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Top 10 Maple Leaf Matchups THUMB

Well….figure skating season has started and “Big Win” is out perfecting his quadruple axel for Sochi in February, so I am forced to take over the MLM for November!

With only two events this month, “Big Win” would usually rank the Top Five fights. Since I am competitive and have a stronger work ethic than the big man, I will put out a Top Six!

Seriously folks, these are some great fights!  If you are in Cold Lake or Grande Prairie, you are just plain silly if you do not pick up a pair of tickets to see these impressive bouts.  There is nothing like live MMA!

On to the Top 6 Maple Leaf Match Up of November 2013.

Lynnell House pounds out Shannon Ludlow (photo: Jeremy Penn)

Lynnell House pounds out Shannon Ludlow (photo: Jeremy Penn)

6. Lynnell House (1-0) vs. Sarah McRann (1-0)
KOTC: Out Cold – Cold Lake – November 15
Let’s start off this month’s MLM with a rematch!  These unbeaten pros fought each other in the King of the Cage a year ago and Lynnell House was the victor.  In the bout (read Cody Rempel’s recap HERE), House exhibited powerful standup and was able to withstand Sarah McRann‘s takedown attempts to get the amateur MMA win.  Now, both are 1-0 unbeaten professionals with House recently overwhelming the highly regarded Shannon Ludlow and McRann finishing Farlynn Smallchild at AFC 19. Will House once again dominate McRann or can McRann bring down the House at KOTC: Out Cold?

5. Chad Freeman (7-5) vs Zach Gait (4-3)
Fivestar Fight League 10 – Grande Prairie – November 8
Better late than never! Back in May, Zach Gait and Chad Freeman were set to battle it out for the Fivestar Fight League Lightweight title. Gait pulled out in the last week due to a medical condition and the fight was postponed. Five months later and the two Lightweights are scheduled to go at it again for the FFL title in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Freeman, who was on a four fight win streak until losing consecutive bouts to stiff competition in Joe Condon and Cleber Luciano, is coming in as the favorite as Gait has hovered around .500 although he won his last bout at Fivestar against Cameron Loutitt.  Who will take home the FFL gold?

Craig Hudson (photo: Mike Fischl)

Craig Hudson (photo: Mike Fischl)

4. Craig Hudson (3-3) vs. Gary Peck (2-1)
Fivestar Fight League 10 – Grande Prairie – November 8
Craig Hudson will defend his Fivestar Heavyweight belt for the first time at FFL 10. “The Wardog” won the title in an upset over Ryan Fortin at FFL 6 with a strong display of footwork, stamina, and strategy. Gary Peck will be the one to try to take it away the belt from Hudson after winning two in a row with the promotion. Although Peck has the better winning percentage, one only has to look at each fighter’s level of competition to realize that Hudson should come home with his belt. However, that is on paper. Nothing is really decided until the cage door closes!

3. Kyle Oliveira (1-1) vs. Keegan Oliver (0-0)
KOTC: Out Cold – Cold Lake – November 15
Here is another fight that was booked on a past card but was pulled due to injury. The two were set to fight at AFC 20 in Calgary before Keegan Oliver pulled out with an injury. Now that the vaunted amateur with the perfect 6-0 record is healthy, Kyle Oliveira will be welcoming him to the pro ranks. Oliveira has sat out a year since Sean Quinn KO’d him, joined WAMMA, and will be staying at 125 from now on. Will Oliver’s strong takedown technique give him the win in his pro debut or will Oliveira’s well-rounded game be enough to stop the prospect?

2. Curtis Demarce (13-10) vs. Tony Hervey (15-15)
KOTC: Out Cold – Cold Lake – November 15
King of the Cage offers an interesting bout between two journeyman fighters as Curtis Demarce takes on Tony Hervey as the semi-main event of their Cold Lake card. The big question is ‘Will ring rust be a factor for Demarce?’, who is pretty much coming back from a two year absence from the cage after suffering an injury in a car accident and then a six month suspension. Sure, Demarce defeated Jordan Delano in March this year, but, realistically, a tougher opponent would be my six year old niece fighting you for a One Direction ticket. Delano pales in comparison to past Demarce opponents like Marcus Davis, Richie Whitson, and Tyson Steele. Hervey has fallen on hard times suffering three consecutive losses since lucking out with an injury win over Jorge Britto (Britto was dominating and broke his arm ground ‘n pounding Hervey’s face). Hervey has lost 5 of his last 7 and showed more aggression in the locker room following his loss to Mike Ricci than he did in the cage. Let’s hope that Manitoba’s Demarce comes out strong after a lengthy layoff and puts the final nail in Hervey’s MMA career.

Elmer Waterhen lands a punch on Brad Stewart. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

Elmer Waterhen lands a punch on Brad Stewart. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography)

1. Elmer Waterhen (14-17) vs. Lindsey Hawkes (7-7)
KOTC: Out Cold – Cold Lake – November 15
For a 14-17 fighter, does anyone have more fans than Elmer Waterhen? Simply put, Elmer Waterhen comes to fight. Whether you are Loretta Hunt or “Big Win” Don Wilson or a fan from Cold Lake, you have to admire a fighter who will sacrifice all his blood, sweat, and tears and leaves everything he has in the cage – win or lose. That is why King of the Cage fans adore him and will be sad to see him hang up his gloves after this fight, which will be his last. WAMMA’s Lindsey Hawkes has the advantage in all the techniques – striking, jiu jitsu, grappling, but is he willing to leave it all in the cage to get the win against Waterhen? That is the true question. Waterhen has heart for days. If Hawkes can’t match that, Waterhen will retire with a victory!

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  1. EPerez says:

    Kurgan is in for tasty defeat full of body shots and leg kicks. Ribs and drumsticks. Pick it up!!

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  2. EPerez says:

    I think it was Elmer’s first fight I saw in Saskatoon where he took the Nestea plunge. 13 years later Hawkes is gonna complete his circle.

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  3. I wish we could watch Oliver vs Oliveira’s fight. 125 is a weak div and want to see what these guys can do.

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  4. RickRoll says:

    Lynell House vs Sara Mcrann is a top maple leaf matchup to watch? WHO THE HELL ARE THEY? This must be a slow month if thats a feature fight haha

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  5. Hawkes says:

    Fisette is dropping to 25. He will be at the top of that div in no time.

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  6. abc says:

    who the hell is Kurgan?

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  7. AMLEHTC says:

    He’s talking about The Kurgan from Highlander

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  8. abc says:


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  9. E.Waterhen says:

    Im really excited & nervous hope to put a gud show on for the fans, win or lose i lik to thank God for givg me a chance to fght a grt apponant lik lindsey hawks ill c u guys al out thir, bring smthg for the local food bank ill mak sure it gets thir God bless.

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  10. PUCK says:

    I love watching ya Elmer! Hope you end it all with a win as you diserve it! Have a great life after fighting!

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