Fivestar Fight League 10 Results – Freeman wins FFL Title, Hudson Retains


Fivestar THUMBFivestar Fight League are holding their 10th event tonight at the Jackpot Grill in Grande Prairie, Alberta. There are a pair of title fights on tap with Craig Hudson defending his Heavyweight title against Gary Peck in the main event and Chad Freeman taking on Zach Gait for the inaugural Fivestar Lightweight title.

Craig Hudson defeats Gary Peck by TKO(Strikes) in Round 1, 4:16
***Hudson retains his Fivestar Heavyweight title.

Chad Freeman submits Zach Gait by Guillotine in Round 1, 1:35.
***Freeman win the Fivestar Lightweight title.

Cody Krahn defeats Duncan Wilson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 4:12

Marcus Hicks submits Raphael Bergmann by Neck Crank in Round 1, 1:58

Rick Pfeifer submits Mark Delgado by Kimura in Round 1, 3:34

Jeremy Kennedy defeats Blake Shearing by TKO (Doctor stoppage due to cut) in Round 2, 2:11

Teejay Klassen defeats Mike Beaudoin by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:18

Morgan Littlechild defeats Tang Thongpheng by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:56



66 Responses to “ Fivestar Fight League 10 Results – Freeman wins FFL Title, Hudson Retains ”

  1. PUCK says:

    Hinchliffe vs the war dog would rock!

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  2. TB says:

    Hudson vs Penner kick boxing would be my favorite. Penners got insane kicks and Hudson throws hard.

    Story of the fight.. Hudson KOs penner with punches or penner sends Hudson’s head six rows into the stands. I don’t understand why penner never threw a kick in the UFC.

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  3. MMA Fan says:

    Don’t count out Hudson’s kicks in a fight like that.

    He does have a head kick KO on his record.

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  4. Nick Penner says:

    Mma fan has a good point. He can kick, and being that big, he will kick stupid hard. Even if I took it off of both arms, it would suck.

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  5. Oil Digger says:

    Hudson vs Penner boxing match?

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  6. Oil Digger says:

    Fuck the kick boxing!

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  7. Oil Digger says:

    If your gonna put all these restriction’s on how you would fight Hudson!

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  8. AMLEHTC says:

    What restrictions? You mean a kickboxing match?

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  9. TB says:

    Didn’t you just comment on boxing? Is that not a restriction?

    Either way boxing or kick boxing, it would be a fun fight to watch. No idea who I would pick. I think penners got skill but Hudson’s twice his size

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  10. Chuck Manson says:

    Hincliffe, Hackert, Nolan, Starnes, Hague, Cirkunov, Starcencov, Woronowski, Penner, any of these guys would be good to see against Wardog…and all of them beat him up bad within the first round just like any other fight he has had against an actual skilled fighter, not these semi-pros he faced . That’s why none of these fights will ever happen, by the Wardog’s choice

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  11. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    OK…I’ve stayed off here for a while now…but when you straight up come on here and basically say Craig is scared to fight these guys…I have to tell you that’s straight bs…I guarantee you he’d would fight any of those guys…but the fight he wants next is Mike Hackert…so we will actively try and perdue that fight…it only makes sense to fight guys higher ranked than Craig period…no padding his record…Just the best fight to move up the rankings…that’s it ..that’s all…we will just have to see who five star puts in front of us next…we don’t choose our opponent…and we won’t turn down an opponent period.

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  12. Nathan Swayze says:

    Not too sure what Mikes plans are, he is in Thailand right now and would have to put bricks in his pockets to make heavyweight. Moreover he works away (commercial diver) and has basically been gone 6 weeks and back for 3 alternately since spring. Definitely would love to see him in the cage again (or the gym) but I think it’s safe to say that won’t happen in the next few months. And if he keeps up in the 4 hours a day swimming he may never be heavyweight again. That said it’d be a great fight to see someday. Wouldn’t plan on him being the next opponent though.

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  13. TK says:

    Swayze vs. Hudson!!!

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  14. give your head a shake! says:

    Hudson vs lewis

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  15. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Thanx Nathan for the info…so I guess next on the list is a rematch with Tim Hague…so Timmy if your up to it …give Justin a call..;)

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  16. oil digger says:

    Would be a great way to start off the new year for Fivestar,Hudson vs Hague ll for strap!

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