights and has a great record that gets him this opportunity. It business guys, as soon as you add money to a sport it becomes a business first and a sport second. Sheldon has made some very wise business decisions.

    Also it should be pointed out that he really does deserve to be there, guy is freak of nature strong, talented, charasmatic, has a good fan base and not to mention is probably one of the nicest guys you could ever meet in the sport.

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  37. DildoBaggins says:

    I heard Dickson didnt do well at the try outs.

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  38. Cody Saftic says:

    @DildoBaggins from who?

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  39. AMLECF says:

    I actually heard the same thing from a couple people who were also trying out

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  40. Sam Z says:

    I call bullshit on that obviously some haters on Ryan. Give more details or shut up!

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  41. Bob Barker says:

    Considering Dickson would run over the 2 tristar fighters chosen, it is quite clear why tristars Patrick Cote did not pick him

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  42. TaylorS says:

    Bob Barker if that is your real name lol, sounds like sour grapes bro. Joslins have always had some issues with Quebec, look at the history of Jeff’s career down there. The judges decisions?? or is there more to it. Everyone knows the truth, same crying just different reason now. You figured the lesson would get learned eventually WTF

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  43. Cody Rempel says:

    Patrick Cote is with BTT Canada not Tristar… as far as I know even when he did go to Tristar years ago it was only for sparring sessions and never for full camps.

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  44. Vanch23 says:

    Loving the Canadian team, hating the political debate, where are the predictions? Tristar fighters are tristar fighters for a reason, their good fighters as is the rest of the team. My money is on Theodorou. Where does he fight out of….quick look it up!!!!lol

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  45. MMAcritic says:

    Why is Ryan Ford not trying out for TUF anybody know???

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