The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 9 – Missing Weight


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBI didn’t submit a write up last week due to the fact that the UFC only aired a recap episode with no fight and no new footage. I personally think the recap episode was totally unnecessary and pointless and I know a lot of viewers were not happy with it, but maybe they didn’t have enough useful footage to fill all 12 episodes so who knows.

Burger Time
This week we kick off fresh after mine and Wootten’s fight. We went back to the house and right away we wanted to eat something greasy and tasty. Louie offered to make me and Wootten some big ass Bison burgers so we accepted. I was not sure if Miesha and the coaching staff were going to come by the house that night but they did and they brought me and Wootten an In and Out burger. We drove by the In and Out everyday on the way to the training center and I heard so many good things about the place but had never tried it because we do not have it up in Canada. The burger was awesome!  I am sure it would have been much better if I did not just scarf down a Bison burger just minutes before.  Yes, it was some much needed fat time.

Missing Weight
We then start the dreadful weight cut with Cody. I knew 135 was hard for Cody to make. I cut weight with him at the hotel for the fights to get in the house and he was struggling. He actually weighed in at 137 for that first fight, so they gave him an hour to lose the last pound and he made it. I fought first in order to give Cody some more time to get his weight down. The announcement was on Monday and I fought on Wednesday, meaning Cody would have been weighing in on the Thursday, so this gave him a few days to get the weight down.

What I think happened is that Cody was constantly cutting weight over a few days time period, continuously dehydrating his body until it finally hit a wall and said no more and held on to all of his liquids. I was in the sauna with him trying to help him reach the weight, but right when I seen his weight when he hit the scale, I knew that he was not going to make it. I felt really bad for him. Cody is good dude, I got along with him well, sucks to see that happen. I did not get much up close camera time but you can see my eye throughout the episode and how ugly it looked but the swelling did go down fairly quick.

When we went to have the meeting with Dana, I knew it was not going to be good for Cody. From what I remember, Dana ripped into him a lot more than what they showed on the air and when they kicked Cody out we did not even get to say goodbye. They drove him back to the house alone, packed his gear, and took him out of there before we even got home.

I was hoping to get a second chance to fight again but Dana told me I was still under suspension from my fight so I couldn’t. I guess in Las Vegas you receive a one week suspension after you fight no matter what the outcome, so that sucks. They gave Anthony the option to take the bye or have to weigh in again in two days and fight Beal and he took the bye. I don’t blame him for making that decision and I probably would have done the same if I was in that situation.

Peggy Morgan vs Sarah Moras
Sarah and Peggy were up next and the fight went actually exactly how I thought it would.  I knew Peggy would want to keep it on the feet, with her being 6’1, she has the reach on anyone.  At first she did a decent job of jabbing Sarah, but eventually Sarah got her down and got mount. Once she got that position, it was downhill from there for Peggy. Sarah landed some nice ground and pound and then took Peggy’s arm and submitted her. I was happy for Sarah, with her being on my team and also a fellow Canadian but I also liked Peggy. I did not get to know her as well as others but she was always very nice when we spoke.

So all the quarter final fights are done with and on to the semis.  The ONLY good thing and I mean ONLY about not still being in the competition was now I could order and eat whatever I wanted in the house.


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