MFC 38 Video Highlights


MFC-THUMBCheck out all the highlights from MFC 38.

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  1. Donald Duck says:

    Yay Tubby Gallant got a KO over a legit 155er….


    Aw f*ck it no one pays attention to what I say.

    Sean Quinn

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  2. Ryan D says:

    Wow great highlights missed one hell of a show!! Posibally the best head head kick knockout I have ever seen. Anyone no if Rama has woken up yet ????

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  3. @Ryan D, fortunatly Rama just woke up, unfortunatly it was in a different time zone. Hopefully let this be a learning lesson to Team Rama that you can not prepare to fight a big legit heavy weight like Hamilton who trains outa Jacksons by relying on Mr. Wardog as your main sparing partner. If you can not get world calbre training and sparring in your local area, which for most heavies its tough, then you have to get outa your comfort zone and prepare to travel your fighter! Learning lesson for Rama taken, right out of muay thai, kicboxing or mma 101, you do not reach out and try to block or catch the high round house kick, which if you watch the KO in slow motion Rama did, you twin arm block it or you lean away from it thus letting the kick pass by then counter or you cut kick it by kicking out the support leg! This Ko reminds me of when UFC champ Mark Coleman got knocked out by a relative unknown in Pete Williama, Coleman reached out to block the high kick and paid for it by having Williams shin bone bounce off his skull at 80 miles per hour!!

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