The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 5 – Truth or Dare


TUF 18 Josh Hill THUMBThis week starts off fresh from Roxanne’s defeat from Jessica. I knew Roxy was very upset losing, just like any fighter that loses. Many people do not realize how much time, effort and sacrifice goes into the training, into the preparation and into the actual fight. Most people just see two people enter the cage, have a fight, and that’s it. They do not see all the things that happen before and after. That is one good thing about TUF. It shows the fighters as people and not just fighters. You get to know the people a bit and you can feel for them for their losses and you can celebrate for them in their victories. The beginning showed Roxy very upset by herself outside behind the brick wall. I did not know that happened when I was in the house. I definitely felt for her though.

Truth or Dare
We have been in the house for a while now and people are getting very bored. We were all out back and decided to bring out our inner twelve year old selves and play a good ol’ fashioned game of Truth or Dare. I dared Julianna to give one of the Brit boys a lap dance and she was actually game to do it but the Brits were not having any part of it. As the game went on, everyone was choosing Truth so i decided to spice it up and pick Dare. They dared me to go use a chessy pick up line on Roxy, so i did. Trying hard not to burst out laughing, I went up to her alone and asked her “Nice shoes…wanna f**k”?” I was waiting for her to look at me in utter disgust, but to everyone’s surprise she said “You couldn’t handle this”. I burst out laughing along with everyone else. We were all happy we started to bring Roxy out of her comfort zone. As the game went on, someone asked Sharkbait who the weakest in the house was. He answered “this guy right here”, pointing to Louie. Louie shook it off but I think he was a bit pissed at Sharkbait for that remark.

Louis Fisette vs David Grant
Louie and Davey were fighting next and I did not think it was a great match up to be honest because Davey is a big Bantamweight. I knew that Louie knew that he would have a strength disadvantage so I was wondering how that would play in his mind leading up to the fight. Me, Louie, and Holdsworth were the smallest guys in the house. I was walking around at 145lbs and guys like Sharkbait, Cody, Wootten and Davey were weighing in the high 150s and sometimes even cracked the 160lb mark. Going into the show I thought i was a big 135er but i guess not really haha. I even think I can make 125lb, but we will wait and see what the future has in store.

The fight with Davey and Louie began and it was not going well for Louie. Davey landed some nice shots on the feet and once the fight hit the mat, Davey was in top control throwing down some ground and pound. For the first while, Louie did a good job of nullifying Davey’s GNP but, eventually, Davey started landing some heavy elbows and shots cutting Louie over his eye. Louie battled his way out of the first, but Davey definitely won the round. The second round started and Louie tried to shoot right away but Davey stuffed it and ended up slamming Louie down. It was more of the same and eventually Louie gave up his back and Davey sunk in the RNC and got the tap. I was happy for Davey because I liked him. He is a good dude, but I felt for Louie as my teammate and fellow Canadian. I hoped it went better for him but that’s the fight game. Girls are up next week and Team Rousey chose Jessamyn to fight Raquel. This is a fight that many people thought it could go either way.


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8 Responses to “ The Gentleman’s Guide to The Ultimate Fighter 18: Episode 5 – Truth or Dare ”

  1. Gnp says:

    Would have been funny if Roxanne called ur bluff!!!! I think that Anthony’s comment to Louis really got in his head and thru his game off ….

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  2. Robin Black says:

    The Gentleman’s Guide is gonna get nuts when Josh gets set to fight.

    Josh is not a television character (although he is fairly handsome).
    Josh is a world class fighter.

    Looking forward to his fight.

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  3. Gnp says:

    Robin I disagree , as soon as you take part in a reality type tv show you become a character….half of the camera time these guys get is not fighting , so they have to make the most of it … Do you really think Chris leben would have got the push he did without being a character…Roland Delorme went thru the tuf house , he was almost invisible , while his teammate Louis takes advantage of the camera … I don’t think that was by accident…… However I do agree josh is a world class athelete and am looking forward to his fight….

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  4. Gnp says:

    And I agree josh is a handsome young man ….he may not be a ninja of love , but worthy of the cover of a romance novel… Best of luck josh….

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  5. Big Boi says:

    Interesting that you bring up Leben as it shows the lack of knowledge the MMA Fan Base still has.

    Chris was very well known in the MMA world long before he was on TUF. I first heard of Chris a few years before TUF when he was featured on a submission DVD (101 Submissions or Mat Burn).

    Sadly, and more so that things haven’t changed in the years since TUF1, the average MMA fan is only a notch or two above a Pro Rasstiln’ fan. They just want stories and flashy things.

    Hell long onto this or any other MMA site after a GSP fight to see the true knowledge level that’s out there as people whine and complain about ‘lack of excitement’…

    I find it really upsetting that guys like Roy Nelson has to go through the stupidity of a reality show to be signed with an organization when he already held wins against some of their top ranked fighters.

    Anyway, I’m probably just cranky cause I haven’t had coffee yet.

    Biggidy Biggidy Boi

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Roland was invisible on the show but is now firmly established as a UFC fighter.

    Perfectly done.

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  7. Gnp says:

    @bigboi.. Exactly the point I was trying to make , but most people see mma as an extension of pro wrestling , Dana has taken the Vince McMahon format and ran with … There are a lot of deserving fighters who get passed over because there style is not conducive to what Dana white deems exciting…. ….

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  8. joe lewis says:

    looking forward to seeing josh fight…

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