Tristar’s Alex Garcia Signs with UFC


Alex Garcia (photo: Mike Fischl)

Alex Garcia (photo: Mike Fischl)

Yesterday, the Canadian Rumour Mill mentioned that Alex Garcia was headed to the UFC. Today, that rumour was confirmed as “The Dominican Nightmare” has been signed to fight on UFC Fight Night 33. Tristar Gym’s Alex Garcia will take on Sweden’s Andreas Stahl at the Brisbane, Australia event.

Alex Garcia (10-1) will enter the fight on a four fight winning streak having beaten Ryan Dickson and Chris Heatherly earlier this year. Garcia also defeated Matt MacGrath and Stephane Lamarche in the streak which started after his first career loss to UFC fighter Seth Baczynski.

Like Garcia, Andreas Stahl will be making his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 33 on December 7th. Stahl is an undefeated Welterweight who most recently beat Veselin Dimitrov.

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  1. truth says:

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  2. AMLEHTC says:

    ^^^why? So unnecessary

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  3. Jim Jones says:

    Will he pass a drug test though?

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  4. Congrats to Alex Garcia ! One Tristar guy gets cut and makes room for another to replace him.

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  5. G.O says:

    congrats to another Canadian getting his shot

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  6. Ryan D says:

    Guy has one loss and you call him no chin HUH!!

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  7. ThaCanCrusha says:

    Come on guys. We all know it should have been Sheldon Westcott that got signed to the UFC instead of Alex Garcia. That man never turns down a tough fight lol lol lol

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