Canadian Rumour Mill – Thanksgiving 2013 Edition


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians. It is time for some turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and pumpkin pie. Sorry if you are cutting weight!Gossip Queen

  • Yoon Heo from Burnaby, BC made a successful Road FC debut in South Korea, defeating previously undefeated Byung OK Cho via Unanimous decision at Road FC 13 on Saturday! Way to go Yoon!

  • Looks like Randa Markos will be left off of the Invicta 7 card despite previous reports stating otherwise.
  • Robert Nelson will take on Bruno Marques at XFFC on December 14.
  • Big congrats to “Bazooka Joe” Valtellini who defeated the very acclaimed Karim Ghajji by 3rd round TKO at Glory 11.  Gabriel Varga defeated Jose Palacios by unanimous decision.  Great stuff by Canadian fighters!
  • Nick Penner’s boxing bout did not happen this past weekend as his opponent experienced difficulties crossing the border.

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  1. Thesubzero says:

    Pumped for the Davidson Lewis rematch! War Clay!

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  2. Jim Jones says:

    How does a guy like Nelson keep getting fights and they won’t put any Ontario guys on those cards.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Anyone know where in Edmonton Desilets is going to be training?

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  4. Hopefully Desilets trains with anybody other than soup can hicks or coach bob!

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  5. Just Frank says:

    Penner got offered a pro debut from Ontario but his people turned it down. Oh Well.

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  6. james stevenson says:

    Penner was looking to fight anyone. He needed a fight real bad. He was very disappointed that Rob had to back out.

    I can promise you that no one offered Penner a fight otherwise he wouldnt have driven out here for nothing.

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  7. Nick Penner says:

    Can someone tell me who and what show I was offered a pro debut on? Lol. I would like to fight, hit me or dean Panas up. I know of a Steve Harvey guy from Ont I was asked to fight, but he was 3-1, but had to pull out before I was supposed to fight Rob in edmonton. That’s why I tried to get Rob for Winnipeg, I owed him one. But seriously, at this point, I’ll take anyone. Pls let me know the promotor and when this fight is supposed to take place. Hit me up on Facebook or dean Panas. Oh, and leave a number, I’ll call as soon as I get the msg.

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  8. Gossip Queen says:

    Added Tim Smith vs Curtis Demarce at KOTC.

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  9. Nick Penner says:

    Just to clarify, I would rather not fight a debut. I mean, it’s a debut. Just like with Gibson, he’s a former IKF amateur world champion kickboxer under pka rules. I wanted to kickbox him instead of boxing. His boxing is a bit lacking, but it was a boxing show and the promotor knew his coach, he assured me he would show up, and there was only 9 days left till the fight so I agreed. At this point though, a fights a fight. I scrap who ever this guy is, just send the info ASAP. I’m getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside, pls don’t let me down. Lol

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  10. Nick Penner says:

    Oh, and by the way Lewis vs Desilets would also be a killer fight.

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  11. MMA Fan says:

    Im sure if Hudson didnt have a fight coming up he would box with you Nick.

    Maybe someone could set that up after Hudson’s title defense.

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  12. Nick Penner says:

    Hudson is one big scary dude. Lol. Crazy heavy weights. It would be fun getting knocked around a little.

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  13. RickRoll says:

    How about Penner vs Lewis! Make it happen!

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  14. Diggin says:

    Penner are you talking mma, boxing and kick boxing? I was under the impression you quit mma.

    I would like to see you kickboxing.

    How’s the knee/leg?

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  15. Diggin says:

    And what weight are you waiting fights at? I was also under the impression yOur looking for fights around 190-205.

    I have heard your pretty small these days? I may know a guy in Vancouver who will take a kickboxing fight at 190

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  16. abokan says:

    Nick penner… i am the pro debut you turned down from ontario. hungry to fight? Turning a fight down? Let’s make it happen

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  17. Nick Penner says:

    I’m talking about boxing or kickboxing. Being on the mat is just a little to painful. As much as I love mma, I just can’t do it.

    Aboken, I’m not too sure what your show your talking about. My manager has no clue, nor do my coaches. That said, get the promotor to send me a contract, and we’ll scrap. You can get ahold of me on Facebook, or dean Panas on Facebook. When is the purposed date anyway?

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  18. abokan says:

    Nick penner… i was referring to the show in Winnipeg… this past Saturday… i was good to go and ya’ll turned it down. Have your manager contact a fight promoter and we can do it up in the ring. What u say?

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  19. abokan says:

    Nick… i was referring to the show in Winnipeg… this past Saturday… i was good to go and ya’ll turned it down. Have your manager contact a fight promoter and we can do it up in the ring. What u say?

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  20. abokan says:

    Nick… i was referring to the show in Winnipeg… this past Saturday… i was good to go and ya’ll turned it down. Have your manager contact a fight promoter and we can do it up in the ring. What u say? 8725 Yonge st. In Richmond Hill

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  21. Nick Penner says:

    Nothing came to me about you for this past show. But ya, I’m down. That said, he did say he was talking to a few different people before he settled with a guy who he deals with from minnedosa. I know he is doing a show after Christmas in Winnipeg. I’ll be in if you are. I can contact him right away. Unless you know a promoter that can do it sooner.

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  22. abokan, posting under your real name may help make the situation clearer

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  23. Nick Penner says:

    Hey Curtis, you don’t got to worry about that. If he’s serious, I’ll see it in my inbox on Facebook.

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  24. abokan says:

    Abokan Bokpe the full name

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  25. Motor City Boxing Club’s Abokan Bokpe emailed and said the following, “I was offered to fight Nick Penner this past weekend and someone on his end declined. Let’s make it happen…”

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  26. Nick Penner says:

    Keith, no one on my end declined anything. U know my coaches and manager, ask them. If anything happened, the promotor went with Gibson, I never got to pick, if I did, we would have been kickboxing as I previously stated.

    Again abokan, I’ll pass that info on to the promotor. I’m sure he’ll be more then willing to have us scrap it out. You seem like someone who wants a scrap, I kind of doubt Gibson had any real intention. I just found out that he didn’t even have a passport. Hind sight is 20/20, but yes, if what u said is true, I wish they would have picked you. Anyways, I’ll get on it.

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  27. Karl says:

    Keith its easy to email in hindsite to a website!!!! BUT did he actually call/sign/contact/email anyone before the fight date?????? That’s all that matters after the fight date is over hell I will say I called out Mike Tyson and he declined!

    Abokan careful what you wish for! or beg for or whatever it is you are doing!

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  28. abokan says:

    This if the fight business…. all I need to be careful about occurs in the ring. I was asked 10 days before fight night if I would like to fight Penner. I said yes. Matchmaker or promoter asked if I was good to go… medical and all. sent all that was needed. Then was told it a no go. His team did not want to fight someone they have no info on. I am a fighter. Ain’t on here blowing hot air. Just wanna do the damn thang. Ready for my pro debut…

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  29. abokan says:

    Penner… if you can’t be my debut… someone else will… nonetheless… I do “which/beg” as ya boy put it…. that our paths do cross. after we find out what each of us is packing… one of us will wish they were not in there.

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  30. Nick Penner says:

    As I said before, and won’t repeat myself, no one on my end heard anything about this. You said you heard about this ten days out? My paper was already sent back to the promotor 9 days out as stated above. Something there doesn’t add up. On not fighting a guy who has no info on them… I’m not too sure what to think, of course there is no info on you. You haven’t fought. Which tells that you probably don’t even have an amateur back round. After all, if u did anything in the amateurs, there would be info on you. This is all starting to add up as a big joke. I msged a promotor already on my end, have u even msged a promotor on your end? Or are you just blowing smoke? No offence, but there are a lot of key board warriors out there that just come on here talking. Forgive me if your not one of them, but again something isn’t adding up. If for what ever reason your being honest, you where not passed up on my end, but the promotors end, but given the dates you said, ten days out, my paperwork was already back the next day confirming Gibson. Like I said, if you want this fight to happen, do your part. Outside of a pay cheque, and what would be a smaller one because you have never stepped inside a ring before, you have nothing to offer me and will have to wait till the next till the next show in Winnipeg. You are just as capable as contacting a promotor as I am, and I have already done that. So said yourself that this is business, and I agree, so start acting business minded and talk to your local promotors as I have already done. If your legit, I get why your on here, but its time for the talking to stop, and for paperwork to start. Don’t waste my time, I’ve had my time wasted enough with other people doing the same thing your doing, and they at least had somewhat of a record to further my career. If you post again, I expect to see which promotors you have talked to, otherwise, I’ve been had again, and this has all been good for a laugh. Pls be legit.

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  31. Nick Penner says:

    Keith, that’s amateur, why waste my time? Honestly, why? Even kalmakoff has a pro record. Lol. If he’s a national amateur champion, ok, post it. Lol this is so stupid.

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  32. Demitri (trev) says:

    Do what you got to do to get a fight I guess.

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  33. Combo says:

    Evidence is starting to show some BS on Penner’s side. When some of his statements have been proven untrue/false/incorrect, how can we believe anything said (as Keith showed). If he really wanted to be challenged, he would fight anyone who came his way, not some tomato can he is waiting for

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  34. I proved nothing. Abokan emailed after this weekend, I have no idea if he was offered the fight or not.

    I posted it to show this guy was looking to fight Nick and to identify his whole name.

    Nick said he did not know he fought anywhere and i posted a link from one of his fights. That does not mean Nick is not a stand up guy.

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  35. Nick Penner says:

    Combo, you really didnt think your post through at all, lol. How was there bs on my side? He claimed that I didn’t want to fight a guy with no info on him. I went off of what of what abokan said and it was him that said there was no info. Reread what I posted. Again, it was Abokan that said it was going to be his debut. Combo, did you get that? I will repeat. It was Abokan that said it was his debut. Why did I say what I did about his amateur fights? There should still be some info on him if he fought amateur as Keith showed. Again, it was Abokan that said there was no info. You don’t need to try to lie to make me look bad, I’m sure u can find something stupid I’ve done to do that. And waiting for a tomato can? 1. Rob is 6-1(it’s the guy I’m waiting for), 2. No record = tomato can. Lol, your post was way out to lunch. If I wanted an easy fight, no better person to fight then a guy that’s had what, a couple amateur fights? This is the same stuff that came up before my 3rd mma fight against bobby k.

    Abokan, if you want to fight, cool. I’m game as I said before. This is completely turning into a joke. Let me know the promotors you’ve talked to already. If your serious, you’ve at least talked to one. I can’t hook anything up before then, unless u want mma fight which I can’t really do or a kickboxing fight, but that would almost be as hard for me to find as a boxing fight before then. I’ve been respectful the whole time, and don’t plan on changing that, but I do ask that by the end of the day you either put up or shut up. By that I mean, list the promotors you’ve talked to so I know your for real. No list, then I know your not for real. I will check back here at 5 today, which is 7 your time, if your actually out of that gym in ont. That gives you hours today, along with the past day to make a simple phone call. I won’t bother with keyboard warriors, I’ve delt with too many of those and they are not worth my time.

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  36. Kevin Denton says:

    Nick was supposed to fight rob nicoles. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he ranked top 10 in Canada? Nick was pretty upset rob had to back out. Their agreement was signed and announced.

    How is fighting a former world kick boxing champion and someone with four pro boxing fights considered a can when a 0-0 isn’t?

    This just doesn’t make sense. Good effort on hyping up a fight with a known name. Penner, don’t waste your time, fight someone who has proven themselves. You and rob would be a great fight . Two good athletes who respect each other and the sport. No need to even defend yourself against these bums

    Also, nothing penner said was inaccurate or contradictory

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  37. Dean Panas says:

    Nick is the one that had to pull out of the fight with Rob. I just wanted to clear that up. Rob is a great guy and a very good Boxer. I don’t want any of the facts getting twisted that may have people blaiming Rob for something that didn’t happen.

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  38. Kevin Denton says:

    I know nick pulled out in their first fight scheduled in Edmonton for some medical reason. But wasn’t that flight planned in Winnipeg less than two months after?

    Thanks for correcting me. Big fan of rob. I don’t want twisted stories

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  39. Nick Penner says:

    Hey kevin, let me correct a few minor points. Yes I was disappointed that rob had to back out, but I guess he just moved out of town and started a business. He had a very legit reason. The contracts where signed for the sept fight which I had to back out if while I was in the hospital. We both gave an effort to make the fight happen in Winnipeg but things just didn’t work out. But that’s the fight game I guess.

    Rob is with out a doubt a priority over Abokan. Honestly, anyone that can further my boxing career the fastest, will take priority. But if he really wants a fight, and i do need ring time, i will have to settle to someone without experience. thats the way the game goes. As you all know, boxing is just a means to get my hands a bit better. I dont plan on boxing long. Kind of hard to explain. I want to take out some tough opposition to make me look like more of a threat for kickboxing, but its not a long term thing. Hopefully you understand what I mean. Would I like a shot a ryan henney after a few fights sure? He is the champ, I could use a good beating. Lol, hopefully my face can take it. Again, we don’t even know if he’s serious, I guess I’ll find out in a few hours.

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  40. RickRoll says:

    Seems to me Penner is back tracking here. Lets make this Abokan Bokpe fight happen. The man obviously wants a piece of Penner. Penner, time to step up!

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  41. Dean Panas says:

    Nick had medical issues that made him pull out two days before the fight in Edmomton on September 13th. I talked to Rob that night and told him what happened to Nick, Rob was very understanding. I mentioned to Rob that Nick was in need of an opponent for his fight in Winnipeg on October 12th and we could see if the promotion was interested in the fight. I also talked to Mel at KO Boxing and got her approval because I didn’t want to piss her off by poaching and Edmonton fight and moving it to Winnipeg.

    It is my understanding that the fight fell through in Winnipeg between Nick and Rob vecause Rob wanted to figt 6 rounds and Nick could only commit to a 4 rounder because of the shape he was in following his medical issues. Nobody “pulled out” because the fight was never finalized for Winnipeg.

    I am sure Penner will comment on this because he seems to be in a talkative mood this last few days.

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  42. Nick Penner says:

    I haven’t back tracked on anything. Again, nice try. As I said before, put up or shut up. I am doubting more and more then this is anything but cheap talk

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  43. Nick Penner says:

    Time to correct u dean. Lol. At first I only wanted a short 4 rounder, but I started to feel a bit better and told robs coach Sterling that I would go for a six rounder. I did owe them that anyway. It was shortly after that, that sterling got back saying that the move and the business was too much at the moment. Again, very legit. Robs a badass, he had to make that call.

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  44. Shane BTP Mountney says:

    As MMA Fan saud previiusly…and as Craig and i both talked about it lastnight….Hudson would definitly be interested in a boxing matxh with you…Nick…after his Title Defense Nov. 8…

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  45. RickRoll says:

    Penner, its time to step up.

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  46. Marv says:

    Rickroll- do you ever say anything that isn’t stupid

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  47. Nick Penner says:

    Lol, ok rickroll, I’ll try to step up to a newbie. It just so scary.

    As for Hudson, tell him I’m in. And ask him not to hurt me, I’m just a little guy now.

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  48. Fighter says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing Nick fight Rob in Edmonton, one of the main reasons i bought a table back in Sept.
    I’ve seen Nick fight Mauy Thai, Boxing, MMA. Calmest fighter I’ve ever seen enter the combat zone. This guy is not afraid of anyone. Any place, anytime
    Rob is a giant slayer.After seeing him KO two guys that were over 70 pounds more than him, it just makes you think of what he would to a cruiserweight.
    This is an awesome matchup.
    Dean…talk to Melanie and get this going in Dec.
    I’m a huge fan of both fighters.

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