The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 10 – The True Meaning of the Word ‘Fighter’


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBWe kick off the episode with Rhonda and Marina coming to the house to visit her team. Rhonda began making everyone these mudslide type alcoholic shakes for her team. I think I was the only member from Team Tate that joined them in the festivities. The shakes she made were pretty good too.

It was getting towards the end of our stay now at the house. The semi final fights were about to begin and now the only thing I could do was enjoy ordering and eating whatever I wanted and make the best of the training and learning while I was still down there.

This is the episode where all the talks of favoritism began. I know a few members of Team Tate thought there was some favoritism throughout the whole season. I could probably see why some thought that, but I didn’t really care. I was capable of doing this on my own and to have some great coaching and corners was just a bonus. In the time we are down there, we are not going to drastically change the type of fighters that we are. Who we are coming into the show is how we are going to fight. Yes, I definitely learned some cool things along the way and as for being in shape wise, we pretty much just maintained our cardio and strength. If someone came into this competition out of shape, I think they would be screwed right from the get go.

Louie was pissed when Master Tong kept asking him to do light sparring with Chris because Louie still had his stitches in from his fight. I probably just would have said no from the get go. I don’t see the point in ripping open a nice cut again if you are not going to be fighting anytime soon.

Helping out Holdsworth
I noticed Chris mentioned that nobody was really helping him going into the semis. I have to totally disagree with that, on my end anyway. First and foremost, I was there for me, not for anybody else. Secondly, after my fight I took two days off to chill, then I actually got sick and they sent me to the doctors and gave me some medicine and told me to rest a few days so I did. I had been training non stop hard for months and I think my body was finally having enough. Lastly, I did help Chris whenever he asked. I helped him cut weight and I went to the fight with him early for support. I helped out anyone who asked for it.

The silly string raid was pretty fun. All of the coaches bombarded the house, dousing us all in silly string, and also giving us canisters of our own so we were able to fight back.

The True Meaning of the Word ‘Fighter’
Then they told us they were bringing in a special guest to speak with us. I was trying to think who it could be. We were thinking maybe a big name fighter, a current champion, or maybe even a big time famous actor like Stallone or something, but after I found out who it was, I was really glad it wasn’t. They brought in Kenny, who used to wrestle with Coach Jack years ago and was also friends with Bryan and Miesha. Kenny became crippled from the neck down in a snowboarding accident years ago and, to add to that, has gone through some other very traumatic things in his life. Yet, this guy was so happy and positive, it really opened up my eyes. Here I am sitting in a mansion in Vegas on a reality T.V show living out what so many people wish they could do and I am still down on myself feeling like my whole world has collapsed because I lost a close fight to a game opponent. It really put things in perspective for me, MMA is a HUGE part of my life, but it is not my whole life. It made me feel very fortunate to even be able to compete in this sport and at this level. Kenny definitely is a special person, a true inspiration. I think he symbolizes the true meaning of the word “fighter”. I was really glad I got the chance to meet him and still have contact with him today.

Holdsworth vs Wootten
On to the interesting matchup between Holdsworth and Wootten. Having fought Wootten and trained with Chris, I thought that if Chris can get this fight to the ground he will submit him. I thought Wootten had the best chance if he kept the fight standing and hit Chris with some big shots. I think I sort of gave a good blue print to Chris on how to beat Wootten, get the take down, take his back and sink in the rear naked because that’s how I nearly ended the fight. Much easier said than done though with a tough guy like Wootten. They both landed a couple decent shots on the feet, Wootten landed a nice overhand right but Chris took it like a champ. Chris got the takedown, tried locking up a front choke, then from that took the back and locked in a body triangle. I know from rolling with him, when Chris gets your back, it sucks. From there, Chris slowly worked in that rear naked and forced Wootten to tap. Chris now advanced to the finals and we have to wait and see who he gets matched up with: Davey or Sharkbait.

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