PFC President Jamie Champion Brings MMA Back to Ontario

Jamie Champion and the lovely PFC Cage Girls (photo: Jeremy Penn)

Jamie Champion and the lovely PFC Cage Girls (photo: Jeremy Penn)

Exhausted from endless weeks of dealing with fighters, venues and vendors, Provincial Fighting Champion president Jamie Champion took a big sigh of relief after Saturday’s inaugural event.

“I’m ecstatic,” he commented. “Really tired, I haven’t had much sleep. The show was successful and I think everyone left happy.”

Marking just the third mixed martial arts card held on Ontario soil in 2013, PFC delivered a card filled with Ontario prospects, many of whom were making their pro debuts. In the co-main event, Toronto’s Michael Karkula upset hometown favourite Jesse Gross by split decision, and in the main event it was London’s own Chris Horodecki who brought the crowd to their feet with a unanimous decision victory over Frank Caraballo.

Nearly 2500 spectators filled London’s Agroplex for an event that can only be described as an overwhelming success. Champion said he’s been working on the show since March and, despite small problems along the way, the card went off without a hitch.

There were a lot of questions only a week out from the event as rumours spread that Horodecki`s original opponent, Jason Dent, was injured in training and would be unable to compete. Thankfully, Caraballo stepped in on a week’s notice for a fight that some thought was more competitive than the originally schedule main event.

“He (Jason Dent) blew his knee out. Alex Caporicci, my matchmaker, is the best in Canada. Frank Caraballo stepping up to the plate was huge, too. Imagine almost losing your main event a week before? I was stressed. But bang, Caporicci pulled it out. My hat’s off to him. I owe him huge. He did a great job for sure.”

The Ontario Athletic Commission (OAC) is often criticized for their pricing and seeming disinterest in helping mixed martial arts grow in the province, but Champion had nothing but kind words to say about working with the OAC.

“You can’t have a super good show without these guys orchestrating things behind the scenes. They make sure you do things by the book as it should be and I don’t disagree with it ever. The athletic commission was a dream to work with.”

London's Horodecki slugged it out in the main event (photo: Jeremy Penn)

London’s Horodecki slugged it out in the main event (photo: Jeremy Penn)

Ontario fans can tell you the frustration they have faced as numerous promotions have come to the province for one and done shows. However, Champion says PFC is here to stay and will be putting on more shows in Ontario and have begun discussing a future event in Montreal.

“Definitely we’ll be doing it again. London is a fight mecca with Adrenaline here. There’s so much talent and it’s just about giving them a place to do it and now they have a place.”

No date was given for a follow up event, but Champion said he expects to return in early 2014.

“You’d be dreaming if you thought you were going to bang one off each month. I’ve been working on this since March. I’ve got a hell of a lot better idea how to do things now. We evolve as things go and just try to put on a good show.”

13 Responses to “ PFC President Jamie Champion Brings MMA Back to Ontario ”

  1. Woodrow says:

    Jamie is the man

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  2. Goran says:

    I wonder if Shannon will stop the excuses by the next card after getting spanked

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  3. Woodrow says:

    For a girl to fight with torn ACL and still b exciting im pretty impressed. But again he must b doing something right if ppl hate on her. Only pro women fighter in london and ppl still hate on her. Fools

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  4. Patrick C says:

    If she actually had a torn acl, she wouldn’t even be walking and no doctor within the OAC would have allowed her to fight. Lame excuse. She lost because the other fighter was much better. The more her teammates hype her, the bigger the loss ends up being

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  5. LOL says:

    Not true, for the last year I have been working everyday in construction with a torn acl.

    Because I can’t take the time of work to have it repaired.

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  6. Patrick C says:

    Then your acl isn’t torn. Sprains, strains or pulled muscles are NOT tearing your acl. If you actually did tear your acl, you wouldn’t have a choice to take time off work. But those 9-5 office jobs are a very dangerous place to work

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  7. underhooks says:

    There are lots of athletes who train and compete with no acl. They use braces etc. sometimes a complete tear is better than a sprain or strain (if you can keep the swelling down), because although there is a lot of instability, there is often less pain. No one knows how injured a fighter is except themselves and their doctor.
    I would like to know how you know what Shannon’s medical status is? Also, where is she making excuses? I don’t see her on here?

    All that being said, her knee isn’t connected to her chin.

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  8. LOL says:

    Actually it is torn.
    That’s exactly what the MRI showed.
    You should not quote facts that are false.
    You can easily rehab your stabalizer muscles to compensate,as I have.
    But you seem to be the leading athuority on the subject so I guess I should take your diagnosis over one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Canada!

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  9. mike kent says:

    Props to Jamie Champion for being the one to step up and put on events in Ontario ! so much a talented group of fighters from there its great now they can compete again in their home province

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  10. LO says:

    Great event. Props to Jamie and his team. Looking forward to the next one.

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  11. Goran says:

    She was over hyped and got beat by another girl making her debut. Many fighters go into a match not 100% but don’t use that as the reason they lost.

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  12. Woodrow says:

    Im a neutral party. I was a huge part of the team matching these fights. Tough chic, torn acl and still competed. She isnt making xcuses that i know of.

    But her ACL is torn according to
    Reliable ppl that arent making excuses. I enjoyed the fight whoever won, didnt you GoRan?

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  13. Matt says:

    She also was the only fighter not to make weight.

    Thank you to PFC and Jamie for a great event.

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