Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – December 9, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Top MMA News would like to send out our best wishes to 3-1 Saskatchewan Bantamweight Janz Stein on his road to recovery following a below the knee amputation on one of his legs. Janz, 32, is looking forward to returning to his loves of Jiu Jitsu and Skateboarding in the future. All the best!

  • Good chance that KOTC may come to Manitoba in 2014 with Marc-Andre Drolet matchmaking now.
  • I’ve got to say, it really is great to see Fight Network popping up as a HD channel on some cable providers!
  • TUF Nations Finale will be on April 16th in Quebec City!
  • Tough break for Nick Ring.  After winning round 1, Nick tore his ACL and Meniscus in the 2nd round against Caio Magalhaes.  Tough bastard still went the distance!
  • Two PFA boys scrapped in Butte, Montana this past weekend. Dakota Rutten came up short in a 140lbs bout, while Cole Shanks picked up a victory at 135lbs. Both competitors fought as amateurs for the Butte Brawl promotion.
  • Sault Ste. Marie fighters Spencer Pine and Kayla Cortesia, both out of Steel City MMA, fought this weekend with Pine picking up the victory and Cortesia suffering a loss at Bezerker MMA across the border in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan.
  • Wishing Gavin Tucker a healthy recovery from rotator cuff surgery, recovery time seems to be 5 months. Tucker told The Georgian that’d he’d like to face Chris Horodecki when he’s all good and healthy.. “I’d love to get a nice easy fight like that for my comeback … put him away early,” WOAH!
  • Boost Mobile and WSOF teamed up for a nice sized fighter bonus! “Boost Mobile gives away a $5,500 bonus to the winner of their “Rattle the cage” contest on twitter. To vote for who you think deserves the bonus just tweet the fighters last name and you can do this daily until January 1. Winners are flown out and announced at the following event” Always nice to see extra money and a vacation being given out to fighters!  You can just cut/paste and tweet this line to vote for deserving Canadian Kalib Starnes: “@BoostMobile #RattleTheCage #Starnes #WSOF7“.

  • Unfortunately, talk of a late winter/early spring WRECK MMA show has been shelved. No news on when the next Wreck show will be.
  • Our buddy Woodrow James is fighting on February 22nd in Michigan for TXC! Good luck Woody!
  • I have to say having TSN2 air WSOF less than 24 hours after the event was held is pretty darn impressive!  It sounds like a LIVE brodcast on TSN is in the works for the future! Now, that would be something! In my opinion, WSOF has the third best broadcast deal out of any promotion that holds events in Canada – only behind the UFC (Live and Taped on Sportsnets, Live PPV & Web PPV) and Bellator (Live on Spike and Live on Internet). A live TSN deal really pushes Bellator for second best TV deal for a promotion with shows held in Canada!
  • Five fighters with MMA experience fought in Edmonton on Friday. Cody Ries (1-0) made his boxing debut defeating Dia Grant (0-3) via TKO in the 3rd round, Marcus Hicks (0-1) came up short in his boxing debut, losing to Taylor Bull (2-3) by KO in the 3rd round, and Elvis Vukaj (1-0) won his debut defeating Max Gagne (3-3-1) by Unanimous Decision.
  • Shane Campbell’s opponent for his K-1 Max Final 8 bout will be Maximo Suarez. The Final 8 will be held at Gran Canaria, Spain and will be streamed on
  • Mark Holst is traveling down to Buenos Aires, Argentina to fight Fernadno Martinez in an MMA bout on December 15th.  The card is primarily a Muay Thai card and MT sensation Simon Marcus will battle it out with Damian Bujan!

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11 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – December 9, 2013 ”

  1. Main Attraction says:

    Gavin Tucker is the man! Get well soon buddy. The Smash Bros. are going to tear 145lbs up!

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  2. 2 WSOFs will be on NBC next year instead of NBC Sports. If a WSOF Canada show is one of them, that would be incredible!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  3. Aaron Robinson says:

    Don’t kid yourself Keith, we can’t even watch a live online stream what makes you think we will get to see it on National Television.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6

  4. RickRoll says:

    Why would anyone vote for Starnes after that classless display against Dwayne Lewis.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 8

  5. Bdc says:

    I guessin they would vote for him cause it was a wicked KO and the airing on TV showed hardly any of it. Didnt Lewis get KO of the night after The beastmen eastmens fight? Not really any different.

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  6. Watch Mark Holst fight live on Sunday, December 15 live right here:

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  7. Holst lost first round and then feed went down.

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  8. Cody Saftic says:

    He won the second, close third round but they ultimately gave it to Martinez by decision.

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  9. Cody Saftic says:

    Split decision that is

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