Canadian Rumour Mill – October 1, 2013


Gossip QueenThis is how you should do it, gotta love North Dakota. This is what we got for two fighters failing to honour their contracts!
“Please suspend Jarrett Cook ID 132-627 and Benny Katso dob 4-15-1980 for 90 days from 9-13-2013 for failure to honor a signed contract. ” Who’s your daddy?!?!?

  • Congrats to Mitch Gagnon who received his BJJ Purple Belt, hopefully that means more Sub of the Nights!
  • This one’s interesting. People in attendance at Prestige Fight Club’s unsanctioned Weyburn show this past weekend passed along an announcement made at the event that the next show in 2014 will be broadcast on Fox. Hmm…
  • By the way, no charges have been laid by police for the unsanctioned Saskatchewan show as of yet.  Let’s see if fighters get suspended.
  • Back in the day there was this little bad ass, Chad Hamzeh, who beat the likes of Curtis Brigham and Kajan Johnson. Well that guy is back, over seven years after he last competed! Chad Hamzeh will finally return to action and face Noah Ali on December 14 at XFFC! Great to see a pioneer like him back!

  • Ultimate Grudge Match Alert!!! Victor Valimaki and Marcus Hicks will finally face off at KOTC “Anger Therapy” over six years after they were originally set to meet at MFC 12 in June of 2007. Back then there was a ton of heat between the two but the fight was called off less than an hour before show time due to Hicks getting injured back stage.  Well the heat hasn’t cooled off any and the two still don’t like one another! Hopefully some fists to the face will settle some of their differences on October 25th in Edmonton.
  • Marc-Andre Drolet is teaming up with Ken Kupsch on the next two upcoming KOTC Canada shows. Edmonton on October 25th and Cold Lake on November 15.
  • You know you missed him cuz Real recognizes Real! Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford’s arm is back to 100% and now he’s looking to give someone an E-Town Beatdown in mid-January or early February!
  • I guess Lyndon Whitlock slimmed down a bit and is taking his bad mama jama self from Featherweight down to Bantamweight! I have word that this slide down in weight is official!
  • Rematch Time! Blake Nash and Lenard Terrance are going to go at it one more time, this time at Challenge MMA! They just wanna bang bro!

13 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – October 1, 2013 ”

  1. Hey,

    Fellow MMA sports fan & writer. Just found this site, will be checking back frequently.

    Cheers guys!

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  2. G.O says:

    Bad fight for Noah Ali in my opinion, his only quality win was O’Neill and he was losing that fight til he got the guilotine. Chad is a much more experienced and knowledged fighter then O’Neill and i perdict a quick first round win for Chad.

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  3. Karl says:

    G.O. you have got to be kidding me !!!!!! only quality win Oneill????? that is not a quality win and oneill was never winning that fight so get your head out off oneills labia as Ali is a definite quality up and coming skilled fighter

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  4. MMA Cana says:

    Noah needs to up comp or just be a teacher.

    He’s a can opener

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  5. Excellence says:

    It’s much more accurate to say Noah Ali has zero quality wins. All wins are eases fights versus cans. ‘The Head’ will show him what a skilled opponent really is

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  6. cray says:

    Maybe KOTC will now put on some higher quality cards. Good for you MAD

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  7. G.O says:

    lol karl did you watch Ali vs O’Neill ? watch it noah was taken down twice kept down and then slammed and he got a guilotine, that was the fight. no other time in the fight was he winning.

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  8. G.O says:

    and i say O’Neill was his only quality win because his other opponents jesse Veltri 1-7 (who was winning that fight too til he took Ali down and got guilotined) some bum who was like 2-8 and another bum who had 1 previous fight as a amateur that he lost.

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  9. G.O says:

    So sorry but Chads going to kill him

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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    I personally think Noah and his coaching staff are doing a great job slowly getting more and more experience (either in tournaments or in thai fights!!)His next fight is a tough one but a logical step up in competition. That is how you make a lasting career in this game . That guy is doing all the right things and he has a great team behind him. Anything can happen in the fight game.

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  11. topmmafan says:

    Lyndon Whitlock will now become a massive Bantamweight with more power then most could dream for. The problem is that slimming down may make the weight cuts slightly more difficult and having faded in his losses later on in fights this could be counter productive and work against him. Good luck at 135 though! Tough matchup for anyone.

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  12. G.O says:

    Also congrats to KOTC for getting a legit match maker thumbs up on the move.

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  13. Rumour has it that pereneal soup can marcus hicks has now enlisted the services of veteran mma fighter now turned trainer, more infamously known as bob to aid him in the mental and physical aspects of his fight with valimaki! after the top notch job coach bob did in aiding his protege Mathew Swimmer in obtaining his first win, his services are now at a high demand and at a premium. It would not surprise me if all the top fighters in the nation bypass your Tristar, Lab,Teamquest, Jacksons etc,in favour of training with coach bob ,in his newly renovated basement gym!!

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