The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 6 – I’m Up Next!


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBTeam Rousey regained control after Davey beat Louis last week and they selected Jessamyn Duke to fight Raquel Pennington. I think this was the match up our team wanted anyway so I think Raquel was pleased with it.

In the house, Julianna gave Raquel and Sarah a make over. Anyone could tell that those girls do not wear those kind of clothes or shoes very often because they looked very uncomfortable and awkward walking around the house.

The Green Valley Ranch
We got to leave the house again for a night to go watch the UFC in Winnipeg at Green Valley Ranch. This place was beautiful!  We got our own private villa with our own bar and pool with a bunch of big screens around. Everybody was looking forward to this getaway after being cooped up in the house for a while. The event was sponsored by Hooters, which was pretty awesome because we got our own Hooters girls to serve us.

I really wish I had already fought when I was there because all the people that had fought already were drinking and eating a whole bunch of delicious looking foods except for Sharkbait, who had not fought yet.  He was eating whatever he wanted and was drinking a lot more than everyone had thought. His philosophy was weight cuts are going to suck anyway so might as well make it interesting haha. The episode did not show everything at the party. Beal was pretty funny.  He was smashed and him and Marina (Rhonda’s friend) were throwing each other around in the pool. Cody bet Master Tong that Dan Henderson would beat Rashad Evans and loser would have to jump naked into the pool. Rashad ended up winning and Cody manned up and did a naked backflip into the pool. When we got back to the house, I did not know Anthony was waking the girls up like that. I was sitting outside for most of that, but I guess some people were pissed off at him for being an annoying drunk.

Coach Mel was one of our guest coaches.  I really enjoyed having him there.  I liked the way he coached – he breaks things down very nicely. One thing I’m surprised they didn’t show or maybe they will in the future episodes is Coach Jack and me held a baseball bat in place and Coach Mel kicked right through it. I thought it was pretty impressive.

Raquel Pennington vs Jessamyn Duke
I got to know Raquel pretty good with her being on my team and I thought she was the best girl left in the house.  Going into the fight I was pretty confident that she was going to get the W, but this is the TUF house and anything can happen. Jessamyn is a tall, athletic girl who has good thai skills, being tall seemed to be the norm this season haha.  I could not believe how tall everyone was in the house! Peggy was about 6’1, Jessamyn, Holdsworth, and Sharkbait were all pushing 6 ft, Wootten was about 5’10, Davey and Cody about 5’9, Beal and Louie around 5’7 or 5’8ish and then me sitting at 5’6. Now that Timmy was gone I was the shortest guy in the house haha. I went to watch the fight thinking that no matter what, I would be fighting next.  If they got control, I figured they would pick me and if we won they wanted to give Cody more time to lower his weight and I was walking around much lighter. The fight itself was great.  It was back and forth with both ladies having their moments. I gave the first round to Jessamyn, the second to Raquel and the third was very close but I thought Raquel based on more significant strikes that landed. Either way, it was a great fight and both girls should be proud of themselves.

The Gentleman Fights Next!
When Miesha announced the next fight, I was so pumped that it was finally happening!  I did not want to wait anymore. I got along really well with Wootten in the house. He is a good dude and very easy to get along with and, like me, very laid back. He was very big for a Bantamweight. He was not only tall but also pretty thick. I warmed up with him a bit for our fights to get in the house and seen him hitting pads and it looked like he had good striking. We thought it was a good matchup for me.  Get the takedown, look to pound and then take whatever submission he gives me. I was just pumped to finally get in the cage and not have to wait or wonder who or when I am fighting next.


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11 Responses to “ The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 6 – I’m Up Next! ”

  1. steve hill says:

    Bout time!!!!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  2. Can’t wait to see how Josh does next week. Giver!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 4

  3. Karl says:

    I love all Canadian fighters but Dana said it best “I HATE 1 DIMENSIONAL FIGHTERS” and as soon as Wooten had HIll on his back he was lost and EVERY second on feet Hill was paranoid and diving for legs. I hope he learns from this cause if he adds some stand up threat he will be a force and tough fight for any one in the weight class but if he sticks to wrestling his number has been figured out and it is a matter of time before the highlight reel knee or upper cut

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 10

  4. Wow says:

    Karl, why ya gotta kick a guy while he’s down? I have a feeling josh tries his hardest at every aspect of the game. I’m sure he’s trying to evolve a more dangerous game and trying to finish guys. If it was as easy as “oh I didn’t win with my wrestling, time to work on my stand up.” Then everyone would be Anderson silva. But it’s not as simple as that. You know you’re just spitting a bit of venom at the guy after his loss.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  5. smash says:

    Josh had a BIG slam first round. Had the back and came verrry close to finishing the fight with the RNC, worked some good elbows against the cage, jumped a guillotine in the 2nd, threw some spinning shit in the 3rd, How the @&^# is that 1 dimensional? @ KARL and Dana White are both retarded.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  6. Louis Fisette says:

    Josh is definitely not 1 dimensional! Having trained with him, he is really skilled on the ground and standing. Tough loss, but like I said if you lose in the TUF house, that’s kinda the point of the show. 75% of people in that house will lose a fight before the end of the show. You’re fighting the best of the best, that’s no easy task.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 4

  7. Joe Lewis says:

    Well put Louis if it wasn’t for that missed spinning back fist in the third who knows. … But I’m sure josh will use this as a learning experience and try to improve or be more confident in his stand up game. … Everybody loses at dome point… Keep improving josh!!!!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  8. Rob says:

    Everyone loses but it’s too bad Josh lost on the show. He came close to finishing in the first round. Caraway told him to jump on the guillotine in the second round. Bad advice. If he hadn’t done that I think he would have won the second round and the fight. Josh has got loads of natural talent. I’d like to see him develop more of his stand up but his strength is his grappling so you can’t blame him for using it. The loss doesn’t go against his pro record anyway because I believe they call those matches “exhibition”. Good luck Josh!

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  9. Sam Z says:

    Does Josh train out of a striking school?wtf are you all talking about

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  10. wuzjustsayin says:

    Ya that Danna White, what an idiot!! What does he know about MMA!!

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