MFC 38 – Quick Results – Birchak, Alvey and Hamilton New MFC Champions


MFC ThumbMFC 38 goes down live tonight from the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. Three new MFC Champions will be crowned on tonight’s card when Anthony Birchak takes on Tito Jones for the Bantamweight Title in the main event of the evening! Preceding the main event will be Ultimate Fighter veteran Sam Alvey doing battle with Jason South for the Middleweight title and finally, Canada’s Undisputed #1 Heavyweight Smealinho Rama goes head to head with Anthony Hamilton for the Heavyweight strap. If you’re lucky enough to get AXS TV, the main card airs at 8pm mountian time and the prelims will stream live and on the MFC Facebook page beginning at 6:15pm mountain time.

Main Card:
Anthony Birchak submits Tito Jones by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:30
***Birchak Wins MFC Bantamweight Title

Sam Alvey defeats Jason South by TKO (Punches) in Round 5, 4:56
***Alvey Wins MFC Middleweight Title

Anthony Hamilton defeats Smealinho Rama by KO (Head Kick) in Round 2, 0:12
***Hamilton Wins MFC Heavyweight Title

Kurt Southern defeats Jonatas Novaes by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:46

Teddy Ash defeats Jared McComb by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Aaron Gallant defeats Matt Jelly by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:07

Preliminary Card:
Corey Gower defeats Daniel Mark by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Garrett Nybakken defeats Adam Wayne by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cody Krahn submits Nick Campbell by Triangle in Round 1, 2:18

Paul Gerbinski submits Sheldon Adamson by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:38

84 Responses to “ MFC 38 – Quick Results – Birchak, Alvey and Hamilton New MFC Champions ”

  1. Graham Weenk says:

    Kurt the Hurt!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    There is no excuse of any kind, ever, for missing weight.

    And one of the penalties for missing weight is that it “takes away (a bit of) the glory of a great win”.

    Every fighter that ever misses weight deals with a bit of public bashing and it always takes a touch of the sheen off the win.

    Its the way it is and the way it always has been and a classy fighter accepts it and it motivates him to never ever miss weight again.

    Congrats to him on, missing weight aside, a technical sweet KO and all the best to him goin forward.

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  3. Magnum says:

    Thoughts on MFC 38 –

    Pav’s gut is getting almost as disgusting as his makeup.

    Mccomb got jacked out of a decision.

    It might take 1, 5 or 7 (in Ramas case) fights before walking around with your hands by your waist catches up with you.

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  4. Nice to see Kurt get the W. Rama will learn from this and come back strong.

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  5. Ryan D says:

    Uncle Tony, that ain’t no record nor should be considered one he was over weight there for he should not qualify for any records. Plan and simple you miss weight even by a half pound it shouldn’t count!!! Even worse is his track record. Wicked awesome ko but shouldn’t be a record he was over weight period!!!

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  6. Graham Weenk says:

    MFC 38 was a great show. All 3 title fights were exciting, Kurt the Hurt dominated especially rewarding since Noveas won the first time thru the use of a blatant foul.

    as i’ve said before, allot of people like to bash pav and the MFC, but the reality is they put on a great show, everytime our team has worked with them its nothing but professional.

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  7. PUCK says:

    Ya I hate to say it as it hurts both fighters but if you miss weight the fight should be scrapped? As really why have the weight class and the writen contract for making wieght if it don’t matter anyway? And I’ll tell ya first hand 2 pounds can mean a shit load when your tierd,mad,thursty,in a sauna starving, you are no longer sweeting easy….Makes a HUGE difference how a fighter recovers both pysically and metally and the time it takes to cut…..Big advantage not making weight. And as a paid Pro fighter, imbarassing really? Plus, some shows (not sure about MFC) have the scale out 2-3 hours before the weigh-ins just so guys can make sure they are close? (on the scale being used) The only guy I feel for is Jelly…Hopefully the 20% was worth it?

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  8. Graham Weenk says:

    MFC had scale available for 24hrs prior to weigh in right up to weigh in time, no excuse for missing weight

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  9. Jay says:

    Gotta agree with Graham. MFC always makes the official scale (not no ‘a scale’ like some promotions) available to fighters. On top of that Mark or someone from MFC usually checks in on teams as they cut weight so they know in advance if someone is going to miss.

    Aaron has tried and failed to make 155 at least three times I can think of. He’s just going to have to suck it up and be the smaller 170.

    Oh and for you guys saying he only missed by a bit… for all we know he stoped cutting when they realized he wasn’t going to make 155 and had additional time to rest without the stress of a cut. It’s a major advantage, one which seriously overshadows his KO.

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  10. Ryan D says:

    In no way do I think fight should be scrapped unless its a substantial difference just think records and fight bonus shouldn’t be awarded that’s all. Has to be some kind of punishment right unless your bigtime what’s 20% of your purse .

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  11. Uncle Tony says:

    I wanna clarify I never said that it was ok to miss weight, I was saying that I don’t think that the start of the topic should be criticising his 1 pound over limit. He came in and performed regardless to the best of his ability. No fighter wants to miss weight nor feels good about missing weight. They know before the fight starts that unless they lose it’s gonna be talked about and tarnish the win. Just like Jelly will learn from his loss Gallant will learn from this as well. The body is a mysterious thing and takes fine tuning to achieve performance. This wasn’t a matter of someone too big to make 155 it was him not being properly prepared which is no excuse. If he can’t make weight on his next fight then talk shit but don’t hang him for a pound is all I’m saying. Also it was a record just as it was announced at the press meet after the fight. No excuses for not making weight I agree but don’t make that the first thing u say when u talk about that fight or your making excuses yourself. Let MFC handle the punishment or penalty I’m sure the lesson was learned.

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  12. Bdc says:

    I think they shuld get an extra hour to cut if they miss and a fine of 20% if they dont make it in that time another 20% will be taken away and fight possibly not continue if fighter missed weight by 8lbs+

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  13. Graham Weenk says:

    if i’m not mistaken (just based on a previous post) gallant has not made 155 in his past 4 attempts with 1 of those being changed to a last minute catch weight to suit him. I believe that is why he is being hung out to dry here, not from the 1 time missing weight.

    even if it is only 1-2 over those last 1-2 pounds are the hardest physically and mentally, choosing not to lose that last bit knowing that you’ll still get to fight is bullshit.

    one guy either dieted more and lost a little a bit of muscle to make that weight or cut a little more and drained themselves more while the guy missing weight didn’t make those sacrifices, its bullshit. if you can’t make the weight or are unwilling to make the sacrifices it takes to make the weight you have no business fighting the guy who did.

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  14. Graham Weenk says:

    when only 1 guy misses weight its a good indicator that the weigh ins were well done… when you see 4 or 5 guys miss weight chances are there was no access to official scale or something of the sort making the weight cut a guessing game

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  15. PUCK says:

    I tend to agree with Graham here as really, what did Aaron learn by getting to fight? He won with a 7 second KO?? And the fight goes as a win for him? (the 20% won’t mean shit to him) I say what should happen is if the guy that made wieght (Pro fighter) will still fight the guy that didn’t make wieght (Shouldn’t be called a pro as they make weight)then if he wins he gets a pro win and Aaron would get the pro loss, If Aaron wins, it should be an “exibition” fight and not go on either guys pro record as really the fight contract is void anyway? (making weight is in the contract to fight) But, the moral is Aaron Gallant is not a 155er and anyone that signs him to fight (or to fight him) at that weight should know this by now.

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  16. Alberta MMA Fan says:

    The question looking at this fight is how will Rama come back? Irrelevant that he is a young heavy weight star, but psychologically, this is a tough one to live with…in a scenario where Hamilton would’ve continued to pressure him, bloody him up even more, pound on him, maybe catch a submission….he can walk away from such a loss with holding his head up high and working on improving certain things. In this case, after 6 pro fights, he is not capable of a basic avoidance of a high round kick or block and counter a high kick that wasn’t anything special really…pure basics need to live with the fighter because in times when he is pressured and exhausted, a human tendency tends to go back to what it remembers the best, and that’s why basic grappling and stand-up techniques are a must for your 2nd hand knowledge.

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  17. I am sure the Ramas next couple of fights will be wins because the Pav. is afraid of loseing the die hard Calgary ticket buyers, so he will feed Rama a steady diet of soup cans! Speaking about diets, rama has to lose some or a lot of the pudge around his mid section and try to get down to the 205 weight limit where he will garner more success, or come in at a chiseled 220-225 rather than a sloppy 250 plus. He will still maintain the same punching power plus his speed and cardio will improve.
    Team Rama also has to keep BTP trained Wardog in the dog kennel and possibly call up ex North American muay thai champ,ex UFC fighter Nick the Quiet Assasin Penner for sparing, training and to teach rama how to Avoid or counter the high head kick!

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  18. edmmafan says:

    I thought the fights were great. MFC almost always puts on a good show, better than most.

    Magnumm, Mccomb didn’t get robbed, his hands need alot of work. The rest of the card was pretty much self explanitory…. big ko’s and some nice subs.

    Jelly’s hair looked great.

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  19. give your head a shake says:

    Ra ra ra big papa!

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  20. give your head a shake says:

    War dog this and war dog that,get a life papa!

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  21. mike kent says:

    I don’t think ramas upper body is the problem. I think he has huge legs and that prevents him from making 205 but yes when you know you fighting at heavyweight and can eat what you want some people tend to take advantage of that.

    I still think rama has all the potential he did pre-loss and can still match the hype he was given. He fought a guy that cut to 265 a absolute giant and the guy leaned on rama and wrestled with him the entire 1st round. He was spent after that.

    I think he learns from the experience, adjusts and has lots of success in future

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  22. PUCK says:

    Well put Kent….We shall see I guess?

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  23. Your right kent, Ramas upper body is not the problem,its his diet thats the problem, he should eat more salads and less Mucho Burritos! and speaking of diets maybe add a sprinkling of Jenny Craig and a good measure of Mike Dolce!

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  24. Rama also needs a well rounded fighter, trainer like a Mike Kent to get him in proper fighting shape and show and explain to him in fine detail the intracacies of blocking or avoiding the high kick. one has only to look at the fine work he has done with Teddy Ash, like Rama he is also a up and coming prospect, except Teddy always comes prepared and in great shape,, but than again in Prince Ramas case, you can lead a horse to water but you can not make them drink!

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  25. Timestamp says:

    Rama is only 20-21 years old, his body still hasn’t even finished growing, maturing and developing. Many fighters as they age are unable to cut down to previous weights they once fought at. Plus, Rama probably hasn’t been near the 200 pound mark since he was 12-13 years old. He needs to work on improving his skills and having the right training partners that can actually challenge and push him around

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  26. Robin Black says:

    No offense BPG69 but “the intracacies of blocking or avoiding the high kick” is a bit nonsensical.

    Everyone knows how to block the head kick. When they get KOed by one its either fatigue or successful misdirection on the kicker’s part.

    You generally don’t fault the victim of a head kick, you credit the kicker.

    Cheers tho man I like your posts.

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  27. mike kent says:

    yeah that’s head kick was 100 percent because of the work that Halmilton do in theh first round rather then what rama did wrong.

    Teddy is a freak of nature. Sandy bowman is the head coach for bowmans and our teams leader. Me and guys like Matt Jelly help out the guys as much as we can to prepare them for fights. Teddy is a special athlete with zero fear and 100 percent dedication. you show the guy something 1 day and he is using it on you the next. Hes got a future ahead of him in the sport for sure.

    Very proud of what he has done this year as a rookie !

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  28. Very true Kent, the three Ds of the fight game determination, dedication and disapline, and Teddy seems to have all three to a T. Along with that you need talent, because no matter how proficient you are as a coach you cant produce champions if you have not got fighters with talent, along with good team mates. And the highlight reel high kick knock out was a combination of Ramas fatique, dropping his hands and getting hit right on the button by a behemoth of a man!

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  29. I fully agree Robin on fatigue and successful misdirection on the kickers part, because if Hamilton had executed that kick in the first round when Rama was still fresh it probably would not have had the same dire consequences as it had in the 2nd round when the athlete is fatigued and makeing mistakes that he knows he should not be doing, like dropping of the hands, the credit also has to go to the crafty veteran Hamilton, as he set the kick up nicely with the jabbing of the left hand and then the final Hail Mary, KABOOM!!

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    @BPG69 RE: Rama’s next wins:

    You suggest that Pav will feed him easy wins but I don’t think you know Mark. While the advantage is for Mark to see certain fighters do well he has never backed away from tough fights for ‘his boys’…

    Ryan McG
    Ryan Ford

    All got given tough opponents and in the two Ryan’s cases got beat up in the process. Mark is a promoter not a fight manager.


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  31. In the two Ryans cases one got beat up the other got massacred, in one of the worse one sided beatings in mma history! The fight, if you can call it that was more like Nathan Coy teeining off on a grappling dummy, it definitely should have been stopped earlier than it did! and in fords case he simply got out skilled.

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  32. Donald Duck says:

    The Coy fight was tough to watch but I’m thinking earlier in both Ryan’s careers.

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  33. while it might be to Ramas advantage to fight a couple of easy wnnable fights to get his confidence back, and to give him time to improve on his cardio and skill level, like the Duck said it would come as no surprise if the Pavster puts him against another tough opponent. And since the Pav is concerned about garnering the bigger U.S market and rateings,do not be surprised to see Rama matched against some relatively unknown hot shot prospect ready to bust loose upon the world scene,who is training out of one the more elite camps South of the border.

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  34. Donald Duck says:

    I’d be expecting Rama’s next fight to be one of his toughest.

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