Sarah Kaufman – Winning My First UFC Fight

Kaufman vs Eye

Kaufman vs Eye

I have meant to write a blog for the last little while, but alas a full month has past since I stepped inside the UFC cage for my first time. I knew that fighting Jessica Eye was going to make for a very exciting fight and that she was mentally tough. I knew that I wanted to do what I could to finish the fight and get my first win inside the UFC. I knew how much work I had done in the two camps worth of preparation, and how ready and hungry I was. I did not know that judges could be appointed by a commission and be so uninformed as to the rules of judging a mixed martial arts fight.

Everything fight week was awesome: the UFC staff, the weigh cut, my team’s support, my warmup. Walking out to the cage was amazing – but it always is – and once the fight started, I was ready to punch Jessica right in the Eye (you see what I did there?). Round 1 we both started a bit slow but when I landed there were some good connections. It was a pretty close round and going into Round 2, I wanted to pick it up. In our exchanges, Jessica mostly landed jabs and one landed under my left eye and created a little mouse. It did not bother me at all but I know that I sometimes appear to be damaged even when things barely hit and judges sometimes weigh that into their decisions. I controlled the cage center and landed the better shots, winning Round 2. Again, I knew that it was a closer round than it should ever be…and then Round 3 happened.

Between Round 2 and 3, Jessica looked tired and unsure. I got the better of her Round 2 and I was way fresher than she was. In fact I was too fresh. Round 3 started with me smashing Jessica and ended the same. I threw more and landed more than double the shots. I had her rocked on multiple occasions and when I went to finish her, she managed to glom onto me and try and ride it out. We broke apart and I hit her some more. At the final bell, I was feeling awesome, my corner was ecstatic, and the crowd was electric. It was an amazing moment, ruined when the judges’ decisions was announced: a split decision win for Jessica. Before the announcement, she knew she had lost, I knew I had won, yet I was at the judges’ mercy.

The crowd was none-too-happy and they voiced it by booing…a lot. I went into the back and was doing some interviews when I heard that the reason I lost was 1 judge scored the 3rd round for Jessica. The round where she was nearly KO’d and was hit with over double the shots that she was able to land. The round that she herself admitted in an interview she got her ass kicked in. The round that a class of 4th graders, without any MMA knowledge, would unanimously give to me. That is the round that cost me my earned Win in the UFC.

Now, of course if you finish a fight there is no question you are the winner, but as higher level athletes are matched together, finishes are not always possible. I know finishing Jessica Eye is there for my taking. I had her rocked a few times in Round 3 and know that if I had started the way I finished she would have been out for the count. That’s my fault. I won’t make that mistake in our next meeting.

Any honourable fighter would admit they didn’t deserve that decision and would insist on an immediate rematch. The question is: is Jessica Eye that honourable?

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  1. Thesubzero says:

    Honestly I thought you won too. But I don’t think Eye’s honour lies on whether she offers you an immediate rematch. If I was in her shoes I’d probably look towards fighting another opponent because she has a lot more to lose than gain by fighting you again.

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  2. honestly says:

    you lost !

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  3. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    I know it’s a personal blog, though seeing it posted on here, I get the feeling Sarah can’t get over this loss and comes off kinda like a poor sport.

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  4. PUCK says:

    Sorry Sarah, I had you lossing easy 2 rounds to 1. Eye looked more crisp and faster and I would have to look at the fight Matrix but I thought landed more often too. Ya, and starting out (my first UFC win) Earth calling Sarah?? Come back down here as you lost fair and square and I didn’t even think it was that close? I guess her ‘mental’ game still needs some work? As if you thought you won that fight?? Honestly watch it and tell me why a 1-2 or 2-1-2 are your only punching combos? You looked very ‘robotic’ to me?

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  5. Balrog says:

    Yeah no doubt, get over yourself Sarah. You didnt win that fight. Your just as bad a Chael Sonnen claiming he was the UFC champ after he lost to Silva because he beat up on Silva for the majority of the fight and just got caught by a triangle. Do you think your the only MMA fighter thats had a close decision not go your way?

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  6. JoeDirt says:

    Is this for real? Kaufman lost that fight. Dont be a sore loser.

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  7. PUCK says:

    I do want to say by no means am I disrespecting Sarah. She’s a great fighter. But I think her calling out ‘the honor’ of a fighter ‘that beat you’ because of other poeple that though she (Sarah) lost the fight? Where’s the ‘honor’ in that? I personally would like to see Sarah vs Pena now. Thoughts?

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  8. RickRoll says:

    Sarah is really hurting her stock and honor by this blog she wrote. It looks really bad when you lose a fight and then complain as if you won. How can she question the honor of someone who beat her clearly? This is a weird blog. I did not know Kaufman was such a sore loser. Get over it and move on.

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  9. ucitelica says:

    I was shocked by the outcome – I clearly thought Sarah won – I think the comments above are harsh – trying to explain away such a surprising decision is more than reasonable……..whats up guys?

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  10. PUCK says:

    To me thats what makes mma so different then other sports. Everyone on this form ‘saw’ the fight a different way? I do not mean to be ‘harsh’ and if I was I am sorry? But, being at cage side I’m sure the judges had the best view? To me, if it was ‘pride rules’ Sarah wins on damage and being closer to finishing. But on the 10 point system,under which they fought, I had the first 2 going to Eye. Sarah won the 3rd no problem, but it wasn’t a 10-8 thats for sure. When the fight was over I thought it would be a draw. Thoughts?

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  11. Sarah says:

    Thanks for reading. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and I respect all of those. As I wrote in the blog, my biggest issue was that Jessica won the fight based on 1 judge scoring the 3rd round for her. 2 judges gave me rd 2 (which i do think I won) and with the proper scoring in round 3 I should have been given the decision. I also agree I could have done more in the first 2 especially to force the judges to see things my way. Jessica made a jab at me being honourable, so I did the same back to try and hype up the rematch. Unfortunately the online ribbing seems to be getting people fights, more than the skills sometimes, so I’m trying to do what I need to in order to get those fights and have people watch! I definitely don’t mean to come off a sore loser, but am frustrated with the judges scoring and how I clearly won rd 3 yet because of incompetence didn’t get the proper scoring. Sorry for the long response!

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  12. I concur, Sarah won that fight.

    Sadly talking seems to get people more fights than records, so why blame Sarah for trying?

    She’s only stating her opinion, and not coming off like a douchebag imo

    Go get em Sarah!

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    I find it sad that so many MMA fans are so completely devoid of knowledge when it comes to score keeping. I’m not suggesting everyone know the intimate and detailed aspects like how many minutes a fighter gets for a low blow or how a referee calls in a doctor for a fighter but the basics of scoring a round under the current rules. People get so bent out of shape and want to argue something that simply isn’t supported by the current rule structure.

    I also had Sarah winning the fight 2 rounds to 1 (I gave Eye the first). The funny thing is if you give Eye the first round you really can’t give her the second and the third was clearly Sarah’s.

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