Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – November 19, 2013


Gossip Queen THUMBCongrats to Canada’s world champion Georges St-Pierre on retaining his title again.  He won a close and exciting fight on Saturday. I hope GSP overcomes his personal issues and sleeps easy soon!  If that was his last fight, what an exciting fight to retire on!

On to the rumours:

  • And in Bizarro World … Victor Valimaki and the MFC have seemingly made up and the Matrix 2.0 will be joining the Maximum Fighting Championship. I guess the promotions former LHW champ is coming home, so to speak! 
  • Aiemann Zahabi will be fighting for Titan Fighting in January 2014! 
  • Provincial Fighting Championships is set to have a show at the Agriplex in London on March 8th. Also, it seems like Mississauga will host PFC’s third show on April 17th at the Hershey Centre. 
  • How weird is it that the guy that cornered Ebersole (vs Story) through the FundaFighter campaign was a Tristar guy named Colin Baikie? Rick Story and GSP both trained for their UFC 167 fights at Tristar… 
  • Substance Combat is looking at dates of March in Montreal and April in Toronto! 
  • Matt Dwyer vs Shonie Carter won’t be happening on the next BFL card due to both being injured. The fight will now take place in January. 
  • I’m hearing rumours that WSOF may be shown live on TSN? Now that’d be a big deal!
  •  Looking for a Welterweight that’s always ready? Matt MacGrath is looking for one more fight in 2013 and is available! 
  • Rumblings from La Belle Province are that Fundafighter will be running a show in February in Montreal, with the fights being paid for by the fans.

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38 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – November 19, 2013 ”

  1. Boxer says:

    Rumour has it that Marcus Hicks is going to box Taylor Bull on KO’s next event in Dec.
    Anybody else hear this?

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  2. Jeff Harrison says:

    Fights being paid for by the fans? Do these fans get a return in their investment? As the sport grows it is absolutely rediculous that

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  3. Jeff Harrison says:

    The athletes are seemingly making less and less money as promoters are refusing to pay more than scraps to their fighters.

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  4. Sam Z says:

    Joel Powell versus Ryan Dickson, from what I hear Powell won’t take the fight. Don’t buy into the hype that Powell can’t get fights, if you want a fight then fight Ryan!!

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  5. showtime says:

    il fight joel asap if he will fight me ….no disrespect to him but i no he cant beat me

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  6. MacGrath VS Dickson would be a great matchup, according to Fight Matrix’s Canadian welterweight rankings.

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  7. Graham Weenk says:

    @jeff Harrison, so true! Sponsorships are lower than 5years ago and based on salary only top 10 fighters in the ufc, bellator champs and tourney winners, a few wsof and even fewer onefc fighters can actually make a living fighting, with very few of those getting rich…pretty crazy in comparison to all other pro sports in the world.

    Maybe a few exceptions outside of that, but considering every player on an nfl roster is getting paid enough to go from wealthy to out of this world filthy rich, its kinda shocking that mma fighters have to struggle so much

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  8. Mike Russell says:

    @Sam Z Get your facts straight. Powell accepted Dickson. Dickson’s camp said Ryan wanted to fight on the Wreck card instead against a different opponent.

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  9. Paveldouche says:

    WSOF’s Mike Kyle out with broken toe, Anthony Johnson fight postponed

    The full line-up for WSOF 7 now looks like this:

    Main card

    Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Lance Palmer (for inaugural featherweight title)

    Jesse Taylor vs. Elvis Mutapcic

    Sabah Fadai vs. Nick Newell

    Khalb Starnes vs. Dwayne Lewis


    Shawn Albrecht vs. Josh Machan

    Michael Hill vs. Richard Arsenault

    David Perron vs. Matt Baker

    Marcus Vinicius vs. Ryan Chiappe

    Jake MacDonald vs. Myles Merola

    Micah Brakefield vs. Brendan Kornberger

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  10. James says:

    Dickson and ricci are supposed to be fighting brazilians out in sao paulo for jungle fight in december apparently

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  11. Cray says:

    Showtime no one wants to fight you because you are a disrepectful piece of crap. You need to go to school and learn something.

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  12. Magnum says:

    Hearing Chiappe is off now too

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  13. Joe Budden says:

    Don’t buy into Powell hype of him not being able to get a fight. Dave Mair is easily the biggest liar in Ontario,

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  14. What does Dave Mair have to do with MMA?

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  15. Sam Z says:

    Mike Russel are you saying the Ryan and his team turned a fight against Powell. I find it hard to believe that they would ever turn down a fight, if so, its probably because they know that the fight is not worth their time.

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  16. Mike Russell says:

    I rep Joel and I can 100% verify we are having a tough time getting Powell a fight and that Dickson’s camp turned down an offered fight on the PFC card. He’s not the only one on that growing list of guys who have said not to that match-up, and, no, it isn’t because Powell isn’t worth their time. Some have said they will fight Joel down the road, “but not right now.”

    Seems like you, “Sam Z” and “Joe Budden” have a personal issue with Joel or his coach. Why not tell us who you really are. Anonymous comments on the Internet aren’t worth much.

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  17. Has Taylor Bull ever won a fight? I predict marcus hicks to win by tko late in the 3rd or 4th round.

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  18. @Mike Russell

    Maybe someone is calling you out on your camps BS. No one takes liars and frauds seriously. MAD is correct in his statement

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  19. Sam Z says:

    Believe me, it is nothing personal against Powell, you or his team. I just find it hard to accept that Dickson or his camp would turn down a fight against Powell. It seems like it would be another easy win for Ryan.

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  20. Mike Russell says:

    @Carlo DaSilva from Bowman’s MMA…lol… What is our camp’s BS? That Joel is having a hard time finding opponents? Ask around. Promoters and other managers will tell you the same. We have had a dozen fights verbally agreed to in the past year and only three came to fruition.

    That’s why we took him to Atlanta. We also had two other opponents offered to us in Atlanta after the Lockhart fight. Both guys refused the offer to fight Joel the next week (after agreeing at the post-fight that one of them would fight him next).

    Joel’s record is very deceptive and he’s a very dangerous opponent. I’d probably avoid fighting him, too, until it was a necessity. Injury-free and healthy and his wrestling is as good or better than most welterweights in Canada.

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  21. RickRoll says:

    Pavelich, WTF!? You are signing Valimaki again? This is just weird.

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  22. Woodrow says:

    Sam Z,

    Mike Russell is correct. We (Ryans management) havr numerous offers for him right now and the timing didnt work for powell/dickson at Havoc. I like to think im close with Joels team as well and hope they understand Ryan is not backing down at all from Joel. But expect big news from Ryan asap.

    I also predict the two top WWs in Canada not signed right now will eventually compete. I expect in 2014 at some point.

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  23. Darren Owen says:

    I would also predict the highly anticipated bout with Powell vs Dickson happens in 2014.

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  24. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @jeff Harrison and @Graham Weenk pay at the UFC has never been higher. There are over 10 fighters making over a million dollars a year and my guess is another 75 or so making over 300k a year. Then another 100 if not more making 100k range and these numbers are being conservative. So no it’s not a major sports salaries but there going up and the upper echelon UFC fighters are flat out rich.

    About sponsors for most managers sponsorship is down but that’s due to inexperience or laziness. If you only look in the MMA space the numbers are way down. But the managers that are able to bring in major companies the numbers are still very good and comparable if not above numbers of 5 years ago. If a manager at that level isn’t increasing sponsorship dollars something is wrong cause obviously exposure is up. A hand full of manages put the work in to achieve this and it’s doable.

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  25. Cookandeatchaka says:

    I don’t always agree with stoltz. But this POST is bang on. Not enough money=lazy managers and fighters who won’t/can’t market. It’s a business, you wanna be ‘the man’ you gotta work hard at it. Quit whining about not getting what you deserve and go get it..

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  26. PFC says:

    Twenty Fourteen will be a busy year for contenders and up and comers. Anyone intersested in making their mark upon Ontario please contact For too long there has been a drought. The time is now to get yourselves where you need to be and take what you deserve. Must be fully licensed or taking the appropriate steps to do so. The time is now. Put yourself into the mix, train hard, fight hard. Let PFC make you famous.

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  27. Bdc says:

    Bro haters make me famous

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  28. Sam Z is not Sam Zakula.

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  29. Jeff Harrison says:

    @Kyle: I was obviously not speaking of the upper echelon athletes that are getting rich or making millions in the UFC. However, purses in Ontario and Quebec at the entry and mid level have dropped significantly this year, not because of poor management, but because the promoters have simply and strictly set their bottom line, and offered purses which force Ontario athletes to lose money after medicals.
    I agree with you about management.. It comes down to hustle. Our fighter’s shorts and banners are always full and they always get a few thousand in their pockets from sponsors, so my friend you are preaching to the choir.

    Which brings me to the question I was really asking: How the heck do fans pay for fighters purses? I am just curious as to how it would all work? Do the fans that pay have to buy tickets to? Who profits from Tickets sales? Promoters? Or does the profit from the show go to Funding fighters? Just curious!

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  30. LOL says:

    I’m hearing rumblings of a Hudson-Hague 2 in the spring for the WARDOGS Five star Fight League HW Strap!


    Can’t wait!!!

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  31. oil digger says:

    Going to be a battle!

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  32. RickRoll says:

    I dont believe Hague takes the Hudson fight. He got lucky with that big punch last time. Hudson is much improved. He will stomp a mud hole in Tim Hague and yeah im talking Stone Cold Steve Austin style. WHAT!?

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  33. oil digger says:

    Hudson TKO in the 3rd!

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  35. LOL says:

    You can post that vid all you want.
    Hudson took that fight on 6 days notice.
    Without a training camp in place.
    Guarantee he’s all ready starting to train for this re-match!

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  36. give your head a shake! says:

    Hudson will methodically break Hague’s will,while trying not to get caught by tim’s over hand right! Hudson keep’s his belt

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  37. Kyle Stoltz says:

    @jeff Harrison sorry about that. Not sure about why numbers have gone down in those areas. The only Canadian I have not in the UFC is Luke Harris and I was happy with his payment for his fights and think it fell right in line with what he deserved.

    In the time I have been in the sport I haven’t seen a big change in pay at the local level but I have seen the promoters change. 5 or so years ago to me promoters were more fans with non heavy business backgrounds just fans that wanted to run promotions. So in those cases see a lot of them not care about what they made as in more interested in having fun and being involved in the sport. Now I think we’re seeing better business people become promoters and either want to see a return or are cheap and greedy so that is causing less pay for fighters. But most local type promotions make very little money if they don’t have major sponsors or a tv deal. I have tons of friends who are promoters and if your a fair promoter it’s beyond tough to make any sort of money doing it.

    I would say go a bit outside those areas and see if purses have gone down there as well. If not it might just be the promoters your dealing with locally.

    About how a promotion makes money. I don’t have experience in this but mainly ticket sales, sponsors, tv deals, event sales ( beer, shirts, etc.). I would assume a massive amount of the money is generated from ticket sakes at the local level especially.

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  38. Boxer says:

    The video shows that all Tim needs is one punch.
    Great KO Tim.
    Also, I’m loving the judge in this fight, he’s really into it, not missing a thing.Ref did an awesome job stopping it.

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