Havoc FC 4 – Red Deer – January 31


Havoc LEADDate: January 31, 2014
Venue: Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta
TV: FREE Live Stream
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Pro Fights:
170lbs- Ryan Machan (20-9) vs. Brendan Tierney (10-5)
***Welterweight Title Fight

125lbs- Mike Davis (11-3) vs. Malcolm Gordon (3-0)
***Flyweight Title Fight

185lbs- Jeff Larkin (4-2) vs. Brandon MacArthur (8-24)
210lbs- Devon Neis (3-3) vs. Grayson Wells (0-0)
135lbs- Austin Ryan (2-0) vs. Keegan Oliver (0-1)
115lbs- Stephanie Essensa (0-0) vs. Jennifer Strumborg (1-0)

Amateur Fights:
155lbs- Andrew Kloot (4-0) vs. Josh Goodheart (2-0)
***Havoc Amateur Lightweight Title Fight

265lbs- Chris Lafantasie (2-0) vs. Leeroy Johnson (0-0)
170lbs- Donovan Hack (3-0) vs. Andrew Marsden (0-0)
110lbs- Alyssa Krahn (0-0) vs. Kayla Matton (1-1)
155lbs- Brett Alberts (0-2) vs. TBA

59 Responses to “ Havoc FC 4 – Red Deer – January 31 ”

  1. Balrog says:

    Why not rename Havoc FC to “Arashi Do Padding Records Championships” instead? Seems way more fitting.

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  2. Judging by all the losses, they’re not even good at that

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  3. Andrew says:

    There is only 2 arashi-do fighters matched up 0-0 vs 0-1 and 4-2 vs 5-4 so maybe havoc is fine for now

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  4. kong says:

    That can backfire when the soupcan wins

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  5. kong says:

    Also wilson is not an easy fight

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  6. Woodrow says:

    Sergej juskevic vs machan????

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  7. Brad M says:

    If you think your going to pad your record fighting Wilson your a F&$king idiot!

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  8. Graham Weenk says:

    who is the contact for this card?

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  9. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    I’ve got a HW looking to make his pro debut….Don Wonch…if interested!

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  10. creedence says:

    Jessie fox

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  11. Graham Weenk says:


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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Mike Davis vs. Malcolm Gordon

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  13. HAVOC/FOX says:

    We need an ammy HW if he wants one more ammy fight?

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  14. The goods says:

    why not put kloot in for the vacant ammy light weight strap?

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  15. creedence says:

    the lightweight strap is owned by chris Chapman am I wrong?

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  16. Ryan Machan says:

    Chris champan is the current ammy 155 champ

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  17. The goods says:

    isn’t chapman going pro in december?

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  18. chapman says:

    I’m out with an Injury right now so won’t be able to fight rest of the year, but I am hoping to fight in the new year if everything goes as planned as a pro

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  19. Kid Lightning says:

    Kid Lightning at 145 is a sexy addition. Win or lose he usually bleeds and dresses sexy.

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  20. DildoBaggins says:

    Who the hell is Kid Lightning?

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  21. Moms basement troll says:

    Good start to card I would not say Arashi-Do trying pad record I fav Wilson over Larkin and Davis is fighting one of Canada’s best prospects in a fight he could very we’ll lose.

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Randy Mahon and Wesley Bowman

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  23. Pumped and jacked says:

    Right basement troll, you can be a top prospect without beating anyone legit? Malcolm’s a poser, bet you he backs out somehow.

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  24. HAVOC/FOX says:

    I got 500$ he won’t!!!

    Look at his ammy record, he’s a typical Ontario fighter, just because you don’t have a lot of fight doesn’t mean your not legit!
    Time will tell!

    Good luck to both Davis and Gordon thax for accepting the fights.

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  25. Woodrow says:

    Malcolms gonna win. If only these guys knew what they were talking about. Great fight.

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  26. HAVOC/FOX says:

    Davis vs Gordon is also a title fight

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  27. Tyler Davis says:

    To anyone who thinks this is a one sided fight they are insane and uneducated. I know mike is taking this very seriously as we both know what a gamer Malcom is, due to meeting him often in both kickboxing and grappling competitions back in the day! That being said, don’t think that mike is a walk through for Malcom. This match up will be some of the best in that division that Canada has to offer and I’m sure the real winner will be the fans! This fight is going to be some high caliber MMA and is sure to be entertaining.

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Brendan Tierney to take on Ryan Machan for Welterweight Title

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  29. Kellen says:

    I give a shit what anyone says, Arashi Do fighters or not. Those two title foghts are worth the price of admission alone, the rest are bonus.

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  30. Kellen says:


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  31. HAVOC/FOX says:

    Ammy fight added
    Jason pyper 2-1 vs donovan hack 3-0

    this was FOTN at Havoc 3 both guys wanted to do it again so here we go!! totally pumped for this scrap!

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  32. HAVOC/FOX says:

    fight added,
    Don Wonch 4-0 to face chris lafantasie 2-0 at HW

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  33. Calgary fighter says:

    Email me if you need or got room for a 135 ammy, 4-2.

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  34. Blackout says:

    I have a fight ive been trying to make happen for monthes now, so I was wondering if this card was full? Looks a bit stacked already but thought Id shoot the question anyway.. as I do not know the contact for Havoc.

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  35. chapman says:

    Jessie fox is the guy to contact bud.

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  36. HAVOC/FOX says:

    Fight changed
    Chris Lafantasie vs Leeroy Johnson 265lbs

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  37. Cody Rempel says:

    Brandon MacArthur replaces Duncan Wilson against Jeff Larkin, Added Blair Oster to take on Austin Ryan

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  38. Padded Bra says:

    MacArthur vs Larkin!! Now it’s starting to look like a Havoc fight card!

    All we need now is that ginger to fight a guy who’s 1-7 and maybe they found someone with an 0-4 record for Chapman to fight.

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  39. The Athlete says:

    As far as I know, Chapman hasnt fought any cans and Im pretty sure Rick lost his last fight with Havoc as well as Larkin. Omic lost for them, Falt is an Arashi Do fighter and lost on their second card as well. Does Havoc have quite a few Arasi Do fighters on their cards? Yes. Padding records? Not even close. Grow up

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  40. HAVOC/FOX says:

    B-MAC doesn’t have the greatest record but always comes to fight, weather in shape or not.
    I think it’s a tougher fight for Jeff especially looking at Brandon’s experience.

    Ppl look too much at records not skill, or cage experience.
    Whoever thinks he’s a bum should fight him and see for themselves if this is an easy fight for larkin.

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  41. The Athlete says:

    Exactly, his record may be shit but look at the guys he has fought and very often on short notice. Walks around at like 180, could make 55 and do very well there if he put in full training camps. 5 minutes of fury even if he is outta shape. Lol

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  42. Roughneck says:

    Fighters like Tito Ortiz, chuck Liddell, bj penn, Matt Serra, who have 8,9,10,11 losses or .500 are the real tough fighters taking tough fights. B-Mac is nothing more than a tomato can you are trying to talk up because he is fighting on your card. He is who up and coming fighters should want to fight, to use as a stepping stone in their careers.
    Havoc does use a lot of arashi-do fighters attempting to pad their records, but they are not very good, so they lose

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  43. The Athlete says:

    Im sorry, was somebody here mentioning MacArthur is UFC caliber? And I suppose you have a good record or are at least a fighter that can back your statements up? Saying a whole gym isnt good is dumb. Mike Davis #1 flyweight. Josh Machan #3 Featherweight. Tyler Davis #7 Bantamnweight. Advin Omic is just outside tge top ten in the most stacked weight division in the country as well as Ryan Machan. Oya, there are also 4 belts being held by fighters there ammy and pro. If you are a fighter, Id be willing to bet theres at least one guy there that will fight you

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  44. HAVOC/FOX says:

    Havoc doesn’t try to pad any records, the owner of the gym doesn’t match make me jesse fox and Ryan Machan do.

    I match according to who will fight who,I could care less who wins or looses. I’n my opinion padding a recoded will get you no where and if you actually had anything to do with Havoc or knew me or Ryan you would know that.

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  45. Jellysicle says:

    Looks like theirs a few jellysicles out there..you guys a lil jelly? Huh? Don’t like fighters taking fights huh? Would you rather they just sit at home and wack off all day on their comps like you jellysicles???? Go do something, anything and stop hating! :)

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  46. AMLECF says:

    I would rather just sit at home and wack off all day

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  47. HAVOC/FOX says:

    We had a couple fighters pull out,  were looking for 2 ammy 155ers  


    Andrew kloot 4-0

    Brett Alberts 0-2

    If anyone is interested shoot me an email

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  48. BOOBOO says:



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  49. Canadian Fight Fan says:

    Personally I don’t see Havok padding Arashi-Do guys records or why would they put Haggis Basher vs Machan, Omic vs Dockson, Davis vs Gordon or looked even first show Belenger vs Gunn, non of those seem padded at all if you ask me. One fight makes it seem like a show is padding records ? Also BMac has a huge chance winning guys tough as nails don’t forget he dropped Bongfelt in RITC, but of course they want some fun match ups and winnable cause it’s in there home town, marketing wise it’s smart. Look what AFC does with ford and he’s a star. Gotta build stars to sell shows.

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