The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 9 – Morgan vs Moras


ultimate-fighter THUMBAll right. Two fights this week as the first round of TUF comes to an end. The fights will be Peggy Morgan vs Toshido MMA’s Sarah Moras and Cody Bollinger vs Anthony Gutierrez. Miesha Tate brought in burgers for Josh Hill and Michael Wooten, who she thought had a great fight last episode.  Miesha feels good about both matchups.

Bollinger needs to lose about 9 lbs according to the scale on the wall.  Gutierrez expects to get taken down early but have more energy for later rounds to stop the take downs.  Gutierrez says he loved TUF 5 and became a huge Diaz fan.

Rousey seems a little shocked when she answers that Anthony has gotten better.  She says he could be a problem for Cody.  Certainly, not a confident coach. Gutierrez is 143.5 the night before.  Bryan Caraway says that weight cutting is the worst thing that you will experience in your life.  Bollinger still has six pounds to cut and is not looking good.  Fours hours to weigh-in and he is 141.5.  Bollinger is saying he is done.

They get back to the house.  He won’t get into the ice bath.  Miesha Tate tries to convince him but Bollinger says he is done. Modafferi and Pennington try to convince him so he decides to jump into the bath.  Bollinger makes no excuses and says he quits. Miesha Tate is pissed that he did not even try to make the weight.  Just wait until Mr White dresses him down.

Dana White makes Bollinger tell everyone that he is quitting and missed weight.  He says he “broke mentally and quit.”  White says that Bollinger “took someone’s lottery ticket and ripped it up.”  He asks Bollinger if he came to the conclusion that he “did not belong here?” or is this “not what you want to do?”  Bollinger says this is what he wants to do, he just broke mentally.  White says this is the one thing that drives him crazy.  He points to Gutierrez and says he is busting his ass.  White points to the door and tells him to leave.  Julianna Pena says she is embarrassed.  Their number one pick did not even make weight.  Bollinger is shown on camera crying because he does not want to have to tell his wife and kid that he quit.

White wants to figure this out.  He may forfeit Gutierrez to the second round.  It is in the commission’s hands.  Chris Beal may be the fighter to replace him.

Rousey blames Tate for Bollinger’s quitting.  She thinks that Tate should have been on his weight more.

Gutierrez has a few options. Hydrate and cut again or win a forfeit. Gutierrez wants to take the forfeit. I don’t blame him.

Peggy Morgan says it was a series of bad decisions that lead Bollinger to quitting.

Sarah Moras thinks Peggy Morgan is pale, tall like a giraffe, and a ginger. She says she is ready. She says there is a big difference telling people that you are a MMA fighter or telling them you are a UFC fighter. She started MMA when she dated a fighter. She says she is ready to lay a beating on someone.

Tate says that Morgan’s size will not be a problem for Moras. Moras knows she is going to smash. It will be a first fighting a taller opponent. She thinks she will take it to the ground and pound her face in, although she may just take her arm.

Morgan says she misses her three year old boy Oliver. She says she is doing something to help them both in the long run. She was a kickboxer and boxer before becoming an MMA fighter. She is also a college professor. She says she fell into MMA. She says she is relaxed and calm. Rousey says Peggy has great reach, but is worried about takedown defense against the wall. Morgan says she has to keep it standing. “Sarah is the bull and I am the matador.”

Weigh-Ins: Sarah Moras (135) vs Peggy Morgan (136)

Sarah Moras vs Peggy Morgan
R1. Morgan lands a left jab. Moras looks to get inside. Leg kick Moras but Morgan lands two. Leg kick Moras. Moras shoots but is stuffed. Moras presses her against the cage. Moras with underhooks but they break. Leg kick Moras and jabs by Morgan who has a striking advantage. Moras shoots and gets her down. Moras finally works Morgan to her back and lands hard lefts and lots of elbows. Full mount for Moras who has vicious GNP. Morgan gives up and arm and Moras gets her to tap.
Sarah Moras submits Peggy Morgan by Arm Bar in Round 1

The coaches and Dana White deliberate over who should fight. Both coaches and Dana like Julianna as the top woman fighter. Julianna, Sarah, Raquel all they want to fight Jessica Rakoczy, who says she will fight anyone.

For the guys, Holdsworth wants to fight Gutierrez, Morgan thinks he will beat anyone, Gutierrez says anyone, and Wootten says Gutierrez.

Dana White announces the semi-finals:

Chris Holdsworth vs Michael Wootten
David Morgan vs Anthony Gutierrez

Sarah Moras vs Julianna Pena
Raquel Pennington vs Jessica Rakoczy

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