The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Semi-Final – Pena vs Moras


ultimate-fighter THUMBMiesha Tate kicks things off talking about Pena and Moras, who are both Team Tate fighters, fighting in this semi-final.  She recounts how Pena and Moras fought before with Moras getting an arm bar and Pena hyper-extending her elbow and losing the bout.  Tate says Pena is looking to avenge that loss.  Then they show Tate working with Pena on arm bar defense.

Sarah Moras talks to the camera saying that Tate and Bryan Caraway are favoring Julianna Pena because she is the number one pick. Moras is crying and and upset about it.  She feels like she is the odd woman out on the team and has to fight Pena now.  The coaches come into the sauna with her to comfort her and Miesha Tate decides to remove her from either corner.  They will separate during practise as well.   Pena and Moras talk about training in the same room together.  Props to Tate for handling this well.

Moras says it would be perfect if it went as well as it did the first time they fought when she got a top side crucifix and dropped 30+ elbows to Pena’s face, according to the British Columbia fighter.  Meanwhile, Pena talks about being in a house where she feels like everyone hates her.

Josh Hill comes on camera and admits that “nobody really likes her, including myself.  The longer I am here, the more annoying she is.”

Anthony Gutierrez says that Roxanne Modafferi is the only one that will really hang out with Julianna, but Shayna Baszler said that Roxanne was talking badly about Julianna.  “If Roxanne is saying something bad about you, then you know you are failing in life.”

Julianna says she would not hang out with any of these people if she was not in the house with them.

Back to training, Miesha is helping Sarah Moras and Julianna is now upset.

Moras knows that Pena is training arm bars but does not care, because “I am more skilled.”

Ronda Rousey shows up at the house and Rousey makes shirts for everyone.  Julianna Pena did not get a shirt.  Moras says she got one and will sell it on eBay and retire.

In the kitchen, Pena is with Modafferi and Julianna asks Roxy what she was working on with Moras in practise.  Modafferi will not tell her.  Pena is a little shocked.

Raquel Pennington is frustrated with Julianna always banging around and blow drying her hair and knocking vitamin bottles around.  She tells Julianna exactly how she acted.  Pena says its Pennington’s fault for going to bed late and dragging her ass in the morning.  Pena says its like that movie “Mean Girls”.  Pennington says Pena just likes to play the victim.  Pena tells the camera that she is like an animal in the corner.  She says “Dumb broads in this house.”

Pena says it is her goal to get this win.  She wants to avenge that loss to Moras.  She has been working on takedown defense and arm bar defense.

Caraway comes on camera and says Pena’s biggest problem is self doubt.

Weigh-ins: Sarah Moras (136) vs Julianna Pena (135)

Tate and Caraway come to the house the night before the fights. Pena is keeping to herself. Tate comes to Pena and says members of the team came to her and said she was playing favorites so she backed away. She says that Chris Holdsworth and Julianna were the hardest working members of the team.

Sounds like the whole house, except maybe Modafferi, are rooting for Moras. Sarah thinks that is putting more pressure on her as everyone wants her to kick Pena’s ass.

Pena says Moras stunk so bad the first time they fought. She says she told her to put deodorant on before this fight.

Julianna is on camera saying she wants to win so badly. If she loses, it will end her, she says while crying.

Sarah Moras vs Julianna Pena
R1. Front kick by Moras and a leg kick but Pena scores with punches. Right and left by Pena. Leg kick right punch by Pena. Then another punch scores. Moras closes distance and they go to the mat with Moras on bottom. She lands elbows on Pena from bottom. Pena stands and Moras lands upkicks. Moras scoring with more elbows from bottom while Pena holds on. Pena scores some lefts from top but mainly holding on with head on Moras’ chest. Big right from Pena who lands some GNP. Pena now is side control. Pena very heavy on top and lands a couple elbows and more rights.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pena

R2. Leg kick by Moras times two but she gets pushed back by a hard Pena right. Pena pushing Moras against the cage. They exchange knees. Pena trips her to the cage and immediately gets side control. Sarah gets half guard back. Pena feeds her a couple small elbows. Moras gives her some back from the bottom. More elbows from Pena but Moras gets to her knees. Moras bleeding and gets caught in a guillotine. She taps out.
Julianna Pena submits Sarah Moras by Guillotine in Round 2

Josh Hill says Pena was a gamer. Tate says Pena has really developed her skill set since their last fight. Dana White was “really impressed with Julianna.”

Sarah Moras thanks Dana White for having her on the show. She is pissed off, upset, and bleeding. She may not have won, but she represented Toshido MMA, British Columbia and all of Canada very well on the show!

Next fight: Anthony Gutierrez vs Davey Morgan

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