Canadian Rumour Mill – Remembrance Day 2013 Edition


PoppyWhether you are a member of the Commonwealth and celebrate Remembrance Day or in the USA and are celebrating Veteran’s Day, today is the day that we remember those who have made huge sacrifices for our countries. On behalf of Top MMA News, I would like to thank all the veterans both living and deceased and all their families for serving their countries.

Being Canadian, I would also like to specifically thank those involved in Canadian MMA who served or still serve like Patrick Cote, Randy Turner, William Romero, Nick Penner, Yohann Dagenais, Jeff Montemurro, Jason Gorny, Keenan Feeney, Adam Hunter, Andy Cotterill, Jamie Locke, Andy Social, Jesse Veltri, and everyone else that has slipped my mind.

Thank you!

On to the rumours:

  • Rick Glenn is out of his WSOF 7 bout in Vancouver on December 7th , WSOF is now looking for a new opponent for Georgi Karakhanyan.
  • If you’re a free agent and want to make the roster of a major promotion then check out Bellator’s open tryouts on December 14th at Daddis Fight Camps in Philadelphia!
  • Steel City MMA is moving to a larger location in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on December 9th. Congrats to the Fryia brothers.

  • Rumor has it that a top level gym in Quebec may be promoting it’s own pro show in the new year.
  • Hard Knocks is back this January with HK 34. The show will be January 17th 2014 in Calgary!
  • Anthony Hamilton will be defending his Heavyweight belt at MFC 39.
  • Did AXS TV call Fight Network and put the big kibosh on MFC’s deal with FN? Looks like it people! Ouch!  I was looking forward to watching some of  those early MFC cards!

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

26 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – Remembrance Day 2013 Edition ”

  1. Cookandeatchaka says:

    Swing and a miss! MFC. Too bad. Man MP was so jacked about that big announcement. He was, oh how did he put it exactly? ‘Esstatic’ .. Still not a word, an he still gots no Canadian TV.. :(

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  2. MMA says:

    Rumour has it MMA fighter Cody Ries will be sharpening his hands for KO Boxing card in Dec. Still seeking an opponent however we are hearing Dia Grant may accept, if this falls thru hopefully some one steps up.

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  3. Konrad says:

    Nothin personally against kajan but he’s a 155er. Y take him when there r so many legit welterweights that tryed out? Guys like machan who r proven at 170 and has win over kajan?

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  4. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Konrad,

    While I think Johnson is more than skilled enough to compete at 170 in this tournament, keep in mind he’s from Tristar to whom Cote has ties with. So he’ll take a guy out east who has trainers, partners and a Manager repping him rather someone out west he may not know.

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  5. Andrew says:

    Hey wsof!! I would love to see josh Machan replace Rick Glenn

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  6. Caper says:

    Anyone know when the tuf nations roster will be released

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  7. Phil says:

    After they are done filming

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  8. Smash says:

    Tuf nations-predictions/rumours

    185- theodorou,westcott, harris and ???
    170- laprise,taleb,aubin-mercier,kajan j

    Anybody elaborate?

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  9. Ryan Machan says:

    I can tell that Taleb wasn’t at the tryouts.
    Doesn’t mean he didn’t make it,
    but he wasn’t there

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  10. DildoBaggins says:

    I was at the try outs and know whose in the house. Lets just say this season should be called “Tristar vs Australia” and not “Canada Vs. Australia”.

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  11. Crash says:

    @Smash, one of your 170 guys is incorrect. Perhaps Taleb was chosen for 185…if at all

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  12. PUCK says:

    Really though? I think everyone new it was going to happen as Cote will take all his training partners/friends. Its not like it was made easy at all for ‘westerners” to try out? Fly to Toronto for a Sunday tryout then fly home? The few guys I spoke to that went said ‘they’ made the fighters roll for a minute or 2 then hit pads for about the same amout of time? So they allready new who they were going to pick. Its not like they really got to see what a guys got in under 5 minutes?

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  13. Puck, to be fair, that’s roughly the same format they do for every try out. Couple minutes of rolling, couple minutes of pads, then if you make it through there’s an interview, so no change there. HOWEVER, from what I’ve seen, most of the top 170s in the country didn’t make it, so the Tristar VS Australia thing probably still rings true.

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  14. PUCK says:

    And honestly I’m shocked Johnson made it, as I know he’s talanted but has been very inactive and its not like he’s an up and comer? With that said I wish him and all the other Canadian boys the best of luck? Pumped to see the show!

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  15. K Rasmus says:

    @puck , your surprised Kajan is on the show !?? REALLY ! He Smoked Ritchie Whitson in his last fight and since been training / coaching at Tri Star for the last 2 years . Injured ,yes . but inactive no . I think Rajan will surprise .

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  16. PUCK says:

    And I really hope he will? But I don’t think beating Richie Whitson (who didn’t make it off the show????) means to much to the UFC? (or to me?) Again, that was 2 years ago…cage rust is a real thing and I hope ‘Rajan” isn’t efected by that? I know he trains at tristar I own a TV. What do you think he made it on the show? Again, if you look at the past shows he’s not the ‘type’ of guy TUF usally gets (Gizzeled vet vs up and comer) and, based on what I saw the vet girls do this year on TUF(Basler/Montfiari/Larosa) lsoing out early…I hope he can do well? Plus a year or so before the Richie W. fight I saw Machan smoke Kajin in person….Just saying? is Machan on the show?

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  17. konrad says:

    @ leon

    i agree kajan has skills and can proble do good on the show. i am just getting sick of them choosing guys from smaller weight classes to compete because of where they train. everyone who fights want to be in the ufc but when doing a season of welterweights i would like to see welterweights fight. not someone win the show then there next fight is a smaller weight class. when was the last time someone won the show and actually stayed at that weight?

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  18. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ konrad,

    Completely agree. Really like how @DildoBaggins summed it up, Team Tristar vs Australia! Shameful how Machan looks to be overlooked.

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    From what I’ve heard they didn’t pick the top guys in Canada because the Aussie cast is a little weaker and they didn’t want it to be a complete blowout… that’s just what I heard though, not sure if there’s any truth to it!

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  20. Dean Panas says:

    Kajan is a very good fighter. He will also be extremely entertaining on tv. The interview process for the show is very important and I’m sure Kajan nailed it.

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  21. PUCK says:

    Very true…..It is TV ratings they want? House drama or fights?

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  22. They want 1 thing. Ratings.

    If they can get talent out of the show, is a bonus.

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  23. Phil says:

    When do it start the series, from the Canadian names mentioned who’s with tristar

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  24. Woodrow says:

    I heart taleb is on TUF, just not the canada vs australia
    One. R they taping another right now

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  25. Louis Fisette says:

    They are taping the BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar too. Two separate production companies I was told. And they release the cast like 2 weeks prior to the show actually airing.

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  26. Taleb did try out for the american show, not the Canadian show.

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