The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 12 – Missing Weight


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBWell it is almost all over, only one more episode left. I can’t believe how fast everything has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was at the TUF house looking forward to going home.

The next fight was Davey (Grant) vs Sharkbait (Anthony Gutierrez), I got along with both guys really well.  Both were very funny guys. Team Rousey decided that none of the coaches were going to corner them because it wouldn’t be fair so they decided to let the fighters pick who they wanted to help them out.

Sharkbait asked me one night when we were chilling in the hot tub if I would be in his corner along with Shayna and Jessamyn. I said of course I would, I was out of the tournament, so I might as well help someone else out. I think it was either later that night or the next day, Davey came up to me and asked me to be in his corner for the fight. I was flattered that both guys asked me to be in their corners, but at the same time I was disappointed that I could not help them both out. I told Davey I definitely would have but I had already told Sharkbait that I would help him, so I couldn’t go back on my word. Davey understood and was cool about it.

Coaches Challenge

The Coaches Challenge was coming up and we did not know what they were going to have to do. My team was hoping it would be something less physical and more mental because Miesha was in good shape, but she wasn’t training that much with us. From what we heard from Team Rousey was that Rhonda was training with all the guys almost everyday, so she was probably in better shape at the time.

We walked in the Mandalay Bay on the hottest day ever, it was probably like 117 degrees, and we seen a rock climbing wall and in my head I was thinking, shit haha. Miesha started off really well in the race and it was neck and neck until about the second point where they had to unhook and then Rhonda took off and won. It sucked because I definitely could use $1500 extra.  Anyone in the MMA industry knows for a fighter working his way up the ranks, its a tough grind. The Coaches Challenge was sponsored by Play Station 4 and Holdsworth asked Dana if we were all going to get a PS4 and Dana made a call and said we were all getting one.  We were all super stoked about that. I have not heard about anyone else getting one yet, but I am still waiting for mine. Hopefully, it happens.

Sharkbait during the time in the house always ate whatever he wanted.  He would say weight cuts always suck so might as well make it dramatic haha. He woke up day of weigh ins at 145.5, so I told him he has to get on his horse and start cutting right away. I put him in the bathtub with some salts to start the cut and he seemed fine. We went to the gym and Ronda and her team took over helping him with the cut.  They checked his weight and seen he was only at 143, that’s when I knew he was in trouble. Caraway and Miesha told me to start cutting weight because if he does not make it, I could potentially get called back into it. I knew it was a long shot but I had nothing else to do anyway so I did.

Davey seen me cutting and told me that if he is giving the choice to fight or take the bye, he was going to take the bye. I told him I understand and I would do the same thing in his situation. They weighed in and Sharkbait was way over. The fight was off and due to time restraints and commission issues, there was no time for a fight even if they wanted to, so Davey got the bye to the finals.

This is the first time ever that two guys have missed weight on the show. The worst part of it was everyone in the house including Sharkbait was talking about how they are going to make Cody look bad because he was eating poor and missed weight and then the same thing happened to him. I felt bad for him, just like I did Cody, because they are both good guys and skilled fighters.

There is only one fight remaining between Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington and Team Rousey’s Jessica Rakoczy to determine who goes to the finals against Julianna.

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