Rumble in the Cage 48 Weigh-In Results


Rumble in the Cage is the oldest active promotion in Canada and on October 26, they will be holding their 48th event.  If you are in Lethbridge, pick up a couple of tickets to the event.  If you are not in town, you can watch the fights live on Internet PPV.

They held their weigh-ins to make the fights official.  Here are the weigh-in results:

Pro Fights:
265lbs- Lee Mein (232) vs. Bobby Kalmakoff (234)
135lbs- Noah Ali (135) vs. Chad Anhelinger (134)
155lbs- Peter Neufeld (155) vs. Dia Grant (154)
155lbs- Tim Tamaki (155) vs. CJ Bagg (155)
180lbs- Zach Manywounds (179) vs Dajan Kajic (180)
145lbs- Steve Jellicoe (145) vs. Blair Oster (144)

Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Ian Odland (142) vs. John Ngyen (145)
190lbs- Colton Cronkite (190) vs Ji Haugen (190)
145lbs- Miguel Tock (144) vs. Laine Keyes (144)
185lbs- Will Stelfox (182) vs. Jessie Clinton (183)
265lbs- Chris Lafantaisie (260) vs. Les Bisson (240)
160lbs- Aaron Anctil (159) vs. Joe Alisauskas (160)

7 Responses to “ Rumble in the Cage 48 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. The goods says:

    good job on making weight everyone

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  2. Nightchief says:

    Someone bring bobby a pillow, he’s going for a nap soon!

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  3. Blackout says:

    Really nice to see everyone made weight :)

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  4. The goods says:

    is there going to be a play by play or updates when the fights start for this card?

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  5. We will not have a live play by play of RITC.

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  6. I guarantee bobby k goes for the tap before he goes for the nap!

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  7. harry balls says:

    So glad people are really trying to raise the quality of MMA in Canada, especially given last night. Really awesome move, getting a champ like Bobby in there for the main event. Keep reaching for the stars!

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