Canadian Rumour Mill – October 7, 2013

(photo: Jim Beattie)

(photo: Jim Beattie)

Well…that was an entertaining weekend of MMA. Once again, the Maximum Fighting Championship put on a night of exciting tilts that showed they are still on top of their game. I would also like to recognize the debut efforts of LAMMQ who made their debut in La Belle Province this weekend. Promoting is a difficult game. Thanks to both promotions for their efforts!

  • Will newly crowned MFC HW champion Anthony Hamilton’s first title defense be against Chris “Beast Boy” Barnett, the man who was originally supposed to fight Smealinho Rama ?
  • Kurt Southern injured his hamstring during in his MFC victory over Jonatas Novaes and will be sidelined for about a month.
  • Speaking of Kurt “The Hurt” Southern, his rematch with Novaes was a MFC LW Title eliminator. I’m curious to see who the MFC puts up against Southern for the title, as it seems like Graham Spencer has no plans to defend it and will continue fighting just at Featherweight.

  • Wreck MMA has moved the date and location of its next event.  Next event will be on January 24th at the Guertin Arena.  
  • Curious here… will Dwayne “D-Bomb” Lewis be appearing for both WSOF and MFC?
  • World Series of Fighting Canada will be in Montreal in March of 2014.
  • Justin Sander is taking on Tolutomi Agunblade (5-1 amateur) at KOTC “World Amateur Championships” on October 19th.
  • “King John” John Vernaus is putting on a boxing show in Winnipeg on October 12th and Nick Penner is scheduled to fight on the show. He will take on Tyrone Gibson (1-4) in a Heavyweight bout whom, unless I’m mistaken, is the same guy he fought and defeated on a King John card in 2008 in a MMA bout.  Still no word on the two MMA fights scheduled for this card.
  • Looks like Curtis Demarce is really pissed at the MFC and it sounds like he will not fight for the promotion again.  He says the MFC “LOST A SOLDIER”.   

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68 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – October 7, 2013 ”

  1. BigPoppaPump says:

    @ John

    No he can’t sleep good at night, his replies are contradicting at best. Whether your screwing over a friend/business partner or working all these countless hours and days you wouldn’t be getting a good night’s sleep. There’s no difference between Darren Owen & Mark Pavelich, both promoters trying to nickel and dime people.

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  2. Ryan D says:

    There was nothing legally binding think that explains most of it right there!! I don’t no seems weird to me. I think it all comes down to who was financially involved the most post merger and who had there legal stuff in order. I always heard it it was a bad idea to go in to business with family or friends.

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  3. BigPoppaPump says:

    @ Ryan D

    I don’t think nothing has been explained nor will it be on a message board. The point is something is off and it will all come out in the coming weeks or months. Yeah business is tough and it sucks when friends or families screw their partners over. Greed kills.

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  4. james says:

    all jokes a side with prav and dana fighting becaus we all know it wont happen. one thing is you have to give the poor guy some credit for his events. afc tried to be bigger than him and still hasn’t. the joined up had more guys and still had to find someone else. yes you guys got a deal with world seires but at the same time not long ago you guys we’re all laughing at prav. looks like now you realize its not so easy.

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  5. Re: AFC / WSOF – What I’d like to know is whether Darren Owen still has an interest in Armageddon FC or if he has relinquished all stake in the company to Jason Heit?

    If the former thoughts about the conflict of interest of being involved in two promotions simultaneously.

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  6. BruceWills says:

    If these AFC guys are the people in charge of running WSOF Canada operations, then unfortunately it will be a complete failure and will soon be folded after 1, maybe 2 shows

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  7. John Alessio says:

    Darren, you probably do sleep just fine, normal nice people wouldnt and you got scumbag promoter mentality. Crazy you just leave a friend/partner behind and not a care in the world, someone that helped you get into this game…WOW

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  8. RickRoll says:

    Darren, what gives man? thats pretty low! Jason Heit is a good dude!

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  9. Sleepy says:

    Darren is the new mark P

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  10. konrad says:

    so then aggression fc was never really a merger, more of a new brand between ppl who all formerly ran there own promotions? and jason would still be entitled to run his own shows once agian under the Armageddon fc banner? in that case i can understand it and in business if u want to have a mildly successful career u can be nice to everyone but any big corporation has screwed over many many ppl. as clesha as it is ” its not personal its just business”. not saying i agree with cutting out friends but i do understand where there coming from

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  11. BigPoppaPump says:

    It sounds like Owen just used Jason and then tried to go solo or venture out on his own or with other crooks! One problem with that plan is Jason is a fighter’s fighter, so fucking over Jason and John Alessio is not too cool! Other fighters will note this and not want to work with Owen as did Derek Medler.

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  12. MikeyJ says:

    The funny part in all of this is that everyone on here thinks they are a legal expert and “in the know” about the AFC – WSOF deal. Darren Owen is going above and beyond by even addressing or acknowledging any comments on here. The reality is that none of us know what happens behinds the scenes. Nor should it matter. Business is business – all we should care about is having a Canadian promotion getting the fighters international attention. Bottom line.

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  13. Hommina says:

    Lol @ ‘as did medler’ … Medler is a fuckin wash up just like Heit AND Alessio. Has Beens that will be hatin from the sidelines looks like.

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  14. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Hommina

    Fair enough if your not a fan of Alessio, Heit or Medler and want to put some input on this subject. However, don’t hide behind a screen name talking that trash.

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  15. Darren Owen says:

    I dislike Hommina’s comment. All 3 are very talented fighters and athletes. I have had the pleasure of watching everyone of Medlers fights. He’s got a good shot if he sticks with it. I hope he gets back in there sooner than later and finds a good promotion he can call home. Alessio and Heit are Canadian pioneers in MMA. John has had a great career and I hope he continues. I wish them all the best.

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  16. FIGHTFAN604 says:

    Heit are Canadian pioneers in MMA???? Please explain.

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  17. john says:

    Hommina: you are trash bro, sitting there commenting and talking bad about fighters, you should be ashamed of yourself!

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  18. john says:

    Fightfan604, do you really need to be explained an answer to your question????

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