Invicta FC 7 – December 7


Invicta FC ThumbDate: December 7, 2013
Venue: Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City in Missouri
TV: Internet PPV

Fight Card:
125lbs- Barb Honchak (8-2) vs. Leslie Smith (6-3-1)
***Flyweight Title Fight

135lbs- Lauren Murphy (7-0) vs. Miriam Nakamoto (2-0)
***Bantamweight Title Fight

115lbs- Felice Herrig (9-4) vs. Tecia Torres (3-0)
115lbs- Joanne Calderwood (7-0) vs. Katja Kankaanpaa (8-0-1)
145lbs- Julia Budd (5-2) vs. Charmaine Tweet (4-3)
125lbs- Zoila Frausto Gurgel (12-3) vs. Vanessa Porto (15-6)
135lbs- Sarah D’Alelio (7-4) vs. Tonya Evinger (11-6)
125lbs- Munah Holland (5-2) vs. Nina Ansaroff (5-4)

3 Responses to “ Invicta FC 7 – December 7 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Sarah D’Alelio replaces Kelly Kobold against Tonya Evinger

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  2. Update: Claudia Gadelha pulled out with a bacteria infection today. Her title fight with Carla Esparza is off.

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  3. Rino Belcastro says:

    Great to see some of these fights. Torres stole the show and seperated herself into contending for a title, she is a beast. After watching these fights and the 115lbs division, their is no doubt in my mind that Randa Markos can compete with these girls. She is training/sparring with World champion Professional Boxers as well as National level ammy’s and is holding her own day in and day out elevating her game to become a well rounded mixed martial artist. her day to day TEENAGE training partners in TJ Laramie, Tony Laramie, and Mike Tinoco also give her the push that many camps would be able to copy, as these kids are already at a different level in all aspects of disciplines kickboxing/jits/wrestling/boxing helping to round out Randa’a game – she deserves her chance in the big leagues

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