Canadian Rumour Mill – October 7, 2013

(photo: Jim Beattie)

(photo: Jim Beattie)

Well…that was an entertaining weekend of MMA. Once again, the Maximum Fighting Championship put on a night of exciting tilts that showed they are still on top of their game. I would also like to recognize the debut efforts of LAMMQ who made their debut in La Belle Province this weekend. Promoting is a difficult game. Thanks to both promotions for their efforts!

  • Will newly crowned MFC HW champion Anthony Hamilton’s first title defense be against Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett, the man who was originally supposed to fight Smealinho Rama ?
  • Kurt Southern injured his hamstring during in his MFC victory over Jonatas Novaes and will be sidelined for about a month.
  • Speaking of Kurt “The Hurt” Southern, his rematch with Novaes was a MFC LW Title eliminator. I’m curious to see who the MFC puts up against Southern for the title, as it seems like Graham Spencer has no plans to defend it and will continue fighting just at Featherweight.

  • Wreck MMA has moved the date and location of its next event.  Next event will be on January 24th at the Guertin Arena.  
  • Curious here… will Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis be appearing for both WSOF and MFC?
  • World Series of Fighting Canada will be in Montreal in March of 2014.
  • Justin Sander is taking on Tolutomi Agunblade (5-1 amateur) at KOTC “World Amateur Championships” on October 19th.
  • “King John” John Vernaus is putting on a boxing show in Winnipeg on October 12th and Nick Penner is scheduled to fight on the show. He will take on Tyrone Gibson (1-4) in a Heavyweight bout whom, unless I’m mistaken, is the same guy he fought and defeated on a King John card in 2008 in a MMA bout.  Still no word on the two MMA fights scheduled for this card.
  • Looks like Curtis Demarce is really pissed at the MFC and it sounds like he will not fight for the promotion again.  He says the MFC “LOST A SOLDIER”.   

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68 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – October 7, 2013 ”

  1. AMLEHTC says:

    And by boxing match, Mark Pavelich meant eating contest

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  2. Marv says:


    Pav looks like a cross between a twilight character and Goldberg from the mighty ducks

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  3. BigDaddyKane says:

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  4. Damm!! I was looking forward to seeing valimaki punch out the worn out punching bag known as hicks!!

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  5. Unless Dana White plays for the other team he does not want to get in a grappling match with Big DaddyKane, aka the Pav. He gives new meaning to the term. rear naked choke and ground n pound!!

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  6. MMA Cana says:

    Dana has inner ear issues the guy can’t even live a normal life due to his disability; and Pav stating he would box him is just poor taste;

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  7. Magnum says:

    I’d somewhat agree with Marv..

    Although I’d say Pav is more of a cross between a twilight character and Randy from the trailer park boys with that GUT!

    Guy is grrrreeeaaasy !

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  8. In any type of fight boxing, kickboxing,mma etc. i would put my money on Dana White, because all the fight training the Pav. has is fake, just like Pavs original instructor, the greasy little fraudster known as brad murphy, i was at brad murphys ,one and only grappling tournament where in under 30 seconds Pavs instructor, the Professor Gandmaster, sifu brad murphy got tapped out by a 14 year old kid who had only 6 months of jits training. lol

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  9. AMLEHTC says:

    Brad Murphy also tried to power bomb the kid to get out of that triangle he was caught in. ^^^

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  10. LOL says:

    Curtis Demarce is a good fighter who has come along way!

    However he is not a soldier

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  11. Fighter says:

    I would think Pav would have to his make up off before he entered the ring.
    That could be scary stuff

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  12. Fighter says:

    TAKE his make up off, I meant

    I don’t think Dana needs to worry about Pav hitting him in the inner ear. Who does that anyways?
    Thanks for caring MMA Cana.

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  13. PUCK says:

    Brad Murphy!!!……Bah ha ha ha ….. is he still ripping poeple off? Pushing weights and tanning, thats all I think he’s any good at.

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  14. RickRoll says:

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  15. Ryan D says:

    Lmfao this Pav shit is hilarious what kind a publicity you trying to get by saying that Mark?? This guy is really good at making himself look like a douche bag. Why would anyone wanna fight for his organization. If half the shit ya read about this guy is true wow who would want to associate with him?? Oh and if I was Dwayne its a NO BRAINER WSOF Canada all the way.

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  16. harry balls says:

    Hahaha is this the Brad Murphy you speak of? He should gong sau Chris Myra. TEH DEDLEE……

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  17. @harry balls, yes this is the one and only, self proclaimed Grand Master Brad Murphy! For only 300 dollars per hour he will teach you Murphys world renowned grappling skills, funny they could not help him out when he got tapped out by that scrawny 14 year old kid!

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  18. Murphy’s Law

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  19. Donald Duck says:

    I dunno guys according to the website that guy knows, “Brazilion Jiu Jitsu and murphy submission fighting”….


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  20. Many people do not know this but Grandmaster Brad Murphys earlier career, before he lol got into martial arts was as two bit actor, hes best noted as playing the role of the two string playing hillbilly kid on the 1972 movie Deliverance, starring Burt Reynolds. If you Youtube, Deliverance Banjo Duel, you will witness a young Brad Murphy doing his thing! Incredible!!

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  21. John Alessio says:

    I would pay big money to see Pav vs Dana !!!!! just saying

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  22. BigPoppaPump says:

    Did anyone check out or read the below article, have to wonder if this whole AFC/WSOF Canada deal is legit.

    And if you want another good read go to Facebook and look at a post from Mike “Knock Em” Downey from 09:26 on Wednesday.

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  23. Ryan D says:

    Oh shit has Jason Heit just screwed over I smell a lawsuit if that’s true. Everybody gets a taste but him OUCH!!! What about Harvey and Moin are they still involved or did they just get payouts?. Also curious how the Number 1 fighter in AFC stables Ryan Ford feels about deal?

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  24. Ryan D says:

    Wow read the Facebook stuff what a douche bag!!!

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  25. Mma Cana says:

    AFC – WSOF

    Seems a little goofy.

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  26. MD says:

    The most disturbing part of that article is that Fader is their CFO….
    Makes me really wonder how legit this deal can possibly be,
    This dork cant even manage to look after his own personal finances well enough to get a veterinary bill looked after, or get a decent haircut put on his head.

    scary stuff

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  27. PUCK says:

    Fully agree with MD on this one.

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  28. Gspot says:

    MD hit the nail on the head!

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  29. MD says:

    Lets be serious here tho guys,
    With this whole scandal going on with AFC and WSOF, Fader being a CFO and what sounds like the real AFC suing these fraudsters, do we really think we’re going to see a WSOF Canada, .. Doubtful, I say fighters get your TV time while you can, cause after WSOF (the real one) from Vegas gets thru with this Dec event, I’m sure that will be it.

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  30. I think it has been pretty clear that WSOF did not buy the AFC. Nothing wrong with Owen, Fader, and whoever leaving AFC and forming a new company called WSOF Canada with WSOF in the US. I don’t see any grounds for a law suit.

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  31. Ryan D says:

    I don’t see what you are takin about Keith ??? I think it’s pretty clear that AFC was either bought buy WSOF or has merged with WSOF. So what your saying is there is still a AFC and there is now a WSOF Canada and they are separate entities?? So I thought Mr Owen on one of these very posts said Ryan Ford is the WSOF Canadian champ and so on do rest of champs. So they starting new thing but some how we’re able to steal all or most of AFC Fighters?? Keith I clearly don’t understand maybe you guys can write an article with some facts backing your statement!!

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  32. Ryan D says: So this article were it clearly states AFC has merged with WSOF is false and sportsnet has it all wrong?????

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  33. Darren Owen says:

    I’m open to address any details. I do see where the confusion is as there are a few layers to this. Please ask any specific questions and I will do my best to answer them. I have the majority of our 2014 scheduled dates ready as well.
    Please keep in mind that Jason Heit is an owner of Armageddon FC who’s last event was Nov.5 2011. He was not an owner in Aggression FC.

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  34. AMLEHTC says:

    why did WSOF pick Fader as CFO when he had to set up a fund-a-fighter account for his dog when it ate a plastic toy and needed surgery?

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  35. smash east coast says:

    Who are the staff of wsof canada

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  36. Gspot says:

    Ok how this mr.owen,

    Sounds to me like you fucked your former bisuness partner out if this wsof deal on a technicality! I’d love to hear an explanation…

    In my opinion all you MMA bis unless guys are the same. Only guy I’ve ever dealt with in this bisuness that I’ve known to be truthful and honest to his word is Ken Kupsch! He may be cheap and his shows may not be the best but fuck man bring me a guy who will tell ya he got fucked by Ken! Well except Marcus Hicks… But that’s a whole different topic.


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  37. AMLEHTC says:

    Serious question: if mark pavelich is the black prince of mma, is Moin the sultan of mma?

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  38. I always thought of Mark Pavelich as the Fairy Godfather of mma!

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  39. mike kent says:

    World series of fighting merger now bringing fighters in from all over and giving Canadians more exposure, MFC selling two thousand seats and putting on an awesome event. smaller east coast shows getting to bring top level fighters like Stephan lemarche, elias t. , david loiseau, jesse gross. Elite one putting on very good quality cards, Id say 2014 is gonna be a big one for Canadian mma. The interest and the events seem to really be picking up

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  40. LBoutin says:

    2014 is looking great ! Add that Sask finally will be getting a proper commission and it only gets better and better.

    Also, Ken using MAD as a matchmaker is fantastic for KOTC. MAD has been around Canadian MMA forever and knows the game/fighters better than 99.9% of the people involved in the sport.

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  41. Ryan D says:

    Ok Darren now I am even more confused. I thought armagedeon fc merged to become AFC isn’t that how you became apart of AFC. Pretty sure I seen the dragons den episode with you and Jason on it trying to raise funds for armagedeon fc. So what it sounds like to me is that you screwed him over because obviously Jason did not have all the legal biz in order which allowed you to keep him out of this deal. Now no disrespect this just my interpretation of things ok. There is obviously way more to this that will or has been felt with behind closed doors. Frankly I don’t no if Jason was even apart of things after the merger which would make all this Mumbo jumbo erelevant right maybe. Besides lol I am just very bored that’s why all the comments. frankly I am absolutely freakin stoked this deal happened its huge for Canadian mma as well as mma in general and it define fly make WSOF Canada the big dog in town!!!! Ps hope E-Town gets it fair share of events. Also what are the chances of a mega show at Rexal Place?? No matter what happens best of luck because the love of Canadian mma and mma in general is what brings us all together on this website!!

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  42. Aww appreciate the kind words Luke!

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  43. konrad says:

    @darren owen

    so 2 guys own one company correct? then that company merges with a couple other companies correct? but only one owner of the original company moves over to own part of the new corporation? does this mean jason got a payout back then to relive him of his ownership(shares) of the original company? that’s the only way i can see him not being considered as a owner/partner of the new company, or how does his company go away with no carry over of investment, potion.

    my understanding on this situation is if he got payed out when the afc became a promotion and didn’t sign a new contract with the then afc starting up then he would never have been associated with the afc and there for never consulted on the merger with wsof.

    how ever if there was never a payout and no new contracts then jason still should have been part of the afc.

    am i close to any of this darren or am i out to lunch?

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  44. konrad says:


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  45. Darren Owen says:

    AMLEHTC- WSOF gave us 3 positions to assign. COO, CFO, VP of Operations. We appointed those positions as to which made the most sense.

    Smash east cost- Staff include, Myself, Steve Fader, Moin Mirza, Jennifer Fournier, Don Andrews.

    Gspot- Everyone involved with Armageddon, Ax, Aggression all had the same opportunity to be included in the legal registration of Aggression Fighting Championship. Some people contributed significant time, effort and work and others did not. Those who proved they wanted to be involved were and those who proved they weren’t interested were not.

    AMLEHTC- Sultian of MMA seems fitting

    Ryan D- We went on Dragons Den right after Armageddon FC 2 yes it aired later but at that time I didn’t even know Moin or Steve. When Aggression FC held our first event April 14 2012 this was an idea that all 3 brands operating under Aggression FC would give us more exposure, brand power and content which we hoped would lead to a paid TV deal. However none of us had worked together before and there’s was some hesitation from all of us if this would all work and could we all work together. With those hesitations in mind, no formal legal binding was made. We all wanted to be able to go back and do our own thing if it wasn’t working out. Over time it became very apparent who was in this for the long haul and who weren’t. The time came to decide who was going to be included in the official registration of Aggression FC and wouldn’t be. We had held 13 events at that time so it was very clear who had contributed how much and to how many events. Some opted out and some had not done nearly enough to be included moving forward.

    konrad- There was nothing legally binding Armageddon FC to Aggression FC. Some people have had no involvement months before any negotiation with WSOF took place.

    One thing people need to realize is promoting mma events is not an easy thing to do. Everyone is not cut out for the sacrifices that need to be made daily. For the ridiculous amount of work and stress and sweat equity that needs to be put in. It’s is a constant grind a battle everyday. There’s no 9-5 in promoting, there’s no weekends, days off, holidays. It’s every day all day. There’s no guarantee pay check, no assurance you’re going to make any money and be able to pay your bills, feed your family, cover unexpected costs that come up after you spend what you have left to follow your dream in hopes it will make things better for this sport in Canada. Promoting is not for everyone and promoting at the level we do is for even less. No one but us knows what we go through. To be honest it’s a pretty thankless job. Everyone thinks you’re trying to screw them over and rip them off and that we make so much money. That’s not the case. We could all be doing something else, working far less and making six figures a year. But we choose to do what we do. Why? Because we fucking love it and we fucking love Canadian MMA!

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  46. john says:

    In all Honesty Darren you fucking over a friend and a partner in Jason Heit, hope you can sleep good at night cause in my books you are a scumbag but I already knew that before this shit happened so im not surprised at all you fucking Jason out of stuff. Remember shit comes around man

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  47. PUCK says:

    Darren, how did you get into mma? Just wodering?

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  48. Darren Owen says:

    Yes john, I sleep just fine. If you were me and know everything I know you would to. I do understand why people who are on the outside looking in have a different point of view and that’s fine too. None of you have lived my life.

    PUCK, much like many others it started with the UFC VHS rental back in 1994. I’ve been hooked ever since. I started training 2007 when a friend of mine told be about a gym that opened up in my hometown. I started training 6 days a week for about 10 months and always had significant back issues. Found out I had a fractured vertebrae and needed spinal surgery. That put me on the shelf for about 2 years. I always had the idea of putting on events and after watching some local events I knew I could do something better. So I asked Jason Heit if we was interested in putting on some events with me and that’s when we started Armageddon.

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  49. RickRoll says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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