Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – October 22, 2013

photo: Rob Trudeau

photo: Rob Trudeau

Let’s start things off with a big congrats to Bibiano Fernandes for unifying the ONE FC titles and bringing them back to British Columbia!

As for this week’s rumours, I am starting to heare who might have made TUF Nations, some XFFC news, some WSOF clarifications, and I even fit in a little MMA/Porn news.

  • I’m guessing Luke Harris will not be fighting for an MFC belt any time soon, as it sounds like he may have made TUF Nations! 
  • Derek Boyle will take on Paulo Azambuja at XFFC 3 in Grande Prairie on December 14th at 170lbs.
  • Robin Black will be back in the cage at XFFC 3: Out Cold in a rematch with Matt Knysh.  Last fight was an ear popping good time, so caution to those with cageside seats, this could get messy!
  • Battlefield Fight League is back at it December 7th in Coquitlam, BC! BFL 26 will be headlined by Matt Dwyer defending his Welterweight Title. Andre da Silva makes his pro debut and the pro/am show will feature three more title fights! 
  • Chris Horodecki will now be fighting Frank Caraballo at PFC this weekend since Jason Dent pulled out.
  • Kara Kirsh, from Fight Xchange, was scheduled to battle it out with Randa Markos on the PFC card, but the Ontario Commission in all its wisdom (what is the sarcasm emoticon,  I am not good with those), did not approve this fight. 

  • Despite reports of a Gerald Harris versus Sheldon Westcott matchup on the WSOF 7 card, that fight will not be on the Dec 7 card. 
  • I’m hearing there will be 6 WSOF events in Canada, not the original 10 that was bandied about. 
  • A new Tristar gym is opening up in Gatineau, Quebec! 
  • Trent House lost a short notice bout to Koa Ramos via triangle choke in the first round of their bout on KOTC “Double Impact” in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on October 4th. Ramos (7-5) was on a 4 fight losing streak prior to defeating “Slaughter” House. 
  • Go learn from UFC vet, Team Alpha Male Head Coach & 2013 MMA Coach of the Year, Duane “Bang” Ludwig at Champions Creed on November 9 & 10! 
  • Elvis Vukaj will be making his pro boxing debut against fellow MMA fighter Layne McTaggart at Teofista Boxing Series 11 in Calgary on November 9th. 
  • Lance Gibson appeared on Arrow as a truck driver this past week, he joins Paul Lazenby (15 appearances) as the second Canadian MMA personality to appear on the show! 

NOTE: These are just rumors and opinions of the Gossip Queen. If you have a rumour that you want to contribute, email:

21 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – October 22, 2013 ”

  1. Rino Belcastro says:

    Another let down for Randa Markos- days before her potential fight.

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  2. Jerobe says:

    Oh me oh my. I am soooo stoked to hear about Robin Black vs Matt Knysh Part 2. LOL

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  3. Not sure why Knysh would bother. The first fight wasn’t even close.

    Not sure how true this rumour is, but I hope it is. :)

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  4. @Rino Belcastro….total bull why Kara and Randa can’t fight.

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  5. Old School Jake says:

    Unfortunate that someone would dig up that kind of dirt on Harvey. He’s always been a standup guy and it’s admirable that he never tried to skirt the issue.

    Also, classy move on Pav’s part for congratulating Harvey on a well fought race for Ward 11. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out on Pav’s Twitter. Wasn’t expecting to see it, so I thought it was a nice gesture. Harvey did a helluva job!

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  6. Downtown says:

    I wonder what the reasoning was behind not allowing Markos/Kirsh to fight. Has the Ontario commission sanctioned any female pro mma fights on any card yet? Possible human rights violation? Time for the Ontario commission to get their act together and start earning those hefty pay checks

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  7. Robin Black says:


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  8. Mash says:

    Yes they uabe sanctioned womens. (sudbury and there is 1 Other girl
    Fight already announced On same card)

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  9. HARVEY PANASAR FOR PRESIDENT!! HES THE MAN!! question for Harvey Panasar, have you, or would you ever consider using veteran mma fighter/male stripper/ now turned coach bobby k in one of your flicks? at 300 dollars per hour hes comes at a premium!!

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  10. If GSP is universally recognized as being the face of mma, does it not stand to reason that soup can marcus hicks is the Ass of mma? Thoughts to ponder as we all head off to work.

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  11. smash says:

    Names not to be associated with actuall MMA????
    Bobby k
    Any more people ????????

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  12. smash says:

    Your a phony pal! get ur own god damn screen name or so help me god u piece of repeatin shit.

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  13. Bdc says:

    Why is the trent house stuff even in this write up its rumor mill not another loss mill.

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  14. Graham Weenk says:

    Luke Harris in TUF at 170lb, wow, he’ll be huge!

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  15. Dancer says:

    Just get another screen name,”Smash” is pretty gay.
    Take my screen name, now that’s pretty cool.

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  16. HwH says:

    Can Harris make 170 lbs?

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  17. Harris gets off the P.E.Ds he will make 155!

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  18. The Spartan says:

    Kara vs. Randa fight back on!

    Looks like the commission did the right thing.

    Saturdays gonna be legit. See you freaks there!


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  19. BOOBOO says:


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  20. The thing that pisses me off the most about this whole Harvey Panasar debacle is that me, Bigpoppa missed the casting call for leading man role!! Harvey, good buddy, remember bigpoppa is only a phone call away! besides I believe I work cheaper than ex male stripper bobby k, plus hes only good for 20 seconds of work.

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