MFC 39: No Remorse – Edmonton – January 17


MFC ThumbDate: January 17, 2014
Venue: Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: Ticketmaster or MFC Ticket Hotline: 780-504-2024

Main Card:
265lbs- Anthony Hamilton (11-2) vs. Darrill Schoonover (13-5)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

155lbs- Kurt Southern (13-4) vs. Tom Gallicchio (17-8)
***Lightweight Title Fight

170lbs- Jason South (10-1) vs. Gilbert Smith (7-2)
164lbs- Sean Powers (8-3) vs. Marcus Edwards (5-2)
205lbs- Markhaile Wedderburn (11-10) vs. Sean O’Connell (14-4)
155lbs- Dan Ring (5-2-1) vs. Andrew McInnes (3-1)

Preliminary Card:
185lbs- Cody Krahn (13-8) vs. Clay Davidson (8-5)
195lbs- Jared McComb (5-3-1) vs. Paul Grebinski (1-0)

141 Responses to “ MFC 39: No Remorse – Edmonton – January 17 ”

  1. RNC says:

    Sounds like a Pav maneuver. Anyone know where is a good site to bet on MFC or any other non UFC fights?
    Thanks ahead of time.

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  2. I believe the correct word in describing the pav would be shyster.

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  3. RNC says:

    I believe you are correct, lol. Hopefully O’Connell doesn’t get shafted and can collect some of his purse. Who knows maybe that was all a setup as well obviously everyone and their dog knew this was probably going to happen.

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  4. 99 percent of the people out there knew this fight was not gonna happen, the other 1 percent got suckered and bought tickets off vic for this scam. you can include the pav in that 99%. It would not surprise me if O Connell had no contract written up and no airline and hotel stay booked. The scam of the century!!

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  5. MMAFAN01 says:

    Haha bigpoppa there’s days where I wish I could slap you, today is not one of those days! You’ve sure opened my eyes to some slimmy sh*t. I feel bad for the suckers that actually are a fan of this washed up never has been. They bought tickets to see his d*ck get beat into the mat and now he’s “in the hospital”

    I just really wish the name Valimaki would disappear. Don’t want the guy dead, I just want his MMA career to vanish. Sick of seeing his face, sick of hearing his name, sick of him screwing over opponents who train their asses off to beat his face in!

    He now has about as much of my respect as say a bobby kalmakoff, which thankfully since his embarrassment at RITC we haven’t even heard of his name. With any luck his dangling from a tree in some Forrest off RR 213

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  6. Removed Victor Valimaki. Top MMA News confirmed he had surgery yesterday.

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  7. RNC says:

    Surgery? Confirmed by Valimaki or a real physician? I hope it’s nothing serious if it is an actual health issue but the timing of course seems shady. Maybe it was a hernia or something who knows whole thing is strange.

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  8. MMAFAN01 says:

    Valimaki was not in any hospital in the edmonton area! This was confirmed! So unless he got surgery in another province he’s once again full of shit! Cause he sure as hell isn’t full of guys and courage. I wouldn’t whipe my ass with Valimaki’s word!

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  9. MMAFAN02 says:

    Guess you didn’t check all of them MMAFAN01. Had a friend who wouldn’t lie who saw Vic at the hospital Wednesday. Vic posted on FB that he’s at U of A hospital, just had surgery, and would love some visitors. Pretty elaborate ruse when it can all be checked out and his friends will likely show up to see him.

    Hope everyone who is bagging on him gets hit with some karma. Shameful.

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  10. Aaron Robinson says:

    Legitimate or not, The reasons for the surgery were more than likely brought on by Victors lifestyle, nobody is ragging on him for pulling out due to legitimate illness, people are ragging on him because he’s a repeat offender for bullshit pull outs and everyone knows he is no longer fully commited to this but continues to attempt to “re-invent” himself and go out of his way to let everyone know that the matrix 2.0 is back and blah blah. Just give it up already.

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  11. Cody Krahn says:

    Calling every hospital in Edmonton just to anonymously bash someone on the internet is pretty fucked up IMO.

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  12. If valimaki had bobby Ks balls, before everybody gets their panties in a bunch I said bobby Ks balls not his brain, and the Real Deal Ryan Fords work ethic, commitment and perseverance he would still be in the UFC!!

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  13. Ryan D says:

    ^^^^^ LMAO ^^^^^

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  14. Aaron Robinson says:

    Emulating any part of Kalmakoff is a terrible idea for anyone, as an athlete or just as a human being. That is one guy we should all just forget even walks around on the same planet as the rest of us.

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  15. Canadian Fight Fan says:

    I hope he just calls it good, feel bad he is in hospital and all but again if he trained like a athlete again prob won’t be way over weight and kill himself. Promoters sooner or later have to catch on to his ways. How many fights in a row has he pulled out of ?

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  16. Aaron Robinson says:

    I believe the count is at 4? Razakk, D-bomb, Chemelli, O’Connell. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  17. MMAFAN01 says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Thesubzero says:

    How one can have so much anonymous hate is unreal to me. Seriously grow up MMAFAN01. I’m also cheering for Clay to win, but seriously that’s cold.

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  19. Cody Krahn says:

    I’m more interested in what that pussy has to say after I win.

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  20. showtying says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  21. Ryan D says:

    Don’t tell me Shoetyin is gonna be victors replacement. Mark wouldn’t stoop that low or would he?!

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  22. giant silva says:

    talked to kalib starnes today he said “pavelich contacted him a couple days ago to replace valimaliki “…. and fight O’connell on basically no notice….. and starnes said he would take the fight , but according to pavelich O’connel has turned it down and wont agree to the fight

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  23. Lil Jon says:

    Any news on Vic’s health I’m assuming it wasn’t life threatening. Maybe Starnes should move up to heavyweight to fight Rama. Grizzled veteran vs the new blood. Neither of them seem like huge heavyweights compared to guys like Hague Barnett Browne etc.

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  24. Mike Russell says:

    Vic had emergency surgery to remove an abscessed internal mass from his throat on Saturday that had caused major neck swelling and greatly impeded his breathing on Wednesday.

    The surgeon assumed the lump was a malignant growth, but after testing the removed tissue they found some questionable pre-cancerous cells. He has been prescribed an intense daily course of strong IV antibiotics and what I understand to be low-level chemotherapy for the next several weeks.

    They think that the infection may have been what caused him his illness that forced him out of the Chemelli fight.

    Contrary to popular belief Vic had been training at Complete MMA and with a reputable boxing trainer for this fight and was on weight thanks to a nutritionist he hired a couple months back.

    I know this post will likely get me vote downs and anonymous backlash, but if anything I ask that people refrain from kicking Vic while he’s down considering what he is going through. He still has three fights with the MFC and plans on fulfilling those obligations to Mark and the fans who want to see him fight. As far as I know Mark was at the hospital over the weekend to see Vic and to get the unsold tickets he had. Maybe he can chime in on the legitimacy of Victor’s illness for all of the doubters.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    I had some very bad growths on my thyroid gland and had a variety of treatments over a 9 month period.

    The treatments sucked and the hypothyroidism I dealt with was even worse.

    I hope Victor is ok. Please send him my best Mike.

    I made a full recovery and I wish the same for Vic.

    He’s a good dude and a good athlete and I hope he gets back to full health and happiness.

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  26. Mike Russell says:

    Will do, Robin; thanks, man.

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  27. TimHague says:

    I just got directed here and read what Kris Dyck wrote earlier. 1. You dont even deserve to be talking about smealinho in regards to possibly competing against him in mma. 2. You run your mouth way too much. 3. I didn’t “train” you. We hit the gym together 2 or 3 times when I was working in Ft. Mac. Thats it.

    And finally #4. Dont fuckin crack off about me or yap about training with me if youre going to be disrespectful for no reason. Thats classless. I apologize to anyone who read that shit.

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  28. Chris stamp says:

    All bullshit aside!! I can’t wait to see this card. Mad respect for Showtime for taking this fight last minute so Sean oconnell isn’t stuck with no opponent!! People can say what they want but fighters fight!! That’s that

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  29. Demolition07 says:

    I never post on here but someone sent me a pick of Tim hagues comment and I am inclined to reply…kris dick(douchebag) is the last person I could ever see Tim hangin with or training…from personal experience kris is the biggest pussy I’ve ever seen step foot in a gym!!! Or mma facility for that matter..guys a waste of skin..he came to my club and singled out one of our only female fighters and started sparring with her like she was his size..ur what kris? 250? She’s 135 btw…kicking her like she owed u money…and she took it like the man that u clearly could never be and carried on…u however what did u do…I offer a boxing sparring match with u 16oz gloves and the first jab I throw and it lands u tell me to “take it easy” then give up like a little Mitch in less then a minute of a 3min rnd!!! And try and come on here claiming u train or fight?!?!?! Ur the biggest joke anyone will ever know on this site..and I highly doubt Tim would ever want anything to do with a loser like u…props to u Tim for finally seein what this tool is all about. Also I agree with stamp..this card should be good and Showtime is a true warrior regardless of what anyone has to say! He’s a great human being and a true spirit!! Guy shows up to fight!! Always respect that.

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  30. mike kent says:

    ^^^ truth. Chris Dyke came to gym wanted to spar with females and refused any type of interaction or sparring with men at our gym. Told us that “MMA wasn’t as easy as it looks” hahaha we all looked at him shocked and ask why he would think two trained men fighting each other in a cage looked easy lol.

    It was recommended to him that he stopped talking about fighting and just trained for a while. he said that he didn’t care to be in shape because the other guy he was fighting wouldn’t be so it was a ” fair fight “.

    Total clueless disrespectful loser.

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  31. TK says:

    Now he just has to make weight….

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  32. Sagat says:

    Showtime always comes to fight. He has very legit Muay Thai. Making 205 wont be a problem for Showtime, he made 185 lbs his last fight with no issues. Showtime trains hard. He will be in shape and ready.

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  33. Donald Duck says:

    LOL – “he made 185 lbs his last fight with no issues”!!

    Were these the fights he was contracted for 170?


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  34. With shoeshine wedeburn making weight is not the issue, the real issue is takeing the fight on less than a week notice. with no training camp in place I expect shoeshine to stick around for a round or less as he comes for the pay day.

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  35. Sagat says:

    @Donald Duck

    Yeah he did make 185. And he will make 205. The guy realized he cant make 170 anymore due to missing weight constantly. Oh wait. Show must be the only MMA fighter in the world that has missed weight mulltiple times then realized they had to move up. Even top 5 UFC fighters like Rumble Johnson missed weight numerous times before moving up. The missed weight at 170 is a dead issue now.

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  36. Cody Rempel says:

    Markhaile Wedderburn replaces Victor Valimaki against Sean O’Connell and Marcus Edwards replaces Mehdi Baghdad against Sean Powers

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  37. richie rich says:

    to all you haters posting under fake names why dont you all go play in traffic fake names go with fake opinions … least he took the fight while all you on the internet cryinng this site is 90% whiners and fakes SMH

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  38. AMLECF says:

    As you say this with a fake name

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  39. Chris stamp says:

    I’m not using fake names and you Amlecf are a dumbass

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  40. The biggest joke here is that shoeshine wederburn is on the main card, when the more logical thing to do is to bump up one of the more deserving prelim fights to main card status.

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  41. AMLECF says:

    Showtime will get dismantled and his fanboys ( fake names or not) will say nothing

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