The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 6 – Duke vs Pennington


ultimate-fighter THUMBJessamyn Duke kicks things off saying how Raquel Pennington was supposed to be her pro MMA debut opponent but her coach would not allow it. She said it happened for a reason because now she gets to fight Pennington in front of Dana White. Pennington says she did not know what happened to that previous matchup. She is ready now though.

Julianna Pena is gets the makeup kit out. She starts giving Pennington and Sarah Moras a makeover. Pennington talks about being homosexual and how her mother never accepted her when she came out. Pena gives them some stilettos to walk in. She says the two walk like linebackers.

Miesha Tate has Melchor Menor (Coach Mel) working with Pennington on defending muay thai clinches. Duke has good muay thai clinch and they are working hard at it. Tate feels that Pennington, who she calls the strongest woman on the team, needs to close the distance and get inside Duke’s reach. Tate says that Pennington has a hard time starting strong.

The teams head to the Green Valley Ranch to watch a UFC PPV poolside. Everyone is loving the fact that they are out of the house. Pennington and Duke can’t eat as they are cutting weight. Jessamyn Duke stayed in the house and did not go to the party.

Back at the pool, Rousey talks about wishing that Herb Dean and Big John reffed all of her fights.

Anthony Gutierrez is screaming and throwing stuff around following the party. He is climbing into the girl’s beds. Raquel Pennington is trying to sleep on the eve of the weigh-ins. She says she will get back at him. Pena says he is like an annoying kid brother. The girls wake him up the next morning.

Edmond Traverdyan tightens up Jessamyn’s striking and is getting her to use her reach. Duke calls Pennington the toughest girl left in the tournament. She says she is going to use her reach. Rousey says “no fights are easy, but this fight is simple.”

Jessamyn Duke vs Raquel Pennington
R1. Front kick by Duke lands. Leg kick by Pennington. Both keeping distance. Hard leg kick by Duke but it is caught. Duke lands strikes while Pennington holds on to the leg. Duke grabs a standing guillotine and throws some knees while holding onto Pennington’s neck. They break. Leg kick by Pennington. Two kicks to the mid-section by Duke. Leg kick by Duke but Pennington returns with three strikes. Leg kick Duke. Straight punch down the middle by Pennington. Front kick by Pennington. Leg kick right hand by Pennington. Leg kick, high kick by Duke. Hard right by Pennington. Hard strikes as Pennington turns it up in final minute. Both swinging/kicking hard now. Duke bloodied around the nose.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Duke

R2. Kick to the body by Duke. Leg kick Duke but Pennington returns with punches. Hard kick scores for Duke. Lots of punches coming up short. Pennington with a hard counter left. Knees by Duke from the clinch. 6 or 7 knees score. Straight left by Pennington. Straight left by Duke and a right. Hard front kick then left by Pennington. Straight right by Pennington. Straight left scores and Pennington follows up with more strikes but Duke knees her many times from the clinch again. Pennington with a power advantage. She rocks Duke several times at the minute mark. Duke bloodied up good. Duke gets the clinch and throws knees. Hard right by Pennington. Front kick wobbles Duke. Leg kick Pennington. Body kick by Duke. Round ends with more knees from Duke in an entertaining round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pennington

R3. Sudden victory. Still sounds goofy to me. Jabs by Duke. Overhand right by Duke scores. Leg kick by Pennington. Combo by Pennington. Leg kick by Pennington. Right lands hard on Duke. Pennington with a combo that scores. Double jab by Duke. Head kick by Duke lands. Left and right score for Pennington but Duke lands a punch as well. Head kick by Duke. Right hand by Pennington scores and damages throughout this fight. Pennington should try to close the distance. Pennington has big power advantage. Hard left by Raquel. Clinch by Duke who scores knees and inside punches. Hard right by Pennington, who was cut up from the clinch. The two are throwing hard with 10 seconds left. This could be anyone’s fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pennington
Raquel Pennington defeats Jessamyn Duke by Decision.

Gutierrez calls it “the best female fight I have probably ever seen.” It put women’s MMA on the map and will energize women like Griffin/Bonnar did to all the guys, he says.
Duke has a black eye and in camera says it was her toughest fight ever.
Roxanne Modafferi says people who aren’t a fan of women’s MMA should watch that fight and see that women can throw down.
Shayna Baszler says it was “dead even.”
Moras had “no idea” who won that fight.
Josh Hill says “there was no loser in that fight.” They both showed a lot of heart and drive.

Pennington is cut over an eye and requires stitches.
Duke is upset that she fell short. Rousey says “You can’t just be better, you have to be world’s better.”

Next fight: Josh Hill vs Michael Wootten

4 Responses to “ The Ultimate Fighter 18 Recap: Episode 6 – Duke vs Pennington ”

  1. PUCK says:

    It was a good fight but man “Rockey” has a way more “Stank” on her punches than Duke.

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  2. She looks like the hardest hitter in the house.

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  3. harry balls says:

    holy fuck. this season just keeps making me a believer more and more. i thought Pennington looked one dimensional (maybe just a strategy when you are fighting someone so tall and rangey), but man, if you are gonna do one thing , i guess it pays to do it incredibly well.
    my neighbours must think i am (more) nuts now. i could not stop yelling at the screen.

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  4. Donald Duck says:

    Agreed, I haven’t enjoyed a season this much since the first Tito season.

    Great season made better by the focus on the fighters as people not just as reality show contestants.


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