King of the Cage: Anger Therapy – Weigh In Results


KOTC CanadaKing of the Cage is back tomorrow night at the Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. The event will feature a main event with Josh Machan defending his Featherweight Title against challenger Alex Halkias. Tickets will be available at the door or keep it locked to Top MMA News for all your results.

Weigh In Results:
145lbs- Josh Machan (142.6) vs. Alex Halkias (142.2)
***Featherweight Title Fight

135lbs- *Corey Knapp (137) vs. Reece Chapman (132.4)
265lbs- Tanner Boser (220.8) vs. Matthew Swimmer (237.6)
265+lbs- Ian Asham (379) vs. Tom Benesocky (265.2)
180lbs- Cameron Loutitt (177.2) vs. *Greg Large (205)

*Overweight, Forfeits 20% of purse

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Loutitt vs. Large and Asham vs. Benesocky fights are in doubt due to the size difference, I will update if anything changes.

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  2. Lowlife says:

    Main event aside, this is another black eye for Alberta mma and it’s commissions
    379 pounds and hasn’t fought in 4 years, presumably he’s been eating nothing but Big Macs as training. This fat POS joke may actually have a heart attack in the cage
    I’d bet josh machan has trained more in one day than every fighter on this card combined in there lives

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  3. curious says:

    Will they even have the event or just cancel it?

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  4. Cameron Loutitt says:

    Yo! I’m huge! Just think Junior dos Santos vs. Mark Hunt. The weight isn’t an issue, let’s have a good ‘ol superfight(without the super, ’cause you know… we’re 2-4 and 1-6)! Haters gonna hate, but this fight’s gonna be great. I ain’t gonna hesitate because he missed weight, in a not so surprising twist of fate. I trained my ass off for this fight, and I take offense to that @Lowlife, but I forgive you because you’re a Lowlife. You should start training in a discipline and maybe it will improve your life (;

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  5. LOL says:

    Great job Marc Andre Drolet!

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  6. harry balls says:

    Fucking shameful. There needs to be some mechanism other than 20% to punish this stupidity.

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  7. Slim says:

    Isn’t Loutitt a 145er normally? This fight should still happen, I still have my money on Loutitt

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  8. Wtf says:

    Seriously??? Jeebus man this is the worst kotc card in a long time man! Something needs to change, I just don’t understand why this always happens to ken??? Is he so cheap that fighters won’t fight for him?

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  9. Hi life says:

    Hey lowlife, how bout you grow a pair and step up in the ring bet loutitt would kick your ass from here to next year! Why don’t you think before speaking or find your facts loutitt works out daily, works his ass off! It takes balls to change your weight class. I’ve seen this kid fight he has heart win or lose! Keep hating though without haters there’s no drama!

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  10. Magnum says:

    Hang er up Ken, this is getting beyond ridiculous!

    Guess the last ditch effort of scraping the bottom of the matchmaker barrel never paid off either.. Great job MAD.

    What’s next , Robin Black vs Kalmakoff

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  11. Bdc says:

    WOW thats gona be a short night

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  12. Fan250 says:

    Most pathetic excuse for a card EVER!!….Who the fuck would pay 50$ to go watch 5 bar room brawls they could just go to whyte ave and watch for free??? Time to hang em up KOTC

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  13. edmmafan says:

    hahahhahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Great card.

    Lucky Machan vs. Chapman in on it.

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  14. Ryan D says:

    All I can say is WOW, has to be a front runner for absolutely worst show of the year!! Feel sorry for anyone who pays to see this card.

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  15. Slim says:

    I feel a sorry for MAD, Ken, Alex and Josh. It was looking to be a pretty good card up until a week ago.

    Alex and Josh are two amazing fighters and submission specialists, this card takes away what could be one of the best grappling displays in MMA this year.

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  16. Thesubzero says:

    379? Is that a typo? If not damn.

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  17. Majority Decision says:

    Waiting for MAD/Donald Duck (which by the way everyone knows is the same person) to jump in and start making a big deal about the 28 pound weight differential in the Large vs Loutitt match up (which incase anyone doesnt know, according to the unified rules is not allowed), But since MAD is the so called matchmaker for this card maybe we will be spared their rubbish comments.

    Hopefully the commission does the right thing here, and with any luck this is the last of the KOTC sideshows we will see

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  18. Sigh, how I yearn for those years of yore were we were treated to epic kotc fight cards, were the combatants were such worthy well known household names, such as who can forget his royalty his emenceness, RUBEN WARPATH VILAREAL! or SHANNON THE CANNON RICH! CHRIS PEAKS! or the native sensation, and now kotc posterboy, ELMER NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER WATERHEN! But alas, it seems those years are now well long gone my friend.

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  19. Lowlife says:

    Loutitt is taking this fight very serious by increasing his training to 3 times a week. Of course Large is such a dangerous opponent who doesn’t, won’t or know how to throw a punch. Loutitt calling himself a pro taking such a fight shows how deserving he is to appear on this card. You’re not a fighter or athlete. You are a joke. My keyboard fights better than you.
    If I play pick up league basketball a few times a week, does that make me a professional or semi pro basketball player? Other than the main event, no fighter on this card is deserving or have earned to be called pros.
    This event should take place in a backyard alongside Tank Abbott/Scott Ferazzo 2

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  20. mahon says:

    Pretty sure josh machan has done more then enough to be called a pro and more then deserving of a top 5 feather weight in canada ranking

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  21. Cameron Loutitt says:

    So the deal with my fight now is that I’ll probably have to weigh 186 in order to make the LHW limit for the fight to happen. @ Slim, I’ve fought 4 fights at 170, 1 at 160 and 1 at 155. I took the fight knowing there was a good chance he wasn’t going to make weight, and @harry balls, the extra punishment comes in the form of a knockout. He last fought in June, so I thought after weighing in 9 lbs of a 190 catchweight, he may have started training harder after getting his first win in the cage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case, and I plan on making 186lbs and going to Anger Therapy, putting on a show, and get back to training tomorrow.
    The card was pretty good until injuries and drop-outs a week ago, I agree @Slim, but that’s how the fight game goes sometimes, and same goes for the pay. I appreciate that Ken allows me to step into the cage, and do what I love, the pay is secondary. I want to be that guy @Bigpapagroove69, that has Bigpapagroove69 Jr. in awe watching his dad’s (no offense, I really hope you don’t have kids, the way you post on here) old King of the Cage DVDs, because that’s where I came from and I was King of the Cage. I know I’m a loser, a professional one at that, but it’s what I want and the quest starts again tonight.

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  22. Jim Jones says:

    This is the definition of a joke.

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  23. Cameron Loutitt says:

    @Lowlife, I asked for a different fight, but it’s what I was presented, and I took it. I plan on fighting again before the end of the year, so I took a fight where I thought I could gain some cage experience and get back to training quickly. I’m okay with the criticisms about my training frequency, for most of my career, I believe they were warranted. I’ve had a month to the day to train for this fight, and I’m okay with fighting a lackluster opponent, because hey, who the f am I? I’m coming back from a knee injury that I fought on twice this year, when I should have stayed off it for months. I’m okay starting from the bottom, and working up in my career. I’m in excellent shape, I practice my waza. However, my mind wasn’t sharp and my spirit was weak. There is so much more to fighting than punching and kicking and rolling. Never-mind what you think about cans, or records or who is worthy, if you don’t understand that, there’s no point in continuing. I’ve had a lot of growing up to do, and I think everybody does. Why do you think fighters and keyboard warriors are so different? Fighting helps you grow, while whining like a little b*tch only puts negativity in the world. As for the whole professional sport argument… there really isn’t an option around just being a pro. I don’t gloat about being a professional fighter, I tell them I’m a professional loser before I tell them I’m the shit because I could beat up a regular person. Other than my fascination over King of the Cage, I know it’s a lower tier promotion, and if I’m going to grow my career, I think I’m moving in the right direction.

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  24. Nothing like the unpredictable game of MMA.

    Unfortunately things happen in this game, and if it could have, it did for us this time.

    There were many last minute injuries and replacements.

    I came on board for this show to help out, and I gave it my best effort and did the best I could do. At one point this card was being called one of the best KOTC cards ever, and couple injuries and pullouts later and the card wasn’t the same.

    Matchmaking is the easiest job in the world when you haven’t done it.

    Ken can hardly be blamed for any of this, I take full responsibility on the lineup as that was my job. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the KOTC brand.

    I’m not going to lie and say I’m not embarrassed as I take what I do very seriously. I wish I was able to put more fights together for this event but I did all I could.

    After this show, all the energy is going into the Cold Lake KOTC show.

    For now, I’d like to thank all the fighters tonight, and despite fewer matchups than expected, there are some entertaining matches tonight, and the main event is one of the top matches in the country right now. Ken put that fight together, and it’s going to be worth the price of admission alone.

    btw Donald Duck is not me. He’s in a different province.

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  25. Josh Machan vs Alex Halkias is great. If Josh wins this and his next fight in WSOF in December, he is UFC bound.

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  26. Graham Weenk says:

    Looks pretty similar to ecc show, tough weekend for Canadian mma

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  27. harry balls says:

    “@harry balls, the extra punishment comes in the form of a knockout.”
    That’s glib bullshit. I appreciate your positive attitude and I’m glad you’re getting to fight, but guys missing – especially when it looks like they didn’t even try – is completely unacceptable. It’s disrespectful to the other fighter, the promotion, and the people who paid good money.
    Knapp is on his 24th fight. This isn’t new to him.

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  28. Shane-the-kid says:

    Mad is a fitting name for you buddy! My brother told me about a few of the fights you were trying to set up! All you were doing is getting “winnable” fighs for your boys either close or at arms length. Too bad cause if it were for your “matchmaking” and I use that term loosely, this card may have been something. Rather it’s nothing! Joke

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  29. harry balls says:

    Did you fight, Cameron? I didn’t see a result.

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  30. Cameron Loutitt says:

    I never got to fight. Commission f*cked me around until the last minute letting me think I could weigh-in again and fight, but they wouldn’t allow it in the end. My entire day was messed up trying to gain weight to try and get this fight to happen, and unfortunately, it just wasn’t meant to be. I want to thank Ken, I was once again treated fairly by KOTC, even though things didn’t go according to plan. Back to the gym tomorrow and life goes on.

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  31. Hi Life says:

    So Cameron,

    Is the commission going to reimburse you for your medicals, MRIs etc? Seems only fair!

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  32. harry balls says:

    The commission? How about the fucking guy who signed a contract to fight him and didn’t even try to fucking make the agreed-to weight? He should fucking pay. His shittiness screwed over everyone: the promotion, the matchmaker, Cameron, and the people who paid good money to watch two guys scrap.
    Best of luck, Cameron.

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  33. Hi Life says:

    I agree the dude should pay, who accepts a fight and doesnt even try? but I’m going on the belief that their contracts are shit and don’t hold the fighter accountable. Someone should be reimbursing Cameron its not very fair that these guys spend astronomical fees for their medicals. Hopefully they review their contracts and revamp them accordingly based from the current issues.

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  34. Cameron Loutitt says:

    Thanks harry balls and I appreciate the concern, but thankfully my medicals for this fight were handled well in advance minus my bloodwork. There are a lot of positives for me to pull from this experience, and I’m just going to get back to work (even harder now, because you can only train so much when you’re supposed to weigh a few extra pounds than usual) and next time I fight, it will be at a proper weight, against a proper opponent. I know it sucks for everyone this fight didn’t happen, but taking the fight wasn’t a financial burden this time around, and I got my show money and my friends and family were treated to a table for the discrepancy, & I can’t thank Ken enough for taking care of things fairly. It’s been quite the day, time to put this one behind me and start anew tomorrow.

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  35. Cameron Loutitt says:

    Appreciate the concern Hi life*

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  36. Gatlin Church says:

    MAD is at it again!! Great Job Mr MMA!! Ran a terrible show in Manitoba in Auguest now this? When u going to find a real job?

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  37. Ryan D says:

    You no who should pay????? Fuckin Mad or Ken that’s who!! Why? Because they used Greg Large on there card and should have seen this coming that’s why. I can’t be the only one that thinks the promotions themselves need to take there share of responsibility. Like Greg large man come on has he ever made an agreed weight. To all promoters are your cards that tucking hurtin you need to fill them with kalmagoof,large or lauzon???? I believe these are 3 non touchables when it comes to matchmaking.

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  38. Seriously Gatlin. Why do you shit on me on this site, then text me like we are buddies apologetic, and then you come back to here to trash me.

    Get a life man. You are the definition of a loser.

    Seek help

    Ryan D – I took a gamble out of necessity, and it burnt me. I’d never use Large on any shows I’m involved with.

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