ECC 18 Play-by-Play – Loiseau, MacGrath Win Titles

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Last night, fans packed the Multi-Purpose Room in the Halifax Forum as Extreme Cage Combat held there 18th event titled Road for Glory. The card was taken down to four fights after the match between Pat Carroll and Vanja Vojvodic was called off before the show as Vojvodic was feeling ill before the fight. The show went on as fans got to see four fights that included some crazy KO’s and two solid matches although one of them included the worst officiating job that I have ever seen.

Here is how the night’s action went down.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night-Matt Macgrath vs. Christ Franck
  • KO of the Night-Adam Hunter
  • Submission of the Night-David Anderson

David Loiseau drops Mike Kent

David Loiseau drops Mike Kent (photo: Martin Blais)

Mike Kent vs. David Loiseau
Round 1
Kent wastes no time and moves in right away but the move proves costly as Loiseau hit him with a big right hand that puts Kent down on the mat. Loiseau goes in and hits him with some vicious ground and pound before the refs calls it. Kent stumbles when he gets back up as the doctors have a look at him post fight.
David Loiseau wins via TKO (Strikes) at: 15 in the 1st round
David Loiseau is the new ECC Light-Heavyweight Champion

Matt Macgrath vs. Christ Franck
Round 1
Franck moves in to start the fight but MacGrath takes the opportunity to get the takedown. MacGrath is now on top, trying to pass guard but Franck has a hold of his head. MacGrath sits up and gets full mount but Franck moves around gets back up. MacGrath right away looks to take Franck down  but it only lasts for a second. Franck is back up and MacGrath looks for a judo throw but he can’t complete it. Both fighters are now in the clinch but neither fighter can gain an advantage and let go. Franck then hits MacGrath with a jab as each man takes the center of the cage. Franck throws a roundhouse but MacGrath hits him with a 1-2 punching combination. MacGrath then looks for the takedown but Franck moves around and locks up in the clinch. MacGrath gets him against the cage but Franck is able to get him down and get on top. Franck then looks for an arm bar and it looks like he has it but MacGrath escapes and looks for the heel hook. Both guys are battling on the ground trying for their submissions but both fighters escape and are on their feet. Franck then looks for the takedown but can only get MacGrath against the cage. Franck looks to connect with a right hook and misses but he is able to get the takedown. Franck is on top when MacGrath gets a hold of his left wrist and looks for a Kimura attempt but let’s go. Franck then stands up to get MacGrath back on his feet. Both fighters hit each other with some punches but Franck gets a takedown to get in top position as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores a close 10-9 round for MacGrath

Round 2
Round 2 starts out with a bang when MacGrath looks for a head kick. Things calm down as both men are circling around looking for an opening. MacGrath hits Franck with a couple of jabs. After a bit of time, MacGrath looks for a single leg but can only get Franck in the clinch against the cage. MacGrath is able to work along the cage and eventually secures the single leg takedown. MacGrath gets on top and starts to work in some rights as he looks to pass guard. MacGrath turns into side control to work in some elbows. Franck looks to turn to his side but MacGrath keeps him down. MacGrath keeps him in side control and works a mix of right punches and elbows. Franck looks to turn to his side again but MacGrath keeps him pinned down. McGrath switches up positions and goes to north south but decides to go back to side control. MacGrath continues to work in some ground and pound as Franck looks to turn to his side again but MacGrath now sits up and gets full mount and rains some punches down to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 MacGrath

Matt MacGrath

Matt MacGrath with the mount on Christ Franck (photo: Martin Blais)

Round 3
Both men are feeling each other out trying to make the first move. MacGrath pulls the trigger for a punch that Franck eludes but he gets caught in the clinch against the cage. MacGrath throws a knee strike in before he circles him around the cage. MacGrath then lands a nasty right elbow that gets Franck down on the mat. MacGrath is now on top and works the elbows in side control. MacGrath then hits Franck with some rights while he moves on top as he looks to pass guard. MacGrath continues to punch on Franck as he is able to pass guard. Franck turns to his side and while MacGrath thinks about the rear naked choke. He decides to move him back to get full mount. Franck tries to turn to his side again so Macgrath hits him with some punches before he tries for the rear naked choke. He lets go and moves back into full mount again. Both fighters keep playing the same game of cat and mouse until Macgrath starts mixing in some elbows with his punches when the ref decides that Franck has had enough.
Matt Macgrath wins via TKO (Strikes) at 4:30 in the 3rd round
Matt Macgrath is the new ECC Welterweight champion

Adam Hunter vs. Teddy Ash
Round 1
Ash goes in and connects with three solid right jabs but after the third jab, Hunter connects with an overhand right that sends Ash down to the mat. Hunter gets a couple of shots in before the ref intervenes and stops the fight.
Adam Hunter wins by TKO at: 06 in the 1st round

Sebastian O’Malley vs. Dave Anderson
Round 1
The night begins with O’Malley faking a jab but shortly after that both guys get in a big exchange of punches. After it slows down, Anderson is able to gets a knee to the body and both men punch at each other back and forth. Both fighters go in for an inside leg kick and O’Malley falls down. Referee Hubert Earle doesn’t see it at first, but after O’Malley grabs his groin, he stops the fight. O’Malley takes a few minutes but stomps his feet on the ground to pump himself up and continues the fight. Anderson gets a little flashy when he tries for a spinning back fist but O’Malley gets a hold of him and gets him in the clinch and eventually gets him down. O’Malley is now on top trying to pass guard but Anderson has a hold of his head to prevent it. Both fighters are moving around the mat but neither one is able to get an advantage. O’Malley then looks to stand up but Anderson is able to land some punches to the head off his back. O’Malley goes back down to try and pass guard again but Anderson keeps a hold of his head to prevent him from getting full mount. O’Malley then hits Anderson with some punches to the body to try and loosen him up. Anderson is now able to move around and land some punches off his back. He is then able to get a hold of O‘Malley and tries for the triangle choke. He is able to get a hold of his head but can‘t get his ankle fully wrapped around. O’Malley is moving, trying to get out but Anderson repeatedly punches O’Malley in the head. It looks like he almost has the triangle in again but O’Malley is able to do a good job holding on and prevent the choke as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores a close 10-9 round Anderson

Round 2
Round two begins with some flare as Anderson goes for a spinning back elbow but O’Malley catches him in motion and gets him down on the mat. Anderson tries for a choke but O’Malley gets full mount and works on some ground and pound. O’Malley then looks for a rear naked choke but he can‘t get all the way around on his back. Anderson is able to use this to his advantage to get back on his feet. He elects not to go on the ground and lets O’Malley get back up. The fight resumes with O’Malley sweeping Anderson. Anderson is back up quickly and goes with a spinning back fist while O’Malley goes for a roundhouse then O’Malley tries a spinning back kick O’Malley then gets Anderson in the clinch and get him for a takedown Anderson is able move around and is able to get on top. Anderson is working on top as he mixes in some knees and elbows. Anderson then looks to stand up but decides to go back down, throw a couple of right hands before he takes his back. He gets the rear naked choke in and after a few seconds O’Malley taps but the ref does not see it. O’Malley’s corner yells at Hubert Earle to tell him his guy tapped but Hubert Earle stands them back up, grabs Anderson and deducts a point (After the fight when I asked Earle about the deduction and he said because O‘Malley‘s corner was yelling inappropriate language). Everyone in the building is confused and has no idea what has happened or who even lost the point .The fight continues and Anderson takes advantage and charges in with a flying knee and gets him down. Anderson rains down multiple elbows in which O‘Malley doesn‘t seem to be defending. This goes on for at least 30 seconds before Anderson takes his back for the rear naked choke and gets O’Malley to tap.
David Anderson wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:47 in the 2nd Round

(In my opinion the multiple mistakes that Hubert Earle made in this fight and other ones in the past, he is going to get somebody seriously hurt one of these days. This was the worst job I have ever seen from a referee and thank god O’Malley was ok after the fight.)

*** All photos by Martin Blais | Aggro Photography

10 Responses to “ ECC 18 Play-by-Play – Loiseau, MacGrath Win Titles ”

  1. Ryan dickson says:

    Can I please get the chance to fight for your title? I think me and Matt would put on a great show. Hes a great fighter

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  2. dontbescared says:

    Next show is in January, set it up Martel! It’s easy, you have the Champ and a willing challenger. DONE!

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  3. M.F.M says:

    Ya give Dickson a shot, that’s an interesting tilt.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

  4. Woodrow says:

    Contact me Dickson vs Macgrath would be exciting!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

  5. Pro Stock says:

    Any photo galleries for this event????

    And how about the Crow vs the Hulk for the belt????

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  6. evan blakely says:

    Thats 4 in a row for Mr MacGrath since hes joined the team at Wulfrun MMA under Paul Abel. Keep it up brother

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  7. PUCK says:

    Wow! I knew Kent would lose but I had him going at least 2-3 mins or so? I feel for DL as he rolls though local comp. but can’t buy a win in the UFC as of late? Also be interesting to see what Kent will do from here as that was a tough one?

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  8. NMMA says:

    Maybe add one more of the night award that way all the fights can get something

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  9. mike kent says:

    I am gonna spend some time focusing on other things and with my family and on the mats just learning and having fun.

    This has been a hellish year and a big wake up call as to just how good the guys who have been to the top really are and it was all capped off by a massive KO. I came into these fights prepared, focused, in shape so there is no excuses. Taking punches like that one isn’t good for your longevity in the sport.

    Im hoping to fight again sometime but 100 percent taking 2014 off and if and when I return Ill start mid way down the ladder and see how it goes.

    losses are tough but this one was pretty gruesome. Im happy I fought tough guys to find out where but to put countless hours in away from family for 20 seconds is rough.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  10. It felt wried giving awards for a four fight card but two of those awards were legit. The submission just fell in because it was the only one

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