ECC 19 – Halifax – January 25


ecc1Date: January 25, 2014
Venue: Halifax Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fight Card:
170lbs- Ricky Goodall (10-9) vs. Patrick Vallee (9-5)
125lbs- Chris Kelades (5-0) vs. Rick Doyle (0-1)
155lbs- Tyler Lee (1-0) vs. David Anderson (1-0)
145lbs- Mike Murphy (2-0) vs. Konner McCullen (0-0)
185lbs- Chester Post (6-24-1) vs. Matt Heim (1-4)
140lbs- Ryan Connor (3-1) vs. Josh Walker (1-2)
135lbs- Michael Spoenlein (1-0) v. James Mancini (1-0)

Amateur MMA
145-Matt MacIntyre vs Jericho Mcphee
145-Cameron Daniels vs Mike Mckinnion
155-Akitoshi Horiba vs. Joe Brooks


23 Responses to “ ECC 19 – Halifax – January 25 ”

  1. ClinchCraig says:

    I thought Woolley and Kelades were both looking at dropping to 125lbs? Regardless that’s an awesome fight.

    All others listed are exciting fighters as well. There are rumours that Ammy MMA will sanctioned in Nova Scotia in time for this card which would be a big help for MMA in NS. Set up 7 solid pro fights and 7 Ammy fights and let the chips fall where they may.

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  2. Ryan W. says:

    Lets get some prospects on this card! Mike mallott, Gavin tucker, and hopefully some pro debut’s like Kyle Blinkhorn! Craig you should like that one! Haha

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  3. LOL says:

    How about some heavies,saw on another post that someone said Fraser vs Hudson.
    Make that fight happen!

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Ricky Goodall vs. Alderic Keith

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  5. fitnessplus says:

    Kelades is dropping to 125 and has agreed to take on Wooly. Ryan Connor has agreed to fight at 135 vs Morgan Rhynes.

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  6. HwH says:

    Who is the contact for this card?

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  7. Main Attraction says:

    Peter Martell

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  8. ClinchCraig says:

    Mike Spoenlein vs James Mancini

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Tyler Lee vs. Dave Anderson, Mike Murphy vs. Konner McCullen, Chester Post vs. Matt Heim, Ryan Conner vs. Josh Walker, Michael Spoenlein vs. Charles Mancini and Mike Malott vs. TBA, removed Alderic Keith, Ricky Goodall awaits replacement, also waiting to confirm weights for some fights

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  10. Mike Russell says:

    Michael Spoenlein vs. JAMES Mancini (1-0).

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  11. C.albert says:

    I hope post wins this fight the guy deserves a win after all the guys he’s stepped up and faced . It’s nice to see him not getting tossed in with the killers .

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  12. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    Card is shaping up nicely. Hope to see Mike and Ricky get a fight as both will move tickets and perform.

    Nice to see Ryan Connor fighting and Mike Murphy.

    ECC still going eight years strong.

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  13. Pat Wilson says:

    Patrick Vallee 9-5 from Paris France Will take on Ricky Goodall. Ricky released the news today.

    This should be a pretty exciting fight

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  14. Ken Shamrock says:

    Chester Post out or retirement, look out!!!!

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  15. The1andonlyctm says:

    I heard Rick Doyle from cubicle to the cage is fighting? Who is he fighting? And does anyone know if there are AMMA fights on this card??

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  16. Cody Saftic says:

    God I hope Mike Malott can find an opponent this time around…Super talented just unable to secure fights

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  17. Derek leblanc says:

    Got word today from Peter Martell that the NS government and commission approved amateur fights for this card. They have 4 fights set but are just waiting on medicals 1st

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  18. jkl says:

    wooley for the win

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  19. derek leblanc says:

    ECC has announced today that Keledas replacement is Rick Doyle

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  20. derek leblanc says:

    I meant to say that’s who is fighting now

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  21. derek leblanc says:

    We now have 3 fights added for the amateur card.

    145-Matt MacIntyre vs Jericho Mcphee
    145-Cameron Daniels vs Mike Mckinnion
    155-Akitoshi Horiba vs. Joe Brooks

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  22. Sagat says:

    5-0 vs 0-1

    What a joke.

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  23. Chris says:


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