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Canada’s Flyweight division will start to fall in place in 2014 as Mike Davis will meet Malcom Gordon at Havoc Fc 4. Davis himself confirmed the bout on his Facebook page.

“All my friends who can never travel to my fights here is the chance ! I am fighting Malcom Gordon at Havok FC right here in Red Deer January.31st…”

Davis, a member of Arashi-Do Martial Arts, is currently riding a 8 fight win streak which includes victories over Michael Banin, Corey Lautischer and Eric Wilson. Currently considered by many to be Canada’s Flyweight king, Davis will look to mix up his training as he will spend time in Winnipeg to train with WAMMA in preparation for this bout.

Gordon, who trains out of Adrenaline Training Centre, may only have 3 professional bouts under his belt but has proved to be a vicious finisher ending all 3 of his outings before the 8 minute mark. This will be quite the test for the London, Ontario native as not only will Davis be his stiffest test to date but it will also be the first time Gordon has competed in MMA outside his home province.

Havoc FC 4 goes down January 31st from the Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta.

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Is the fight in Ireland still happening too?

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  2. Woodrow says:

    Malcolms from Alberta as well. Good for him to get to compete there. Malcolm is a star at 25

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  3. LOL says:

    Davis see’s 3-0, let’s give it a go!
    But doesn’t realize Malcom is a monster!
    Davis gets dethroned guaranteed!
    BTW what happened to Davis saying he’d fight Wooley?

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  4. Eric Wilson says:

    I’ll start by saying that I like to consider myself quiet, humble and I tend to keeo my opinion to myself.

    Just to clarify, the catchweight fight with Mike and I came to an abrupt end after a poorly timed knee to the head while he was on his way to his feet, but still considered down. Prior to that knee it was the worst 2 minutes of his life (much like the majority of my dates on a Friday evening) and was certainly in my favor. Having a win on your record does not necessarily mean you beat your opponent.

    I never pick and choose my opponents, nor do I take a fight that I am certain I will win. Being confident going into a bout is a must but I never underestimate or expect an easy fight…if there is any suspicion, I would rather not take it.

    As most of you know I have fought with some of the toughest, most talented guys in Canada and prefer to do so. I like every aspect of MMA and the tougher the challenge, the better in my opinion. It’s always in the back of my mind the way that fight played out and there is nothing I want more than to rectify that spur of the moment reaction.

    With all of that being said I have acquired respect for the Davis brothers after meeting and competing against them.

    It has been the most difficult year in my life, inside and out of the cage but things have stabilized and I am extremely motivated to attain the goals I have set in place.
    I look forward to giving the 125 division an honest go! Thank you for your time.

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  5. Mitch Clarke says:

    Hope to see you do well in the future Eric and all the best at 125

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  6. Hawkes says:

    I hear he’s spending a week with us in winnipeg. Gordon’s a stud so Davis might want to extend his stay. Wamma is the place to be if you’re 125 or 135.

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  7. Donald Duck says:

    “Wamma is the place to be if you’re 125 or 135…. and don’t want to travel all the way to Ontario.

    Completed your thought LH.

    WAMMA is the place out west for little guys but there are a few ‘little guys’ out in Onatrio (Sudbury and Toronto come to mind) that have some stud filled gyms.


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  8. LOL says:

    Don’t forget London.
    Malcom has Chris Horodecki,Sam Stout,Jesse Robson,Chris Clements,Jesse Gross and Chad Laprise as Training partners, with Mark Hominuk at the Helm.

    I think he’ll do just fine!

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  9. LOL says:

    Jesse Ronson,damn Auto correct!

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  10. Hawkes says:

    Agreed there are lots of good gyms in those areas with lots of good guys. Just saying it doesn’t get much better for a little guy than banging it out with Little Boy, Delorme, Fissette, Olivero, Houston, and about 5 ammys I won’t mention due to secrecy.

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  11. Hawkes says:

    I’ve trained out that way. I know how good it is out there. Was not trying to say Malcolm doesn’t have a stacked gym to train at. I was just saying Wamma is Davis’ best hope in the prairies.

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  12. Hawkes says:

    Oh and Rowan Cunningham has great mma style bjj.

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  13. Hammer says:

    I know Mike and know he is not underestimating Malcom actually trained with him long ago so they kind of know each other. But must say this will be war but people would be crazy to underestimate Mike think he’s a lot better than a lot of people think but again may be biased. This will be a crazy fight though can’t wait to watch it.

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  14. Donald Duck says:

    I think WAMMA has one of the most stacked gyms for that weight class. I mean you’ve gotten a bit chunky since I saw you last but Little Boy is still a tiny little person.


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  15. Hawkes says:

    Tiny in the pants for sure.

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  16. Donald Duck says:

    FYI – The last time we talked was the night I thought you’d killed your opponent by throwing a knee to his chest when you had in in a wonky clinch/standing full nelson.

    Good times.


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  17. Balrog says:

    Speaking of lighter weight classes. Does anyone know what Will Romero is up to these days? His fights with Tristan Johnson were fucking epic. Anyone know if he is going to be fighting anytime soon. Sherdog shows that he has not fought this year. Anyone?

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  18. EPerez says:

    Go Malcolm!

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