Canadian Rumour Mill – Thanksgiving 2013 Edition


Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians. It is time for some turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and pumpkin pie. Sorry if you are cutting weight!Gossip Queen

  • Yoon Heo from Burnaby, BC made a successful Road FC debut in South Korea, defeating previously undefeated Byung OK Cho via Unanimous decision at Road FC 13 on Saturday! Way to go Yoon!

  • Looks like Randa Markos will be left off of the Invicta 7 card despite previous reports stating otherwise.
  • Robert Nelson will take on Bruno Marques at XFFC on December 14.
  • Big congrats to “Bazooka Joe” Valtellini who defeated the very acclaimed Karim Ghajji by 3rd round TKO at Glory 11.  Gabriel Varga defeated Jose Palacios by unanimous decision.  Great stuff by Canadian fighters!
  • Nick Penner’s boxing bout did not happen this past weekend as his opponent experienced difficulties crossing the border.

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  1. Nick Penner says:

    Agreed fighter, i think they are going to try for dec. robs a killer and I have nothing but respect for him and would love to mix it up with him.

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  2. Nick Penner says:

    Well guys, I’m out of this conversation. At least Hudson’s crew said he was down, and I do trust he is. He is a beast and will scrap, nothing but respect for him.

    Fighter, sorry again, for September. Both rob and I do want to fight each other, it will happen.

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  3. Nick Penner says:

    Hey Shane BTP, do you think Hudson would be down for a k1 rules kickboxing fight? The reason why I ask is that I know he’s a mma striker and that its a lot closer to his rules then boxing is. It’s just a thought, beside, kickboxing is way cooler. Lol. If so, hit me up on Facebook. I’m done with all the drama from keyboard warriors here. Lol

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  4. abokan says:

    F.Y.I. Nick… I won golden gloves in Quebec. then moved to Ontario and won provincial tournament. Finished third at canadian nationals. Have sparred many pro boxers. Over 27 Amateur fights. Turned open in the amateurs after 3 fights. And fought Eric martel my fourth fight… and he had been canadian champ at super heavy… so it was 260 vs 203… I ain’t got any pro fights yet… then again u only got 3. I guarantee you that when we do it up in the ring… you will realise that you have never encountered a fighter like me before. The only reason I know who you are is cause I was offered to fight you. You know the rest. I spoke to my trainer as I don’t have a manager or promoter… so… I do apologize for wasting you your time. nonetheless… a joke.. I am not. knock outs… it what I am good at… and that was with dem padded gloves and head gear. boxing… I can do. This will happen. one day. Just keep that perfect record. Be easy.

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  5. Wardog says:

    for sure nick,sounds good.much respect.just get ahold of my coach well make it happen.

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  6. pat says:

    I want to see Rick Roll “step-up”…& not to the buffet table. Shut your pie hole.

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  7. Fighter says:

    Looks like Pat is drinking and posting again.

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  8. RickRoll says:

    Nick you are sleeping on this guy and using the newbie thing as an excuse. You can see by his post he is far from a newbie. A man is calling you out. Nut up or dont.

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  9. RickRoll says:

    Abokan is down to scrap, Penner isnt. Period.

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  10. Every weekend in Quebec there is at least four amateur fight cards going on, and to win the golden gloves tournament in Quebec proves this Abokan is pretty legit and no joke! the main difference between the amateurs and the pro system is in the pro system you can pick and choose your opponents, in the amateur system especialy at the more elite tournaments such as provincials, golden gloves nationals your fighting the best fighters in the Country, no bobby kalmakoffs there ,and winning at nationals designates who goes to the Olympics. It was a wise decision for nick or his management to turn down this fight.

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  11. Hawkes says:

    You will find way more talent in the ammy boxing circuit than the pro scene in Canada. most of these guys want to go to the Olympics. its not like mma… an ammy fighter has 60 or 70 fights before turning pro a lot of the time.

    not trying to enter any argument… just thought I would shed light on the fact that there is a possibility this guy is really good. for example my buddy Brandt Butt has better stand up than any pro mma fighter I have ever sparred, and he is an ammy boxer who has won nationals and has done international competition.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    In 2013 Golden Gloves is far less noteworthy than a golden shower.

    I’m in Russia, just posting cuz I miss you guys.

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  13. Hawkes says:

    Ps. I just texted The boxer I was talking about and he has 69 fights. He also not nearly done as an ammy.

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  14. PUCK says:

    Comparing mma (striking) to boxing or any stand up art for that fact holds no real value in my eyes as if you are strait boxing/kickboxing the range is much different forget the fact you don’t need to know how to or worrie about grappling? So your footwork/how you hold your hands/feints/set ups/ combo’s/head movement/how you throw punches and game plan are way different. Just cause a guy is a great boxer don’t mean shit in mma. (in my eyes) but same can be said for mma guys who think they have big power with small gloves on. Going from 4oz to 12-16oz gloves is night and day and just “cliping” a guy don’t work quite as good. In my experience sparing with strait boxers sucks as man they hit hard, but if we throw in takedowns….it changes how they fight..and really case and point, look at how many “high level strikers” (champions) are getting KTFO in mma….Rem…Hunt…Cro cop and so on. But in my mind they are world class strikers…but just another guy in the pool in mma..Thoughts poeple? Again no disrespect to anyone just thinking out loud….and with that being said I down to watch Penner box!

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  15. Hawkes says:

    I was just stating that the armature landscape in boxing is far different. Wasn’t saying anything about style vs style.

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  16. Kevin Denton says:

    I still want to see nick vs rob. I still don’t understand how someone can say nut up or shut up when penner wants a proven pro who is ranked

    You guys are idiots and make zero sense

    Also Penner never rejected the fight. And he has stated he will take the fight. He’s contacted promoters to make it happen and he’s more excited now that this guy has experience.

    This site is full of clowns

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  17. @Robin Black, Like they say in the Real Estate Busness, Location, Location, Location, I disagree that Golden Gloves is less note worthy than a golden shower, sure you win a golden gloves tournament in Saskatoon not the same as winning the golden gloves tournament in Quebec City where they have 10 times the population just like winning golden Gloves in Quebec is not the same as winning the New York State Golden Goves . By your comment your dicrediting the hard work and sacrifice these amateur athletes put with out the financial reward at end.

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  18. @Robin Black, another comparison is, winning the MFC, Unified or KOTC world title is not the same as winning the UFC or Belator world titles.

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  19. edmmafan says:

    @Robin Black, another comparison is, a real mma fighter and an emo wanna be mma fighter.

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  20. Combo says:

    Who cares about Penner fighting anyway. He was chewed up and spit out of mma. He clearly won’t fight ‘anyone’ as he stated. Maybe he’s still hoping people remember who he is. All his bs excuses have caught up to him. I doubt he ever fights anywhere again

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  21. Tuff guy bill says:

    U fight him then Combo.Ass clown

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  22. RickRoll says:

    I hate to say it against one of our own but Penner was reality checked in the UFC. He got out of MMA after he saw what the big leagues were like. Now he is trying to hand pick opponents in Boxing and kickboxing.

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  23. Kevin says:

    Then handpick opponents like 6-1 Ranked Rob Nicoles all you want Penner and I’ll still watch you!

    Don’t pay attention to these idiots. Penner your a kickboxer who did great as an MMA fighter. More than 95% of the world.

    But now it should be time for you to enter the ring and kickbox. Throw those kicks, we have not seen one in years

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  24. Hawkes says:

    Penner is a good fighter with nothing to prove to anyone. What he does with his career is his business. Lay off the guy he’s just trying to fight!

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  25. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    What a shame that a Canadian guy that makes it to the pinnicle of the sport, The UFC, gets trashed on this site. Time would be better spent picking his brain on what it takes to make it to that level and keeping him around this site.

    All the best to you Nick Penner in what ever direction you take.

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  26. Wardog says:

    Well put Snyper McGrath.

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  27. CB says:

    It doesn’t matter if you are GSP, Nick Penner, Matt McGrath or Craig Hudson, every fighter who has ever posted on here gets flamed. Each person will have some fans and some haters. Some comments are justified, while others are only meant to attack. The more pro fighters that post, the more legitimacy it brings this website. Unfortunately, they should prepare to see much varying opinions, which can be hurtful to hateful. The same can be said for those speaking on someone’s behalf

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  28. Most legimate pro fighters are too busy training or getting on with their life or family life to spend much time posting, so instead you get the wanabe fighters and keyboard warriors like a mike kent, btp, bigpoppagroove69, and other such no life individuals posting their two cents wort.

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  29. PUCK says:

    I must addmit I was socked to see him get beat 2 strait in the UFC but Penner’s still the man and deserves respect. I too would love to see him do some pro kickboxing.

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  30. Mike kent says:

    Yeah I’m a key board warrior and wannabe fighter ! I have thirteen fights, how many have you had ? And I work ten hours a day, train twice and spend every other second with my family . The problem with no name losers like you is you have no idea what it takes to actually get in the cage and fight.

    It takes two seconds of your day to come on here and respond to trolls. I can’t wrap my head around how pathetic your life has to be to come on here and post under a screen name and tear down and judge people your never met and have no connection to . Where’s the pay off ? What do you get out of that .

    While me the can and wanna be fighter is living my dreams by being a father, fighter, and holding a very good job down you spend your days taking cheap shots at people doing things that you will or can’t do. I’ll never not have the time to come on here and tell a moron like you to fuck off .

    If i never win another fight Atleast I know I did everything I hoped for when I started and got to fight in the sport I love against guys I respect . That’s more then likely more then you can say about yourself

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  31. RickRoll says:

    Penner has had a lot of hype that he never lived up to is all I am saying. He couldnt cut it in the big leagues. If you take a factual statement as an insult then thats your right to do so. I am only stating facts.

    Mike Kent, relax man, nobody knows who you are really.

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  33. AMLEHTC says:

    I think using a Star Trek quote tends to take any seriousness out of whatever you type. Next time maybe try using a Conan the barbarian quote

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  34. Gunner says:

    “Crom if you don’t help me now !!!! to Hell with you I will do it on my own !!)

    one of the best Conan lines

    I still soft for Terminator

    ” I BE BACK”


    P.S. Penner an awesome dude I met him only once and was to this day one of the most genuine awesome down to earth dudes I have met in the sport

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  35. @AMLEHTC, how about Rambo First Blood Quotes, what we call hell, Mike kent calls home!

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  36. RickRoll says:

    Penner, just go fight man, stop acting like you are above people. You arent buddy. You got exposed in the UFC. You are a decent fighter, you had alot of hype that wasnt warranted. You arent Jon Jones so stop acting like it.

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  37. harry balls says:

    “It is too lethal to be used in the ring or cage!”

    Please Hammer, don’t hurt us!

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  38. Bdc says:

    Penner vs higgins boxing match???

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  39. Cody Saftic says:

    Due to your shady business practices @Alok Kumar I can now add MMA Gloves Canada to a list of companies I will never support. Don’t spam the threads for your own personal gain.

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