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Extreme Cage Combat held its weigh-ins today to make its 18th card official. David Loiseau and Mike Kent both made the Light-Heavyweight limit so they will be competing for the ECC Light-Heavyweight title on October 25th. As well, Welterweight title combatants Christ Franck and Matt MacGrath both made the 170 pound weight limit.

Unfortunately, the scheduled Featherweight bout between Dave Pariseau and Tristan Johnson was pulled from the card after Pariseau did not arrive in Halifax, Nova Scotia and was rumoured to not have gotten on the plane. Johnson did weigh in at 145.8 lbs and will get paid for his efforts.

Here are the entire weigh-in results:

205lbs- David Loiseau (199) vs. Mike Kent (204)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight

170lbs- Matt MacGrath (170) vs. Christ Franck (170)
***Welterweight Title Fight

190lbs- Teddy Ash (190) vs. Adam Hunter (188.6)

170lbs- Vanja Vojvodic (170.4) vs. Pat Carroll (170.4)

165lbs- Sebastien O’Malley (165.2) vs. David Anderson (166.6)

Johnson did still weigh in to get paid and he was in at 145.8lb

14 Responses to “ ECC 18 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. That sucks for Tristan.

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  2. Graham Weenk says:

    Are there ammy fights on the card too?

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  3. harry balls says:

    Blows. I wonder what happened. Good luck to Franck. He is a real nice dude.

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  4. Jeff Harrison says:

    Bitch move by Pariseau. What a fuck.

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  5. BOOBOO says:

    5 FIGHTS ? WTF !

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  6. Main Attraction says:

    There were supposed to be 7, but 2 fell through last minute.

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  7. james stevenson says:

    all booboo does is complain, he must be a miserable person

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  8. BOOBOO says:


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  9. harry balls says:

    isn’t Parizeau a vet at this point? why would a guy with that many fights flake?

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  10. IanHardie says:

    Good luck Mike, always an entertaining fighter.

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  11. @ClinchCraig says:

    Feel really bad for Johnson, that’s low!
    This is a prime example of why Nova Scotia needs Ammy MMA! Almost all the fighters on this card were brought in from out of town, some flown in so the cost of this card is likely pretty high, which is why only 7 fights were scheduled. If there was Ammy, they could have had 5 Ammy fights and we would still have a 10 fight card. I talked to Mike Williams (Elite1 promoter) in the summer and he said that he sets up 7-8 pro fights and 5-6 Ammy fights and if anyone drops off the card he just scraps the fight rather than try to scramble to fill the slot and over pay to bring someone in.
    ECC has been trying to set up some good fights but things just keep falling apart on them. Tonight’s matchups are pretty solid and I’m looking forward to an entertaining night!!

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  12. IanHardie says:

    Lol who dislikes a comment wishing a training partner good luck? Like or dislike the guy, he always shows up to fight and fights hard.

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  13. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    Just heard tgat Vanja is not cleared to fight by ringside doc…due ti a stomach flu…another blow to ECC….ouch!

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  14. tinexo says:

    Sad to hear that Vanja was ill! Still support him and am his number 1 fan! He’s a warrior!!!

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