Canadian Rumour Mill – November 4, 2013


(photo: Jeremy Penn)

(photo: Jeremy Penn)

Isn’t it crazy how good our “old” Canadian Middleweights are? David Loiseau is on a four fight win streak, Joe Doerksen is on a three fight win streak, Kalib Starnes is on a three fight win streak, and Pat Cote is coaching TUF (albeit as a Welterweight). We keep saying this division needs new blood. Quite frankly, that old blood is doing pretty damn good!

  • So a few weeks back there was some Jason Heit – AFC/WSOF fallout… this week I’m hearing that a certain “current” AFC/WSOF member has been told his services are no longer required. Swimming with the sharks!
  • I’m hearing rumours that Elmer “The Warrior” Waterhen‘s MMA journey will be coming to an end following his KOTC “Out Cold” in Cold Lake on November 15th. The huge fan favourite and multiple time KOTC Canada champion will make his 24th KOTC fight, against Lindsey Hawkes, his final one.
  • Whatever happened to Aggression TV??? It looks like that group and AFC are no longer buddy buddy… beef has gone public!
  • Don’t expect Sheldon Westcott to be on any upcoming Fivestar or WSOF cards. I am hearing he was on a plane last week off to TUF Nations.
  • Canada’s #1 ranked Flyweight, Mike Davis, will take his 8 fight win streak to Ireland this February and take on Damien “The Rage” Rooney (9-3-1) for Cage Contenders. Good luck Mike!
  • Curtis Demarce (13-10) will fight Tony Hervey (15-15) at KOTC “Out Cold” in Cold Lake, Alberta on November 15th!
  • If you thought Fivestar Fight League losing Matt Baker, Shawn Albrecht and Ryan Chiappe to WSOF was going to hurt them, fear not… all three fighters were given one fight releases in order to allow them to fight on a big stage in their home province of BC. Look for all three to return to Five Star on March 1st.

  • Also… The first few months of 2014 are looking busy for the boys at Fivestar and you can expect shows in Prince George, Grande Prairie, Kamloops and Ft. St. John.
  • Dave Hale is looking for fights! The 15-3 Muay Thai stud is looking to push his MMA game and is asking for fights at Lightweight (155lbs). Hale is not short on confidence saying “they are all uglier than I am, they are all less skilled than I am.” Protect that pretty face, Fabio!
  • Ryan Dickson is also looking for fights. He’s willing to take on all comers at Welterweight (170lbs) even one short notice!  Here is a fabricated rumour to start things off: Dickson vs Nathan Gunn at Wreck for their WW title?
  • Tim Hague and Lee Mein think it’d be fun and exciting to throw down against one another, I agree!!!
  • Ivan Salaverry picked up his first win in over 7 years this past weekend defeating Jerome Jones (10-6) at Cage Warrior Combat 9 in Kent, Washington.
  • Congratulations to Matt MacGrath who recently received his BJJ Brown Belt from Professor Paul Abel!
  • I guess it’s cage buying season! You have your choice of two different cages to buy me for Christmas:
    • Want the CFC circular cage? You can have the 30 foot circle cage with a 3 foot catwalk, 6 camera stands and 2 sets of stairs for $30,000.
    • Want the AFC octagonal cage? You can have the 28 foot 8-sided cage, canvases & vinyls, and stairs for $18,000. You can also purchase a 2010 Mirage cargo trailer (8.5ft wide x 20ft long. GVWR 7,000lbs) to carry it.
  • Krzysztof Soszynski has another new movie coming out! Daylight’s End will be released in 2014 with KSOS playing “The Alpha” in the movie which will also star Lance Henriksen of Aliens fame

55 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – November 4, 2013 ”

  1. Ryan D says:

    Costa, Fords ground game is on a different level than it was in 2010. Plus Douglas Lima is a stud man . If they fought again today I think that could make for a good fight. No shame in losing to Lima anyway. Next haha

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

  2. TimHague says:

    Lee beat me in a grappling tourney when I first began training. I owe him one ahaha!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 5

  3. Bdc says:

    I would enjoy watching lee vs tim. After the Lee vs Booby joke of a fight im sure he wants a real scrap. Sounds great set it up Lee!

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  4. RickRoll says:

    My prediction is Hague shoots within the first round. Lee Mein by KO if it stays standing

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  5. TimHague says:

    I dont shoot for takedowns. Im too slow. I usually ram someone into the fence like a retarded sheep or something.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

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