Adrenaline Junkie Teddy Ash Hopes to ‘keep it rolling’ at MFC 38

Teddy Ash

Photo: Rob Trudeau

There’s an argument to be made that Teddy Ash is undeserving of his opportunity to fight on the main card of MFC 38.

After all, the Fort McMurray native has only been active as a professional for seven months and is only 3-0, with none of his opponents having a winning record. There are plenty of fighters with more accomplished records who struggle to reach a platform of MFC’s magnitude.

But there is something compelling about the confidence and desire Ash brings into the cage. In only his second bout, he manhandled a fighter in Jason Gorny who had 14 professional bouts at the time. With MFC in search of a Middleweight champion to replace the recently departed Elvis Mutapcic, it could be a perfect opportunity for Ash to skip the line and find himself in the limelight.

On October 4, Ash will take on Edmonton’s Jared McComb in what is unquestionably the most difficult test of the young fighter’s career.

“I know he’s a well rounded guy,” said Ash. “He’s got standup, he’s good on the ground. He’s a tough opponent. He’s legit, technical.”

Ash is an athlete by nature, playing hockey growing up before becoming an impressive high-school and junior football player in his younger days. As he grew too old for junior football, mixed martial arts training took over his life.

“I used to train on and off in high school, in the off season from football,” he explained. “When I got too old to play in the football league I was in, I started training. I took my first fight here in town (Fort McMurray) and just kept on rolling with it. It’s been close to two years now. Things are looking good, I’m loving it, so I’ll just keep it rolling.”

In the process, Ash has solely focused on becoming the best martial artist and athlete he can be, while letting the rest of the chips fall into place. As much as he would love to be a champion someday, it seems he would be content with being a true mixed martial artist.

“Instead of worrying about his experience and well-rounded game, I have to focus on me and being ready for any situation we may fall into,” explained Ash. “Don’t let him make the fight. If he’s doing something, do something to counteract. He’s just another human being.”

Teddy Ash

Teddy Ash defeats Jason Gorny (photo: Rob Trudeau)

It’s that focus on self-improvement and dedication to becoming an elite athlete that gives Ash the confidence to fight talent such as McComb and Gorny, who have far more bouts than him. He’s not one to study fights, and believes an understanding of what needs to be accomplished to win is a better strategy than focusing on what the opponent presents.

Being the underdog has done little to throw Ash off his game. As he says, it’s part of the fight business when entering a major bout this early in his career.

“I see where people are coming from,” said Ash. “I’m young, I’ve got a couple wins, and they’ve mostly been TKO’s because I just go in and do my thing. I’m pretty sure Jared isn’t the kind of guy that I can come in and do that to, so people don’t know what to expect. It’s expected for me to come in as the underdog, he has more fights and a better record.”

Photo: Rob Trudeau

Photo: Rob Trudeau

Ash is a self-described “adrenaline junkie”, citing mixed martial arts training and dirt-biking as “a way to escape everything.” While many might enjoy reading or relaxing in their spare time, Ash would rather put everything on the line in one dangerous sport or another.

And it may take a few more risks for Ash to walk out of MFC 38 as a 4-0 rookie. A welder by trade, he spends too much time already getting paid by the hour. As a fighter, he’s paid by the win and he plans on not taking 15 minutes to defeat McComb.

“I’d never do anything super slow or boring to secure a win. If I’m in there, I’m pushing the pace. I don’t want to win a decision, I want to get this thing done.”

5 Responses to “ Adrenaline Junkie Teddy Ash Hopes to ‘keep it rolling’ at MFC 38 ”

  1. PUCK says:

    If Ash can beat Mcomb I’ll be impressed as right now his record is not. (padded badly) so now he’s fighting a guy thats won a few fights. I’m going with JM in this one,2nd round sub. If Teddy wins I stand corrected and give him credit.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 5

  2. mike kent says:

    I wouldn’t say fighting a guy with 14 fights in your 2nd fight is padding your record and at the AFC he was lined up with a 4-0 fighter until he was hurt the week of the fight and then they gave him bobby k. Teddy hasn’t been trying to pad his record. If you remember hes the same guy that asked to fight Zach blabber before he has a pro fight and took heat on here for it.

    Mccomb is a great fighter and a solid test for someone with three fights ! teddy is ready and im excited to see this one

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 7

  3. MD says:

    I’d have to agree with Puck here,
    You guys sure have a hard on for a guy that’s only got 2 pro fights.. And no Kalmakoff doesn’t count as a fight.
    Yes he fought a guy with 14 fights, however only 5 were wins and only 2 wins in his last 10.

    I got Mccomb winning by anything he chooses.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  4. Jerobe says:

    How is Ash padding his record? The guy turned pro in 2013. He fought his first pro bout against a guy that was 0-0 that was making his pro debut. Then he fought Gorny who is like 6-12. Then he took Kalmakoff as a last resort because there was no other options. Leave the guy alone. This will be a very good fight against Mccomb.

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  5. PUCK says:

    I mean no disrespect to Teddy, Sorry if it came off that way? Full human/fighter respect for the guy…Just not a believer yet? Sorry?

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