The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 11 – The Stripper


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBIt was the first semi-final fight for the girls – Julianna was facing off against Sarah.

I think everyone in the house was cheering for Sarah just because nobody was very fond of Julianna, including myself. I did not hate Julianna at all and she might be a good person in the outside world, but living and training in the same quarters day in and day out with no other outlets for a break of relief just continuously got on my nerves.

I know Sarah started getting upset because I think back home she is very team oriented and thinking the coaching staff was favoring Julianna really made her upset. The two girls were both so concerned about who will be cornering them and who will be working with them during practice and worrying about the other seeing or hearing about what they were working on in the training room. It did not really make sense to me.  If I was in their shoes, I would not care. We just spent weeks training together everyday, both of them know what the other possesses and what they are all about, now it was just about who is going to perform better on game day.

The actual order of the fights in the semis is not the same as they are showing. Wootten vs Holdsworth and Sarah vs Julianna were actually the last two fights in the house. One way you can tell is how fresh my blackeye is during my time in the confessional booth. After my fight was over, I began hanging out more with the “late night” crew, which usually consisted of me, Shayna, Jessamyn, Beal, Raquel, and Sharkbait. I miss hanging out late and talking with all of them.  We all had a lot of similar interests, like mine, Shayna, and Sharkbait’s love for pro wrestling india.

Sharkbait was definitely my comedic relief in the house after Timmy was gone. I wish they showed him do the imitation of Julianna’s walk into the cage. He would pull his shorts up to his nipples, hunch over and stick his arms out and march forward. I couldn’t help it, we were all laughing our asses off.

Josh Hill the Stripper
One scene that they have not shown yet and it does not look like they will now, which I am surprised, is Jessamyn’s stripper birthday gift. It was Jessamyn’s birthday while we were there, so as a gift we decided to order a few items and put on a show for her. Shayna is into magic and knows a lot of cool tricks, so she ordered a cape and a magician top hat and we also ordered some speedos and little bow ties for the guys. We were going to handcuff her to a chair, blindfold her, put a big curtain over the doorway and Shayna was going to say a magic word and all the guys would appear in speedos and give Jessamyn a lap dance. Well, all the guys wimped out except for me and Sharkbait haha. We did not have any music so everyone had to make beats with their mouths.  We came out and everyone threw confetti at us and we tried to dance as best we could with no real music.  It was a lot of fun and I think Jessamyn was happy with her gift.

Sarah Moras vs Julianna Pena
I helped warm Sarah up in the back room. Going into it, I thought she was going to win.  However, right from the get go Julianna was all over her.  She took her down and I think Sarah should have had more of a sense of urgency to get back to her feet but she seemed comfortable fighting from her back. Julianna cut Sarah open then grabbed a guillotine and forced the tap. Julianna is now in the finals and will be fighting the winner of Jessica and Raquel. I give credit where credit is due, and I give Julianna credit.  She fought her ass off and beat two tough girls to put herself in the finals.


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  1. harry balls says:

    Badass fight. i dunno if it was the editing, but i thought it was kinda disrespectful to not cheer the winner at all. It was a righteous victory.
    Speaking of Duke, surprised by how little she’s been featured.

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