Furious Dana White at UFC 167 Presser “BS Decision…I’m Afraid to Do Fights in Vegas”


UFC Logo ThumbnailUFC 167 post-fight press conference has Dana White going off on the UFC 167 decision, the Nevada State Athletic Commission and Georges St-Pierre’s decision to take some time off.

14 Responses to “ Furious Dana White at UFC 167 Presser “BS Decision…I’m Afraid to Do Fights in Vegas” ”

  1. leeroy says:

    DANA as a promoter needs to STFU sometimes. I like Dana but sometimes he just needs to STFU and keep his stupid comments to himself. Sure the judging needs to be sorted out. the commissons need to work on that shit for sure. GSP won the fight via split decision in a lot of peoples eyes. I scored it for george rounds 1,3 and 5. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Hendricks (ET PHONE HOME) won the fight either- it was really close.

    But Dana bad mouths the fighters as if it’s their fault what the judges score. Dana, STFU and do your job. If you’re so big an powerful sit down with the commissions and try to sort it the fuck out. Don’t bad mouth your champion, your biggest draw in front of the fans and complain because he won. He won. STFU ya bald headed prick

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  2. leeroy says:

    and if georges wants to take some time off due to personal problems STFU about that too. You don’t say shit about Bones jones when that guys keep postponing fights because he don’t feel well. Respect your champion and treat him the way he treats your organization.

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  3. Chuck Manson says:

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  4. Aaron Robinson says:

    You are a moron.

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  5. Lee says:

    Chuck, if you’re such an educated mma fan, explain to everyone how Hendricks won using the current 10 point scoring system.

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  6. 100% agree with Leeroy. Dana, as usual, was way out of line. He could have went into the press conference ecstatic that it was the second best title fight this year, after Jones/Gus, and expressing concern for his moneymaking champion.

    Instead, he shits on the commission, the judges, and his star. BAD BUSINESS. BAD LEADERSHIP.

    BTW… this less knowledgeable MMA fan scored it for GSP 1,3,5 when I watched it live.

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  7. With the unified rules in place, I scored the fight 48-47 for Hendricks.

    The first was a super close round I scored for Johnny.

    This was no robbery just a super close fight.

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  8. Bdc says:

    I also scored it the same for hendricks but the people i talked to who again are less educated in mma and just like to enjoy the fights all seemed to think GSP aswell Keith. Odd…

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  9. Graham Weenk says:

    “BS decision” is a massive overstatement no matter how you see it, round 1 was very close and one can make arguments for either fighter.

    On 10 point must scoring its 48-47 for either guy depending on what U liked in round one…as the split decision indicates. One judge liked Hendricks appearing more dangerous but not being very effective while other 2judges liked gsp pushing the action all be it also somewhat ineffectively.

    Its a close fight, with scoring system in place its crazy to say it was a “BS decision” and to bash judging for that particular fight.

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  10. FaceRippinChimp says:

    Dana was mad about GSP’s “break”. If most people had the fight for Hendricks, so f’n what. You have to take it convincingly from the welterweight GOAT.
    Dana has said it before. He misdirects anger all the time and he didn’t say shit after gsp showed up at the post fight conference. Hendricks didn’t do anything spectacular, he faced a sub par GSP and still didn’t do enough.
    It’s not that I’m Canadian – you are retarded if you think Rory won his fight. He landed 1 jab in the first round with 20s left. Lawlor opened with 7 unchecked kicks. If you listen to Rogan he calls every missed or blocked strike by Rory as a huge victory. He lost, he knows it, he didn’t get excited until he heard one idiot judge gave him the fight.

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  11. FaceRippinChimp says:

    Also, DWhite always says stuff about Jon Jones and everybody else that pisses him off. He changes his tune real fast. He trashed Jon Jones and Greg Jackson cuz they refused a bs fight. It was the right decision in the long run and the controversy made more $$ for DW. Just like the RETURN OF GSP in MTL (or maybe madison square gardens by then) will make tons o’ $$. It’s very definition of —
    ‘s all good

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  12. That is odd, @Bdc… I wouldn’t think anyone would want to talk to you. Odd…

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  13. Donald Duck says:

    A couple of thoughts.

    1. Round one is the deciding round. Sad to say but if you don’t see this then you really do need to find a new sport to follow. I’d suggest pro-wrestling.

    2. The phrase “you gotta beat the champ to be the champ” has never rung more true than in this fight. While Hendrix certainly did give it to GSP he failed to take the fight in a clean cut decisive manner.

    3. The Monday Morning MMA Judges have no idea what the judges see. We get, in a PPV, the benefit of close to a 360 view of the fight. I’d argue that the PPV audience (as a function of the business requirements of putting on fights) getting a better view of the fights than the ref does. Plus we benefit from replays and annoying commentary helping to swing our views.

    4. The UFC needs to STFU about being hard done by in Nevada. There is a great article out there right now about how GSP would benefit from something like the Ali Act. In it they go into detail of the coziness of the relationship between Zuffa and the state of Nevada. Good read.

    5. To revisit point #3 – you have no idea how crazy it is ringside until you’ve been there. Add to that craziness the insane stress and pressure of having a job to do and you’ve got a lot going on. When two of the three judges saw it one way (as per the existing rules) then we have to accept that and move on.

    Hope this helps,


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  14. Bdc says:

    LOL we’re on the same page then. I never knew anyone was allowed in your parents basement after 8.

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