Visa Issues Continue to Plague Gagnon; Off of UFC Fight Night 33 Card


gagnon_LEADThe UFC announced that Sudbury, Ontario’s Mitch Gagnon will not be able to fight Alex Caceres at UFC Fight Night 33 due to visa issues. This is the second time in Gagnon’s UFC career that visa issues have caused him to miss a fight.

The fight is expected to be re-scheduled in the future, although nothing has been announced.

In January 2012, Gagnon was due to fight Johnny Bedford on the UFC on Fox 2 card when visa issues forced Gagnon off that card.

UFC Fight Night 33 takes place at Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Queensland, Australia, while the UFC on Fox 2 card was in Chicago, Illinois. Gagnon has yet to fight outside of Canada.

14 Responses to “ Visa Issues Continue to Plague Gagnon; Off of UFC Fight Night 33 Card ”

  1. PUCK says:

    I’m a bit worried for him as if this is a real problem? How long will they keep him around?

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  2. Louden Swain says:

    I think the UFC has solved the issues, just not in time for this fight.

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  3. smash says:

    they won t let Gagnon cross the border because he s a stone cold killah

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  4. P.Diddy says:

    Someone definitely screwed up within gagnon’s management team. A professional apart of the worlds biggest mma organization should not have waited until the last minute to have to proper paperwork to travel and work in another country. It’s one thing if someone has legal/criminal problems(which is not the case here), but ignorance is a poor excuse and looks negatively towards a potential up and coming talented fighter

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  5. Sandman says:

    No wonder. Heard on Showdown Joe’s show Gagnon recently signed with Mitch Mayberger. That guy has no business managing professional athletes. Not one pic I’ve seen of him where he’s not holding up a fist trying to be like a fighter. Seems like a poser.

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  6. Grasshopper says:

    Neither of his management teams have been stellar. Probably time to look for a third.

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  7. smash says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. P.Diddy says:

    The UFC needs to be given all the correct and proper paperwork to file on a fighters behalf. When this information is incomplete, it is the managements fault. If @smash was so smart, he wouldn’t give an opinion on matters he clearly knows nothing about…besides kissing ass

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  9. Grasshopper says:

    What manager should he go with? Who’s the best out there?

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  10. Louden Swain says:

    Both the employer and employee have obligations when obtaining a work visa for another country, but I doubt anyone posting here blaming Gagnon’s management knows who is at fault. It’s a shitty deal for Mitch, hoping to see him back in action soon.

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  11. Grasshopper says:

    But still… Who’s the best manager for a UFC fighter?

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  12. Sandman says:

    Anyone but Smash… I mean Mayberger. How many guys have left him in the passed year? Maybe you can ask them why they left fight house. Not a lot of honest managers that I have heard of. Maybe get a good lawyer and give him a cut.

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  13. Kyle Stoltz says:

    Leave Mitch Mayberger alone he’s a good guy. God you guys are so negative. It’s a crappy situation but can’t wait to see Gagnon back in there. I know we were bummed as we were set to sponsor him.

    @grasshopper there is no best manager as to me it’s who meshes best with the specific fighter. But at the UFC level around 10 so management companies have a large sum of the UFC’s top talent and most are good people. The problem is the ones in the public eye are the bad seeds so most people say there all like that and it’s not true. About just hire a lawyer most large top level MMA management companies have at least one lawyer on payroll. If you just hire a lawyer with no MMA backing you will need to hire a sponsorship guy as well and trust me hiring those 2 will lose you more then 1 good management company. To anyone just do you research before hiring a manager as it’s a major decision and not one to take lightly as making the wrong decision can cost a ton of money.

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  14. Grasshopper says:

    Thanks for that answer!

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