KOTC: Anger Therapy – Recap – Machan Retains Title With Quick Submission


KOTC CanadaLast minute injuries left the match maker scrambling for a couple lightweight fighters for tonight’s King of the Cage event in Edmonton, Alberta. Unfortunately opponents for Curtis Demarce and Chris Ade were not found and what was turning out to be the best KOTC card in years has dwindled down to just five fights. Josh Machan and Alex Halkias will do battle for the KOTC Canada Featherweight Title in the main event.

Josh Machan vs. Alex Halkias
Halkias immediately ducks a right and gets the takedown only to get caught in a guillotine. Halkias survives briefly but is ultimately forced to tap.
Josh Machan submits Alex Halkias by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:20
***Machan retains KOTC Featherweight Title

Tom Benesocky vs. Ian Asham
Benesocky lands a shot and Asham drops like a ton of bricks. Benesocky lands several more punches and Asham quickly taps out. 
Tom Benesocky submits Ian Asham by Punches in Round 1, 0:26

Corey Knapp vs. Reece Chapman
Knapp with a big leg kick and blocks a high kick before getting the big slam. Chapman looks for a guillotine but Knapp pulls his head free and looks for a guillotine of his own. Chapman pulls his head free but Knapp gets to full mount. Chapman gets his half guard back but Knapp lands a pair of solid elbows. Knapp elbows the thigh and Chapman looks for the sweep but Knapp stays heavy and lands several hard punches. Knapp lands another flurry and finally finishes him off with a barrage of about a dozen vicious shots that force referee Vern Gorman go step in and call a halt to the bout. Following the conclusion of the fight, Knapp announces his retirement.
Corey Knapp defeats Reece Chapman by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:30

Tanner Boser vs. Matthew Swimmer
Swimmer lands a leg kick and rushes forward. They tie up against the cage and Swimmer looks for a guillotine but Boser easily pulls his head free and passes to full mount. Boser postures up and lands shots but referee Kyle Cardinal stands them up as Boser holds the cage. They trade wild shots and a knee lands low by Boser and Swimmer takes his five minutes to recover. On the restart Boser lands a hard leg kick and another that drops Swimmer. Boser drops right to mount and lands several big shots until Cardinal has seen enough and stops the bout. 
Tanner Boser defeats Matthew Swimmer by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:32

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    Louttit-Large didn’t happen?

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  2. Telluwhat says:

    That Machan is unstoppable.congrats!!!hope the UFC comes knocking now

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