Canadian Rumour Mill – November 25, 2013


Gossip Queen 6Hey folks!  Just a reminder to vote for GSP on the UFC/EA Sports cover competition. He’s in the finals vs Alexander Gustafsson. Here is the link:

On to the rumours:

  • Unified MMA will not be having a show this month due to their venue, the Mirage Banquet Hall, being fully booked this December. The show will now be in either February or March 2014.
  • Also, Matt Spisak may drop to Featherweight and take on Lenny Wheeler for Unified’s Featherweight strap on the same show!
  • No Cheesecake on the TUF Finale! Sarah Moras will not be fighting on TUF Finale due to injury.
  • Ricky Goodall will take on Alderic Keith at Welterweight in the main event of ECC 19 on January 25th in Halifax, NS. The bout will be a #1 contender fight.
  • Ryan Machan will take on Brendan Tierney (10-5) for the Havoc FC Welterweight Title at Havoc FC 4 on January 31st in Red Deer Alberta. If you remember, Tierney last fought in March of this year on AFC 17, losing via KO to Ryan “Real Deal” Ford.

  • Unified Combat League will have professional fights on their next Kamloops, BC show on February 22.
  • The main event on UCL 20 will be Myles Merola taking on The Ultimate Fighter vet Richie Whitson.
  • UCL 20’s co-main event will be BC native and BJJ Brown Belt Clay Davidson taking on Jordan Currie in a Middleweight contest.
  • American Latoya Walker is also coming to BC to take on a Canadian at UCL 20.  My hopes is that she will raise a “Ruckus” against River Jones in what would be Jones’ pro debut.
  • I know the cat’s out of the bag now, but it is worth mentioning that Ryan Dickson steps in on short notice against Marcus Vinicios at WSOF 7.
  • I’m not sure here, now I know that MFC is saying their January event is at the Shaw Conference Centre, but a few birdies have whispered to me that the show may actually be at the Edmonton Expo Centre… strange.
  • Hearing World Series of Fighting could be in Edmonton as early as March 2014 with Ryan Ford making his WSOF debut on that card!

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42 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 25, 2013 ”

  1. Cody Saftic says:

    Ryan Dickson is the man, I’m very happy to hear he’s getting his window of opportunity on the WSOF 7 card. Also Ricky Goodall vs. Alderic Keith should make for a good fight

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  2. Ryan D says:

    Ryan Ford at 155lbs is gonna be sick!!!

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  3. Jamon says:

    At fords age he shouldnt try a weight cut like that…..

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  4. LostforWords says:

    Ford’s age? Are we talking about the right ford here?

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  5. MyOpinion says:

    Maybe Ford is reducing his protein and creatine intake. Smaller muscles, lesser weight

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  6. AMLECF says:

    People still take creatine?

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  7. Jamon says:

    He’s 31 also not a small welterweight, health wise he should really not do it, don’t see a benefit financially as well, he’s NEVER gonna be in the UFC, so he’s limited to Canada

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  8. Ryan D says:

    Shit man he’s 31 not 61!!!!! Since when is 31 old and Firs has taken next to no damage his career guy is one healthy guy. Hey guys did ya hear 31 is the new 61 better slow down. Lmfao MORON!!

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  9. Ryan D says:

    Never gonna be in UFC who cares about that. The guy is with WSOF that’s pretty awesome. Real mma fans akknowledge there is more to mma than UFC.. I reaper MORON!!’

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  10. Balrog says:

    Ryan Ford is working with top level nutrition coaches, the same coaches that elite level UFC fighters use to cut 20-25 lbs to make weight and still perform amazingly.

    I can see Ryan walking into the cage at 180 lbs after weighting in at 156 the day of weight ins.

    Lots of lightweights in the UFC cut alot of weight. Hell look at guys like Benson Henderson and Gleeson Tibeau

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  11. Jamon says:

    So is he any smaller draw for the wsof at welterweight? No not at all he headlines either way MORON that’s my point MORON why take a health risk in the later part of your career for no financial gain MORON? The risk reward isn’t there to change body composition, not for a org that needs Ryan fords name at 170 or 155 MORON

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  12. Jamon says:

    Mma as a whole has to get away from the weight cutting mentality it has, long term effects are gonna be bad……amateur wrestling doesn’t have the head strikes that mma has

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  13. Bdc says:

    All he would have to do is lay off some supplements…

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  14. Ryan ford is going to kick ass and dominate regardless of what weight he chooses to fight at!!

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    The Welterweight talent pool in WSOF is getting pretty stacked with Fitch, Burkman, Palhares, Carl, Harris, etc, etc…

    Lightweight has some solid talent too, Lots of interesting match ups for Ford at either weight! I’m really looking forward to his debut, can’t wait for the first WSOF event in Edmonton!

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  16. LOL says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Nope… he’s part of the etc, too many quality fighters to list them all!

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  18. LOL says:

    Thumbs down for Dickson.
    I see a trend of fighters from Ontario get disliked a lot on this site.

    Its to bad to.
    Most fighters from Ontario are better fighters than their counterparts in other regions of Canada. And that’s the truth!

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  19. Matt says:

    This is not a knock on Ford at all but I think it is more of a practical move for him if he wants to stay relevant because like mentioned above

    Even possibly Burkman

    Would not be able to get rushed and man handled by Ford and do not see him coming out in good shape against those 3

    So a move to lightweight where there really is not that much high caliber talent in WSOF compared to what is at welterweight is a good career move if he can do it safely and keep his output level

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  20. Mac says:

    Lol, I could be wrong but I think it’s just you and war dong people don’t like

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  21. Mr.PimpDaddy says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  22. fanofmma says:

    Lol you guys don’t give Ford the credit that he has earned! This guy comes in every fight and puts on a show from start to finish for the fans that pay the money!

    IMO Ford would not get manhandled or out worked by any of the WW in WSOF. They could all be great match ups and you know a Ford fight is always entertaining!

    With that being said FOrd is by far the best 170 pounder in Canada that is not in the UFC and would give anyone at 170lbs problems with his style.

    But hey what do I know Im just like you guys writing on a forum.

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  23. Win or lose Ford comes to fight,is exciting and works to finish fights not lay n pray.

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  24. Matt says:

    I agree bigpoppa again I was not knocking Ford I think he is a tremendous fighter but from a career perspective if he is going to be fighting for a while in WSOF I see it being far more prosperous for him in the LW as I mentioned the WW division has LOTS of very bad match ups for him. Not that he would not have a chance but both caliber and style wise far less compared to the fighters in LW

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  25. Balrog says:

    Yeah I dont know why Ford gets hated on. The guy will fight anyone. He fought Sapo when everyone talked shit and said he would get knocked out. Then we knocked out Sapo. WSOF wont start feeding Ford their best Welterwights or Lightweights just yet. I am assuming they will build him up slowly. Give the guy a break, he works his ass off and come to fight. Very excited to see him fight.

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  26. Bdc says:

    Good luck to ford at any weight, bottom line is hes fun to watch and has a great skill set.

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  27. Thesubzero says:

    I assume he gets hated on for his past. I believe people can change. I always cheer for him.

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  28. Though Fords past will always haunt him I believe he is now a changed individual working hard to support himself and his family in undeniably the toughest profession in the world.

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  29. RickRoll says:

    Ryan Ford is who he is, just because he portrays a different image he is still the guy who cut a guys fingers off in front of his wife and kids. Ford should be banned from MMA forever. Until the day I die i will root against that guy. He isnt a good person just because he puts on a fake act and you guys buy into it.

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  30. RickRoll says:

    Let Ford go to WSOF and fight Palharaes and get his leg broken. He probably wouldnt fight Palharaes because he wants to hand pick opponents.

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  31. Armyof1 says:

    Wow still. This guy has done his time I’m pretty sure this conversation was talked about in many forums in 2007? I thought same thing at first and so I read up on him. Yes what he did was bad but if you also read the person who that happend too was a known drug dealer. And when the incident happend the family was up stairs while he was heald downstairs so really read up on things when trying to make a point. Everyone deserves a second chance if the take the choice to change. And from what I have seen and also the way I have felt after meeting him on a few occasions and people who have trained with that I know the guy is a good guy. That’s what I have to say about Ryan Ford forget what happend 9 or 10 years ago and see what this man is doing today. Keep doing your thing kid!

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  32. Armyof1 says:

    And if I was him I would say no to that fight too. He should be banned. That could be a career ending fight for what reason? But yeah another good point.

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  33. Darren Owen says:

    I’ve dealt with Ryan for few fights and he’s never hand picked or even declined a potential opponent.

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  34. Ryan Ford is one of the most aggressive, entertaining Canadian Welterweights to watch. Can’t wait for him to get back into the cage.

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  35. Graham Weenk says:

    Ryan Ford seems like an involved and proud father, being the samething myself I respect that…the perplexing thing is with the gangster life being in the past I don’t understand the whole G’d UP because that seems to be promoting a gangster life.

    I don’t quite understand, because in meeting him a few times and seeing the proud family man he is, the gangster life seems to be in the past, why G’d UP?

    Unless I’m way out too lunch on what G’d UP means, which is very possible

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  36. JoeDirt says:

    It doesnt matter if he is a nice guy today or at least acts like one. Ford did what he did. It doesnt matter if the guy he did it to was a drug dealer either. The guy crossed some lines and ruined his reputation in alot of peoples eyes.

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  37. Ryan Ford says:

    Gotta love these forums but hey what can you expect when your typing to a screen and not talking face to face. Whats up Top mma news!

    Gonna start with this yes I am the Best and Baddest 170er in Canada and outside of the UFC. NEVER hand pick fights the thing with me is IF it don’t make $$ it don’t make Sense and thats why I can afford to feed and put a roof over my family’s head. I will fight anyone! I have sacrificed a lot and train my ass off just as hard if not harder then most.

    @ RickRoll You must be one of those people who believes everything that read for it to be 100% correct. PLEASE tell where it has ever said did that in front of children? YEAH EXACTLY NO WHERE. Banned from mma? I wasn’t even thinking MMA when this took place.

    If you are really concerned about this situation that happened over 10 years ago feel free to contact me and I will bring you the REAL transcripts of what REALLY went down.

    And yes I am who I am and don’t portray myself to be any different but a Grown ass MAN NOW with responsibilities & priorities.

    You don’t know anything about me let alone a article you read in the paper.

    For real you couldn’t have walked in my shoes one day back then the stuff I went through situations I have been put in.

    From where I have came from and where I am now in my life I am thankful that I am here Alive with my Family doing what I love to do for a living.

    That being said by no means I am saying what I did was right but at that time that situation that time it was something that had to be done.

    People will always knock me for that and Im good with that I did my time I changed my life for the better.

    If You ask everyone who has met me on a personal level, trained with or even just briefly met they will let you know who I am.

    @ Graham Weenk Thanks for the respect. As far as my clothing line GDUP WORLDWIDE many different sayings have been tossed around for GDUP.

    For me GDUP Means – Built From The Ground Up- As you can see started my life from the ground up. GDUP

    @RickRoll Keep rooting against me your odds are pretty bad right now 20 for me 4 for you.

    Ryan Ford

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  38. Graham Weenk says:

    Cool thanks for the response Ryan!

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  39. Jonathan says:

    I met Ryan when he fought Nabil in Calgary, I was Nabil’s corner (sort of a stunt Fabio for that night). Ryan and I had met before at MFC events but this was the first time I’d talked to him.

    Some quick thoughts:

    1. I’m no genius when it comes to the fight game and Nabil did his thing but Ryan was adapting the whole time and adjusted to everything Nabil threw at him. Nabil was a solid test for Ryan at that time.

    2. Ryan was a serious gentleman after the fight. I won’t call him a Chael but this sport is not for the wilting violets of the world. You have to believe in yourself at all times.

    3. We’ve all made mistakes and I’m of the belief that at the end of our days we need to make sure we’ve been the best person we can be and we answer to whatever cosmis being waits for us at the end.

    That’s all.


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  40. harry balls says:

    Just a quick question: did the G’d up thing ever get solved (there is a G’d Up clothing company in the states) and what about the Headrush thing? I thought they were your sponsors or some shit when I saw those shirts; i’ve been told otherwise since.Any pay-off or was the imaged not copyrighted?
    And is Ruckus 780 still stalking you?

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  41. Donald Duck says:

    I thought G’d Up had something to do with the young ladies working threir way through Nursing School at one of the many ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ in Edmonton.


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